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Cang Er Le Mi Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 05:26   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Dachnoye   165 views
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Zhao Xiaoxiong could not help but break out, regardless of his injuries, pointing at Xu Nuan's nose and cursing, "Are you so cheap?"? Or can those men make you feel good and make you sell yourself shamelessly every night! Xu Nuan closed his mouth in humiliation and did not argue with Zhao Xiaoxiong. Just then, there was a sound of clapping, accompanied by clapping, and a sound of applause-too beautiful, did not expect to follow you in the middle of the night, but also to see such a wonderful sad film ah! When Xu Nuan saw the comer, his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. It was none other than Zhuang Yi, who had just let himself go. Zhuang Yi is a born hunter. He knows how to get more with the least effort. He knew that no matter how hard he pressed Xu Nuan at that time, he might not be able to find out the whereabouts of his dog Arnold. At most, he would only force her to death. So, he just let her go and followed her to her place. If she dares to go to the police, they can also kill her as quickly as possible. Xu Nuan hugged Xu Die in her arms in horror. The panic in her eyes was gradually replaced by despair. She suddenly hated herself. How could she believe that the man who bled on the edge of the knife would let her go sincerely. Her momentary stupidity will kill Xu Die and Zhao Xiaoxiong. Zhao Xiaoxiong looked at more than ten people who came into the room, led by a man with a handsome face, but frowning, who was looking at Xu Nuan with critical eyes. Zhao Xiaoxiong endured the pain and swayed in front of Xu Nuan. Xu Nuan stammered, I won't tell, I didn't see anything! For the sake of young Xu Die, she was willing to do anything, including begging the man in front of her in a low voice. Shunzi beside Zhuang Yi couldn't help sneering, and his sneer made all the brothers around him sneer. Shunzi said, Brothers, do you believe? Trust a whore who goes out to sell her man and child in the middle of the night not to snitch? Shunzi's words, like a sharp blade, pierced Xu Nuan's heart. Because of humiliation, her face rose red clouds, tears rolled in her eyes, she bit her lower lip tightly, as if defending her only innocence, he is not my man, he is my friend! She's not my child, she's my sister. Shunzi laughed even harder beside Zhuang Yi and said, "Oh, did you cheat ghosts in the middle of the night?"? Do you mean to say that you hang out with a wild man who is not your own man, go to accompany outsiders in the first half of the night, and come back to find this wild man in the second half of the night? As soon as Shunzi's voice fell, Zhao Xiaoxiong, like a furious beast, shook his fist and rushed up. As a result, Shunzi kicked Zhao Xiaoxiong, who was covered with scars, to the ground, and others surrounded Zhao Xiaoxiong in a fierce fight. Xu Nuan hugged Xu Die, not knowing whether to advance or retreat, she wanted to go up and pull the people who hurt Zhao Xiaoxiong, but she was afraid that those people would hurt Xu Die. Neither is left! Neither is the right! The chaotic noise woke up Xu Die in Xu Nuan's arms. She cried desperately, but could only make a hoarse sound, feebly venting her inner uneasiness and fear. Xu Nuan looked at Xu Die in his arms, temperature check kiosk , then looked at Zhao Xiaoxiong, who was surrounded and beaten not far away, and knelt down with a splash, begging Zhuang Yi, who stood silent on the edge. She said, you let him and my sister go, they don't know anything. If you don't feel comfortable, you can kill me. Yes, kill me. In this world, I have no meaning to exist. Zhuang Yi looked at her, like a high God, laughing, killing you? Let him go? And then tell him to go to the police to arrest me? You flatter my intelligence too much. Xu Nuan trembled with tears and said, he won't! He really won't! Suddenly, Zhuang Yi's eyes were attracted by the gray and black fur beside the pile of cotton wool-it was a newly peeled dog skin, with faint blood on it-Zhuang Yi's face suddenly sank, like the sky churning with dark clouds, just waiting for lightning and thunderbolt to give the final tear. He stepped forward quickly and grabbed the dog's skin, the silky gray and black fur with the familiar head of the wolf dog. Suddenly, the veins on his forehead burst. He suddenly looked back, his eyes like a poisoned blade, he grabbed Xu Nuan, his voice trembled, you put it. Eat?! Xu Nuan tightly protected Xu Die in his arms, did not dare to look up, and did not dare to look at Zhuang Yi's fire-breathing eyes. Zhao Xiaoxiong, who was surrounded and beaten by Shunzi, was afraid that Xu Nuan would be hurt. He was dying in the rain of punches and kicks, almost unconscious, but he still said in a hoarse voice, "Dog.." Dog I killed him, and.. With. It's okay with her! Zhuang Yi's idea was confirmed. Arnold had been with him for eight years. He was his favorite wolfhound. He had taken bullets for him and saved his life. The bullet broke its hind legs, and from then on, Zhuang Yi treated Arnold like his brother. He never thought that becoming someone else's meal was Arnold's final outcome. Extremely angry Zhuang Yi, like a beast out of control, kicked Zhao Xiaoxiong in the head. Zhao Xiaoxiong only felt that his whole head was broken, full of bloody breath, as if he was going to die at any time. He fell heavily to the ground and let the men kick and punch him. The moment he closed his eyes, he vaguely saw those people pouring some bottled gasoline on themselves at the signal of Zhuang Yi. Then he seemed to see Xu Nuan's miserable face, and she was still so beautiful. She threw herself on herself without hesitation and begged the men, "No!"! Then all the gasoline spilled on her body, and she held Xu Die tightly and protected herself tightly. This is the happiest moment before Zhao Xiaoxiong's coma. It turns out that at the critical moment, she is also willing to be desperate for him. Although, maybe, it's not about love. But it was enough for him. Even if he died, he would remember the moment she flew over, and he would remember what she said-no! Zhao Xiaoxiong was already unconscious, and gasoline spilled on Xu Nuan, drenching her hair. Her crystal-like face, in such a dark night, is even more pitiful. However, Zhuang Yi, who was extremely angry, had probably forgotten the word pity. He took one look at Xu Nuan, sneered, and said, Good! I will help you two lovebirds of the same destiny!. hsdtouch.com

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