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Can you respect yourself a little? Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 07:54   Human Resources   Saransk   46 views
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What Kong Lingyu hates most is winter. She is afraid of the cold. In fact, her internal force has already been strong enough to be invulnerable to cold and heat. Unfortunately, the fear left by her childhood has always been deeply in her mind. Every day, she stayed in her room by the fire, looking forward to spring. After the New Year, we waited for the Lantern Festival. After the Lantern Festival, we waited for the dragon to raise its head on February 2. After the dragon raised its head, the cold was over. Kong Lingyu began to think about where to play again. As a classic spoiled adult, Kong Lingyu has concentrated money, leisure, ability and care, so the three mountains and five mountains, four rivers and five lakes, the sea in the east, the grassland in the north and the desert in the west of the Central Plains have all been visited. Where to play next has become the top priority in Kong Lingyu's mind. When Kong Lingyu was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed to tell others, Feng Yuqing sent her good news. Baijianmen was going to carry a large amount of silk, tea and porcelain to sea, and asked her if she was interested in going with her. Although both of them are doing business, the things operated by Baijianmen are much better sold overseas. The rice, wood and horses of the commoner religion can only be sold in the Central Plains, and there is no money to be made overseas. Therefore, compared with the familiarity of overseas, Baijianmen is far more than Buyijiao, and Kong Lingyu himself has never been out of the sea by boat. For Kong Lingyu,face detection android, this news is not only due to the pie falling from the sky when he is hungry, the fairy water falling from the sky when he is thirsty, the pillow falling from the heaven when he is sleepy, but also the quilt. Kong Lingyu, who was used to pulling Qiu Xiaoxiao out of the house, informed Qiu Xiaoxiao at the first time. Qiu Xiaoxiao naturally also wants to go with Kong Lingyu, but in this way, the matter in teaching is completely pushed to Feng Yanling,thermal imaging camera, is it too much? Qiu Xiaoxiao told Feng Yanling about this, and said that he would simply resign from the unworthy left protector and choose a more responsible and more time one. It doesn't matter to Feng Yanling. She's been used to it for so many years. Since she took over the right Dharma Protector 13 years ago, she has solved more than 80% of the affairs in the church. So she just smiled, let Qiu Xiaoxiao rest assured to play, as long as take good care of Kong Lingyu, and finally bring back the elder sister who can't grow up. With Feng Yanling's approval, Kong Lingyu immediately began to get busy, directing several of his maids to pack up their things, wishing he could fly to Baijian Gate with wings immediately. Before leaving, Feng Yanling suggested that Kong Lingyu take a few of his own maids. It's not good to always use other people's maids, and they may not be obedient to their own family. Kong Lingyu sternly rejected Feng Yanling's proposal, repeatedly stressing that she was going out to experience, not to enjoy a happy life. As a qualified adult, she could take good care of herself. Besides, isn't there Qiu Xiaoxiao? Qiu Xiaoxiao was not dissatisfied with his sudden being pulled to the rank of a maid, but he was used to Kong Lingyu's unreliability anyway. As soon as he stepped out of the gate of the General Altar, Kong Lingyu suddenly felt relaxed all over, interactive kiosk price ,temperature scanning kiosks, with the posture of a tiger entering the mountains and forests and a dragon swimming in deep water. Qiu Xiaoxiao some puzzled, in the general altar, Feng Yanling to Kong Lingyu can be said to be obedient, how can let Kong Lingyu have so much pressure? So he asked Kong Lingyu, and sure enough, he got the expected answer that he didn't know. This time Baijianmen's handwriting is very big, tea is top-grade, silk is Shu brocade, porcelain is fired by famous kilns, Kong Lingyu has no concept of money, but Qiu Xiaoxiao knows that this time Baijianmen has at least hundreds of thousands of taels of gold income, as for silver, Qiu Xiaoxiao doubts whether there is a place on board to pile up such things. Aren't you afraid of being robbed with such a big hand? At the port, Qiu Xiaoxiao said jokingly to Feng Yuqing. When I go out with the Heavenly Sword this time, I close the door and release the Heavenly Sword when I meet a bad person. Feng Yuqing leisurely watched the disciples of Baijian Gate constantly carrying goods to the big ship. On the third day of the third month, Baijianmen was ready to set out, and the three big ships went into the water together and sailed into the distance. It is because about 30% of the income of Baijianmen comes from overseas, so the income of Buyijiao has always been less than that of Baijianmen, and the gap is this 30%. The boat in the middle was bigger than the ones on both sides, and Feng Yuqing and Kong Lingyu all lived on the bigger boat. The larger ship is called the sea dragon, the left is called the wind, and the right is called breaking the waves. There are two armchairs on the sea dragon, on which the bored Feng Yuqing and Kong Lingyu lie chatting, while Qiu Xiaoxiao and the Four Swords are fishing on the deck together, regardless of whether they can catch fish at such a fast sailing speed. By the way, are we going to have pirates or something? Less than half a day after boarding the ship, Kong Lingyu was a little bored. She asked the question to get a positive answer, and it was better for these people to show up right away so that she could have something to do. Uncle Hai, you say it. Feng Yuqing leisurely instructed the sea sword standing behind her. Hai Jian is a thin and inconspicuous old man, less than the age of his grandfather, but a little older than his uncle, about fifty years old. It was this inconspicuous uncle who knew every current and wind direction on the sea like the palm of his hand, could even remember most of the reefs and undercurrents in the sea, knew all about the supply cities along the coast and the cities where goods could be sold at high prices, and most of all, he was proficient in no less than 30 languages, not only Turkic, but also well-known in India. The distant Caucasian and Greek languages were not difficult for him. Generally, once out of the sea, it is normal to encounter trouble once, twice is a little too much, more than three times, it must be a jinx to go out. Hai Jian, the authority of the sea, told the two men. Feng Yuqing didn't really know. But this time it's a little special. If you two feel bored, you'll have a chance to watch a naval battle tonight. Hai Jian looked at Kong Lingyu and Feng Yuqing, both of whom were somewhat disheartened, and knew that they were two masters who were anxious to see the world in disorder, so he told them in advance about tonight's reserved program. How to say? Feng Yuqing asked leisurely. This time there was a lot of noise at Baijianmen. At least five groups of thieves came to the port to step on the spot. It was dangerous tonight. After tomorrow, we would have gone far away. These people who stepped on the spot would have wasted their efforts. The Sea Sword has been on the sea for more than thirty years, and these thieves naturally cannot escape his eyes. Then tell everyone to be alert tonight. Feng Yuqing and Kong Lingyu are not the same, in fact,information kiosk price, it is not too much to look forward to, have or not, all as a kind of experience. hsdtouch.com

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