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Another Perovskite Pioneer Receives Tens of Millions of Angel Round Investment _ Battery _ Technology _ Database Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:01   IT & Telecoms   Bataysk   2 views
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Original Title: Another Perovskite Pioneer Receives Tens of Millions of yuan of Angel Round Investment Asia Chemical Consulting has recently launched "Solar Cell Conductive Paste Annual Report 2022", "China Photovoltaic Glass Industry Annual Report 2022", China Photovoltaic Glass Project Database (monthly update), China Photovoltaic Film Project Database (monthly update). Please contact the sales team of Asia Chemical Consulting for details. Recently, Shenzhen Infinite Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a new enterprise of perovskite solar cells, announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing. The investors in this round of financing include Yaotu Capital, Guangyue Investment and Biguiyuan Venture Capital. The financing funds will be used for the construction of large-size perovskite solar cell module test line, expansion of R & D and mass production technology team. With the acceleration of global energy transformation, the cost of renewable energy generation, mainly wind and solar energy,titanium exhaust tubing, continues to decline. As the most potential photovoltaic technology in the next generation, perovskite solar cells have become a dark horse in the field of new energy in the world because of their strong light absorption ability, high conversion efficiency, low cost of raw materials, mature preparation process,titanium filler rod, low carbon and environmental protection in production process, and flexible and translucent components. Infinite Light Energy is a scientific and technological innovative enterprise dedicated to the development of perovskite solar cell technology. Industry analysts believe that the reason why the company is highly concerned and favored by capital is closely related to the strong industrialization team behind it and the current R & D achievements. Infinite Light Energy undertakes the scientific research achievements of the Solar Energy Conversion and Storage Laboratory of Tsinghua University, and combines the technical specialist of thin film solar cells, OLED, semiconductor equipment and other related fields to form the core industrialization team of the company, which is committed to developing perovskite photovoltaic technology with high efficiency, long life, low energy consumption, low cost and multiple application scenarios. In the research and development of perovskite solar cells, titanium bar grade 5 ,titanium round bar, through the comparative study of perovskite solar cell thin films and OLED thin films, the Infinite Light Energy Research and Development Team innovatively proposed the use of vacuum gas deposition perovskite thin film preparation technology to achieve the world's highest certified efficiency (PCE) of large area single perovskite solar cells exceeding 23%; At the same time, the R & D team has greatly improved the long-term light, heat and humidity stability of the battery by adjusting the design of the battery structure and improving the packaging method of the battery. The unpackaged battery still maintains 95% of the initial photoelectric conversion efficiency after being placed in dry air for 20000 hours, effectively solving the life problem that restricts the commercialization of perovskite solar cells. Liang Zuo, founder and CEO of Infinite Solar Energy, said: After the completion of this round of financing, the company is expected to complete the construction of the test line in the third quarter, and achieve large-scale battery modules offline in batches within the year, with a target efficiency of more than 20%. Next, the company will start the construction of 10 MW pilot line, further optimize the process parameters, establish standardized operation process, train process technicians, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of 100 MW commercial production line in 2024. Source: Shanghai Securities News Asia Chemical Consulting launched China Photovoltaic Monthly (Chinese paid version), which contains monthly updated project database and price trend chart of China's photovoltaic industry: 1. Photovoltaic polysilicon projects in China Database (monthly update) 2. China PV Silicon Ingot and Rod Project Database (Monthly Update) 3. China PV Wafer Project Database (Monthly Update) 4. China PERC Battery Project Database (Monthly Update) 5. China TOPCon Battery Project Database (Monthly Update) 6. China HJT Battery Project Database (Monthly Update) 7. China Advanced PV module project database (monthly update) 8. China PV Industry Chain Price Trend Chart (Monthly Update) The 8th Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Technology Forum will be held in Changzhou in the second half of 2022. The conference will discuss the prospect of photovoltaic industry and paste market, the development trend of solar cell technology and metallization process, the research of conductive mechanism and contact mechanism of silver paste metallization, the paste and metallization solutions for SE PERC, heterojunction and TOPCon cells to further improve efficiency and reduce cost, the realization path and industrialization progress of laser transfer technology, and advanced copper. Research on cost advantage and battery stability of silver-coated copper paste, screen printing and battery sintering technology and equipment, metallization process prospect of perovskite tandem battery, etc. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us as soon as possible: Mailbox: ritazhu@chemweekly.com Copyright and Disclaimer: 1. Articles marked "original" in this public number can be reproduced by other media, but the integrity of the content must be maintained and the source must be indicated. 2. Articles from other sources indicated in this public number are public contents reproduced for the purpose of sharing information, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us, and we will verify and deal with them at the first time. 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