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Annual Ring Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:57   Human Resources   Dalnegorsk   127 views
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Wu Zhenqing nodded again. The headmaster said, "Oh, oh, Wu Zhenqing, I can find you!"! Thank you! On behalf of the whole school, I am sincerely grateful! With that, he took Wu Zhenqing's hand and held it warmly. Wu Zhenqing, the second monk, was confused and looked at Wang Xiaosong in a confused way. Wang Xiaosong said, "Zhenqing, I have nothing to do. I will go first." The headmaster grabbed him again: "Don't go, don't go, since you come together, please sit in the headmaster's office." What's your name The female teacher answered on her behalf: "Wang Xiaosong..." The headmaster said, "Wang Xiaosong?"? You, too! You, too! "But we don't understand at all." The headmaster said, "If you have done a good deed,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, you should admit it frankly, just like if you have made a mistake."! Please go to the principal's office. One of them was held by the headmaster and had to follow him into the headmaster's office. The headmaster took out half a piece of paper from under the glass plate on the desk and handed it to Wang Xiaosong, saying, "You see, I remember correctly, is it you?" The note said, "To my alma mater." One thousand books were donated by Wu Zhenqing,water filling machine, Tsui Hark, Wang Xiaosong and Han Debao. The headmaster didn't pour out the water from the thermos bottle and went out with it. Wu Zhenqing said, "It must be Tsui Hark!"! Once I told him that when we were in power, we sold all the books in the school library as waste paper and bought red cloth to make battle flags and armbands. When I think of it, I always feel sorry for my alma mater. Wang Xiaosong said, "I have never been in power, nor have I ever sold school books." Wu Zhenqing pulled up Wang Xiaosong: "Go quickly, let's not pretend to be here!" As soon as they went out, they were surrounded by many students waiting outside, and many notebooks and pens were handed to them: "Alumni uncle, please sign for us!" "We must learn from you and love our alma mater forever!" "I am a reporter from the school blackboard newspaper. Would you like to ask the two alumni uncles to talk about their feelings about their return visit to their alma mater?" Were you Red Guards? Have you ever criticized a teacher? Have you ever smashed the school glass? "Did you have puppy love?" Two people are not only embarrassed, but also very frightened, plastic bottle making machine ,PET blow moulding machine, completely do not know how to cope with this unexpected situation. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Annual Rings Chapter 4 5 Small% say ^ txt-day. Don ! (1) In the evening, Wang Xiaosong went home. The room was much more orderly, and the things piled here and there were covered with cloth or calendar paper. Wang Xiaosong lay on the bed and watched his mother nail buttons on a small dress. He said, "Mom, go to sleep, too." The mother said, "Well …" Look at your watch. "It's not nine o'clock yet. It's too early. Mom has been used to staying up at night all her life. She can't sleep when she lies down." "Mom, don't make clothes for your younger brother and sister's children in the future." "Well, it's about ten yuan cheaper to buy a small dress.". Pull a few feet of cloth to do it yourself, and it will cost half the money. After a few years, mom can't do it even if she has the heart to do it, and her eyes are not good. Sometimes a row of buttons can be nailed together several times. Mother sewed close to the lamp like a surgeon sewing up capillaries. Wang Xiaosong looked at his mother with sympathy. Mother couldn't sew, so she had to hand him the needle and thread. After Wang Xiaosong sewed the needle, he said, "Mom, where did my third wife move to live?" "I don't know where I moved to.". Her family moved two years earlier than ours. Your brother and sister have been visiting. Ask them another day. Pity you three milks. You have the strength to live to more than eighty, just to live to the day when you live in the building. But he didn't live beyond the providence. A few days later, I moved to the building, and I don't know what urgent thing the King of Hell is looking for the old lady. If you don't close your eyes, you don't close your eyes. Who caressed it and opened it again as soon as he left his hand. He invited me there. I kowtowed to the old man and then said, 'His third wife, are you still blaming my child's father for saying to you: Communism will come true in eight or ten years? If you really blame him, I'll make amends for him. He didn't mean to deceive you! He was kind enough to comfort you. He is a big old man, how can he have an accurate score in his heart for national affairs? Strange, I finished, only with a hand cover, not yet stroked, the old man's eyes closed. ” Wang Xiaosong looks gradually sentimental, ask again: "That." Where is my brother Guangyi? "Your brother Guangyi is great. Although his child lost a leg in those years, he lived with more ambition than the whole person.". Just at home, relying on a dozen yuan of broken. I have learned several foreign languages. There are several books out now. Your aunt's daughter lived in our house before she took the college entrance examination, and I asked your brother to take her to your brother Guangyi to tutor her in foreign languages. Xiaoxiu, your aunt's daughter, didn't go to your place when she was studying in Beijing? "I've been there." Mother said, "I heard that some rural girls become vain as soon as they are admitted to university. Has Xiaoxiu not changed?" "No change." "It's good that it hasn't changed.". Your aunt has a hard life. She has been pulling Xiaoxiu all her life. Even when she is sick, she hides it from Xiaoxiu. She is afraid of dividing Xiaoxiu's heart and affecting the child's study. Do you know what's wrong with your aunt? Your brother and sister didn't write to tell you? Next door came the cry of a baby, the hum of a young mother.. Wang Xiaosong is asleep. The next day, his mother sent Wang Xiaosong out. She said, "Stay with your aunt for two more days. You won't be able to see your aunt this time. She always mentions you in her letters and misses you all the time." Wang Xiaosong nodded. If your aunt can still move, you can pick her up. Wang Xiaosong nodded. Wang Xiaosong got on the train and smoked in the aisle of the train while staring out of the window at the fields. He thought of his aunt. Not only did he think of his aunt's laughter, but a series of voices echoed in his mind. The voice of little aunt: "elder sister,juice filling machine, you did not ask, I am dead, also won't tell you." The cheers of the younger brother and sister: "Oh.". My aunt is going to have a baby! Aunt is going to have a baby! Mother's voice: "You …" You should take care of yourself. At least. You have to bring up the baby. My aunt's father's voice: "Let's go!"! Who told you to make a fool of yourself? gzxilinear.com

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]