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A totalitarian queen Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:16   Independent & Freelance   Balakovo   4 views
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Chen Feng had already drunk the tea in the cup. After listening to Chen Mei's words, he pursed his lips: "Eldest brother is an ungrateful person. When it comes to the new sister-in-law, if she is the kind of dignified and elegant woman, it's all right. But she doesn't know much about rules and etiquette. Today, I even heard her say that women should also become stronger. Eldest brother, listen to it. Is this what the daughter's family can say?" Couple That's what his wife can say. Thinking of Qingyu, Chen Mei put a smile on her lips. This smile looked a little harsh in Chen Feng's eyes. He snorted and poured a cup of tea and drank it dry. He sighed, "Hey, I knew I was the only one who remembered my sister-in-law." Chen Mei stopped smiling and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder: "Brother Feng, I understand your feelings, but you should know that I married my wife and lived with her." Chen Mei's words were firm. Chen Feng put down the cup in his hand and lowered his eyes: "I always thought that what my eldest brother liked in his heart was a gentle and virtuous woman like his sister-in-law, who did everything properly." At the mention of Lady Wang, there was a little bitterness in Chen Mei's words: "Ah Jiu is really a gentle and virtuous woman who can't find the slightest mistake." But it was because she could not find the slightest mistake that she felt that she was not like a living person, but like a Bodhisattva who always needed to be looked up to. And Qingyu, she may have such and such shortcomings, but she is alive, will tell you what she wants, will withstand the criticism of the people to speak out the words in her heart. This is not perfect, only to feel that there is human fireworks, you can see her cry, see her laugh,Thyroid Powder Factory, see her angry, see her mistakes. Chen Feng's eyes still did not raise: "I thought, had such a perfect woman as a wife, how can the eldest brother look at other imperfect women." Chen Mei did not get angry, but patted his brother on the shoulder: "Brother Feng, that's because you haven't married yet. When you marry a wife, you will know what kind of woman you want." Chen Feng pursed her lips tightly and stood up and said, "I naturally know what kind of woman I want,Theobromine Powder, just like sister-in-law. Big brother, you wait. I will marry a woman like sister-in-law and come back to be my wife." Chen Mei crossed her hands in front of her chest and frowned slightly. "There's something you don't know. The last time I went to the capital, I had an audience with Your Majesty. Your Majesty asked about you. I heard that the daughter of Feng Zhaoyi, the most favored person in the palace, was fourteen this year. Your Majesty was afraid that he intended to let you be the Lord." Chen Mei's tone is very insipid, Chen Feng's eyebrows this wrinkled more tightly: "Marry a princess, eldest brother you heard right?"? No one can marry a princess. Chen Mei's hands were still crossed in front of his chest, and his voice was very calm: "Father doesn't want you to marry a princess, but if the decree really comes, do you still want to resist it?"? There's only one way to get you married right now. Engagement? Although Chen Feng knew what kind of girl she wanted to marry from an early age, it was still very difficult to find a woman like her deceased sister-in-law, and how to find a marriage in a hurry? If I had known, I should have gone to the capital with my eldest brother instead of sending my eldest sister back to Jiannan. Think of those girls of the Dou family, Chen Feng played a spirit, every day to change the way to let the servant girl to send their own food, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, send to use, those servant girls are also a blush at the sight of themselves, people are too handsome is trouble. Touching his face with his hand, Chen Feng once again felt that he was too handsome to marry a princess. Marry a princess but can not take a concubine, and his childhood wish is to marry a gentle and virtuous woman like sister-in-law, and then take a few beautiful concubines, this is the bliss of life. Chen Mei didn't care what his younger brother was thinking about. He sat down again and said, "I thought I looked too good, so I went to the playground outside to practice every day. It took me less than half a month to get a tan. At that time, I wasn't so handsome, so I didn't have so much trouble." Chen Feng put his hand down from his face and grinned: "What are you kidding, brother?"? Why don't I go and beg my father? I don't want to marry a princess to come back and take care of me. Chen Mei looked at him and tapped the table with his hand. "Brother Feng, you should know why your second brother lives in the capital." Of course I know why. It's like being a proton. Chen Mei looked at him and said, "Brother Feng, you are almost sixteen years old. You are so old that you should share your father's worries.". ” Chen Mei tone is very calm, Chen Feng's hand Yang in the air want to do something, but ultimately did nothing. After all, the royal family could not rest assured of the military governors who were guarding the border and supporting the soldiers. Chen Feng sighed softly, and his voice was very low when he dropped his hand: "Elder brother, I know." Then Chen Feng's eyes lit up again: "It's just to marry a princess. Besides, I'm so handsome. Maybe the princess will be fascinated at first sight. Then what I say is what I say." If only that were the case. Looking at his younger brother chattering there, Chen Mei did not interrupt him. When he finished, he burst out laughing: "Well, well, you have to think so. You are the youngest son of my father. My father has always loved you very much. Now that you have grown up, he should rest assured." Chen Feng straightens one's clothes: "eldest brother, don't say I let a person worry about very much, the person that resembles my such rules has been very rare." Chen Feng's handsome natural vision is also high, not like those aristocratic families in Beijing, all day long, in addition to spending money on nothing else. He has also grown up, and it is time to share his father's worries. Chen Mei sat down again and said, "Since you have such rules, you should come to the army earlier to help me." Said this Chen Feng to go out: "I have nothing to go back first, I will go to say with the father, marry a princess to marry a princess, no big deal." He walked fast, Chen Mei looked at his back disappeared there, gently shook his head, this matter or do not tell Qingyu, although Qingyu does not care, but this kind of words will only add to the rift between their uncle and sister-in-law. After dinner is the couple's most leisure time, Chen Mei lying on the couch with a book in his hand to read, Qingyu sat next to him to talk about some common things, although they are not big things, but Chen Mei listened with relish, husband and wife should have such a discussion,Sex Enhancement Powder, rather than everything is arranged, after the event to know. Although these are very labor-saving, I always feel that it is a bit strange to do so between husband and wife. pioneer-biotech.com

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