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Black bag group of the goddess of war Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 07:47   Marketing & Communication   Sarapul   132 views
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The army moved slowly, disappearing into the view of the courtiers bit by bit. East Shu stood on the gate tower watching from a distance, until the field of vision no longer the figure of the army, this just turned downstairs, back to the palace. Song Jinghang, on the other side, was quite sad at the beginning. But soon, he was motivated again. Because before Dongshu left, she had seen him in private. Moyan has been Liangzhou Satrap as a threat, forcing the western merchants have no way, can only step back. Originally this kind of treasonous minister, is does not need to scruple too much. However, now the queen mother is seriously ill and unconscious. The state Satrap committed suicide in prison before, has stimulated the queen mother. Now Xiao Linzhi in order to show his filial piety, has been stressed, not to Liangzhou Satrap. This also directly led to the passivity of the western merchant army. And before Dongshu left, she specifically told Song Jinghang. Shoot directly, the sword has no eyes, the battlefield is merciless, who knows, you are intentional or unintentional. Dong Shu said so, Song Jinghang instantly clear. If has been concerned about Liangzhou Satrap,smart board whiteboard, can't help but let oneself into a passive, step by step by desert smoke control. If it is over, the source of the trouble will be solved directly. After that, the battle was much easier to fight. Song Jinghang is a military general, don't think so much. He just want to win the battle, as for the final because of Liangzhou Satrap, be disposed of? It's not in his mind. And if the empress said so, she would certainly help him. Fighting is not an easy thing. Xiao Linzhi in order to emerge in the border,smartboard for business, let Dongshu faction believe that he really went to the border. It was a bumpy ride to the border. It's just a little late to arrive. We set out on October 18, but we didn't arrive until early November. Along the way, it is also to take care of Xiao Linzhi's inadaptability. And Xiao Linzhi was ill once on the way. Greatly slowed down the March. The soldiers are anxious, but the emperor in the column, who dare to beak? It's not the most important thing to slow down the journey. The most important thing is that when they first arrived at the border, it was the time when the army was in the limelight. Qirugang took the five cities of the western merchants in one fell swoop, the morale of the troops was encouraged, and the soldiers were happy. I heard that the emperor of the Western Shang Dynasty went on a personal expedition and arrived at the border soon. Qiru also gave a fatal blow. They set up an ambush on the road and directly ambushed Xiao Linzhi's carriage. Then he cut off the emperor and walked away. Left hundreds of thousands of troops, controlled by others, step by step back, no power to fight back. Xiao Linzhi's personal expedition failed and he became a prisoner directly. This matter, within three days, then quickly back to the beam. The emperor was captured alive, this matter, there must be a leading person. Now above the court, there is no prince, 75 inch smart board ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, no one can decide. It can only be decided by other senior ministers. But the old ministers and used to mud, this time also dare not strong head, for fear of Xiao Linzhi back to be picked up, and then after autumn accounts. Everybody, you push me, I push you. At the critical moment, Dongshu stood out. Since all the ministers are unwilling to stand up, then let the palace stand up. East Shu is also clear in the investigation, Xiao Linzhi was indeed caught as strange, this just stand out. Since it's not the Bureau, she naturally has to stand up. The courtier was startled to see that it was the queen who stood out. Harem is not allowed to interfere in politics, and women are not allowed to be involved in the court. But Dongshu stood out, but the crowd was inexplicably convinced. One is because of the Lin adult's good, many courtiers, in fact, is already standing in line with the Lin clan. Another point is that most of the people who are muddled and unwilling to stand out actually want a leader. Don't count on them when the time comes. There are also a small number of people who are Xiao Linzhi. They thought Xiao Linzhi's move was just a smoke bomb, so this should be their chance. Force the queen faction to take the initiative to come out, jump out, then can't wash off. Therefore, they did not object. Just wait for Xiao Linzhi to give the signal, and then they should cooperate from inside to outside, eradicate the Lin clan! Chapter 804 female emperor matchless 46. And Dongshu's so-called stand out is actually. "Emperors and empresses are one. Since Your Majesty has been captured, this palace is naturally going to save Your Majesty." This means that the queen also wants to go on a personal expedition. Courtier:.. I'm afraid this couple is poisonous. The courtier felt that he could not go on. The emperor's personal expedition was captured, the queen also wanted to send the head? The empress can do things that the emperor can't do? The courtier was almost mad. But now above the court, the difference is Dongshu's monologue. East Shu a command, three days later, will take the team to rush to the border, no one can stop down. After the next court, Li Fei and Rong Fei hurried over. Empress, how can you risk your life? As soon as Li Fei opened her mouth, she was somewhat questioning. In her opinion, Xiao Linzhi is such a man with a heart of a wolf and a lung of a dog, so what if he dies in the hands of barbarians? You don't have to hook up with Dongshu himself for such a scumbag. Rong Fei was relatively calm, pursed her lips, and shook her head to show her disapproval. But Dongshu did not have much time to explain to them because she had to prepare for the war three days later. When the palace leaves, everything in the harem is handed over to you. The phoenix seal is in your hand. If anyone is not obedient, he will shout directly on his face. If something happens, the palace will bear it. In case the palace can't come back, there will be the mother of the palace, Princess Qingyang. Dong Shu said these words to Li Fei. Dong Shu specially put Feng Yin on Li Fei's hand yesterday. Li Fei was not quite clear about the meaning. Now a look, this is after hearing the news, they have made a decision ah. Li Fei is both angry and helpless, want to persuade but do not know what to say. You take good care of the Empress Dowager's palace, take advantage of this chaos, change the palace people in the Empress Dowager's palace, let her with the outside world, completely no contact. This sentence, Dong Shu is directed at Rong Fei said. At the beginning, because of the dereliction of duty of the prefect of Juzhou,4k smart board, her mother was so angry that she fell ill. Although this is actually a coincidence, it is impossible for Rong Fei not to have a complaint in her heart. Now take this opportunity to get it back together. As the saying goes, who has been spared by heaven. hsdsmartboard.com

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