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Archaic God King Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:04   Marketing & Communication   Pavlovo   148 views
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"If you can't kill him, withdraw." Several people's bodies flashed back rapidly, but did not dare to fight, not because they could not fight, but because the other side simply could not be killed, how to fight? The living dead, themselves are dead, the sword split the other side in half, but still useless, the other side's two halves of the body attack at the same time, just to see the scene makes people feel frightened. Kill, kill, kill! The cold voice seemed to penetrate the past and the present, and resounded through the sky. Many living dead raised their heads and looked into the void. Then a figure rose into the sky and went straight to the strong people who appeared. At this moment, those people were as pale as paper, and they only felt the end was coming. How can this happen? How can the world be so terrible. Not long after, the screams echoed in this piece of heaven and earth, under the dark sun, the battlefield at dusk, several extraordinary pathfinders came and died here. And since they can get here, it's obvious that others can too. Constantly there is a message to the Archaic Immortal Domain, for a time, many forces in the Archaic Immortal Domain came out, the news began to spread, causing a great uproar, the super forces of all parties are ready to cross the domain. Compared to the ancient immortal land, Qingxuan is as calm as ever,die casting parts, since it is a forbidden place, Qingxuan naturally no one can set foot in it, also can not know what happened there. Qin Wentian he is still in the city of heaven, he is waiting for news, so many strong people come to Qingxuan, it is impossible to have no news, his heart is actually hope that the ancient Qingxuan not this world, otherwise, for today's Qingxuan immortal domain is not a good thing. He thought of one thing,die cast light housing, ask the secret recorded in the temple, for today's Qingxuan is a dust-laden past, the closed Qingxuan immortal domain will not know, but the ancient immortal domain? With an endless history of the ancient immortal domain, for the war of the world is bound to have a heavy stroke, they may never give up looking for, therefore, in the ancient immortal domain, the war of the world will never be a secret. At this time in the palace of the Emperor of Heaven, the South Phoenix Empress and the North Ming Emperor had just come to ask for some questions about the extraordinary realm. Qin Wentian suddenly wanted to go to the forbidden place of the Fairy Mountain in the north of the Fairy Land. At the beginning, it was the old pervert who sent himself to Taigu. But now, Qin Wentian is not sure that he can find each other. The old pervert is too mysterious. Master of the palace, your subordinates have something to report. When Xu Li's voice came from outside, Qin asked Heaven, "Tell me." "According to the news, in the eastern part of our immortal land, a group of mysterious strong people suddenly appeared in the former territory of the Immortal Dynasty, and their subordinates suspected that they came from the ancient immortal land." Xu Lidao. Know, you go down, titanium machining parts ,Magnetic Drain Plug, continue to pay close attention to all the movements of the fairy land, as soon as there is news to report. Qin asked the way of heaven. Yes, Master of the Palace. Xu Li was ordered to leave. A few days later, Xu Li reported again, and many strong people came to the middle of the fairy land. Some time later, Xu Li came to report again that there was a mysterious strong man coming in the south of the fairy land, but there was still no noise, very low-key. For the next long period of time, Xu Li reported many times in a row, all about the arrival of the mysterious strong, and more and more frequently, this is the force they found, there are many may not be found, what this means, Qin Wentian is very clear. Archaic immortal land, a large number of strong people come, should come after all. Qin Wentian orders to go down, let the major orthodox forces down layer by layer, pay close attention to the movement of the mysterious strong people in the fairy land, and find their final destination. It is not easy to trace the footprints of extraordinary figures. However, the Emperor of Heaven has ordered that countless forces in the realm of immortals have become spies, and news has been passed to the Emperor of Heaven Palace in the city of Emperor of Heaven. There is one thing in common about the footprints of the mysterious strong people in the realm of immortals, that is, they appear most frequently in the northern part of the realm, and it is also the former Northern Ming Dynasty. The target continues to narrow, Qin Wentian let the North Ming Emperor pay close attention to the trend of the North Ming Immortal Dynasty, the influence of the North Ming Emperor in the North Ming Immortal Dynasty is still beyond doubt, has the supreme position, and soon found the place where the mysterious strong final news. The final location is locked in the forbidden place of the North Ming Immortal Dynasty, deep in the Fairy Mountain. After Qin Wentian learned the news, the whole person was stunned there, the location, unexpectedly is in the North Ming Xian Chao forbidden place. In the Palace of the Emperor of Heaven, Qin Wentian stood speechless for a long time. This place is too familiar with the forbidden place of the Northern Ming Dynasty. "Could this be a coincidence?" Qin Wentian thought in his heart! (End of this chapter) Chapter 1715 the gathering of the strong in the ancient immortal land. ? Forbidden Area of Beimingxian Mountain Very few people have ever set foot in it, especially in the depths of the Forbidden Area, where there are few people on weekdays. Qin Wentian also entered it by mistake. Now, however, in the depths of the forbidden land of the North Ming Fairy Mountain, where outsiders can't see, a large number of strong people are gathered. It can be said that the strong people are like clouds, and the strong people from all sides belong to different camps. It can be said that there is a clear distinction. Now not only are there extraordinary strong people here, but many immortal emperors are also sent here to carry out orders. Extraordinary characters, even for many forces in the ancient realm of immortals, belong to the scarce strong, such as the realm of longevity, vast and endless, but how many can exist beyond the realm of emperors? The head of the Nine Realms Palace is just a person in this realm. Of course, if you look at the entire Archaic Immortal Domain, it is too much, the Archaic Immortal Domain is too big, the forces of the Lord level are innumerable, extraordinary, like the sands of the Ganges River. Qin Wentian came here in an ancient peak of the Rule Fairy Mountain. He stood on the top of the Rule Fairy Mountain where he had practiced, looking into the distance. Even if he was extraordinary now, the idea of immortality in the forbidden place was not without disadvantages and was restricted. The void in the distance suddenly lit up with a bright light, only to see a line of strong people appear above the void, dressed in gorgeous clothes, the middle one looks very young,die casting parts, but his eyes seem to be golden, with a terrible penetration, at a glance seems to be able to pierce the void. autoparts-dx.com

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