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Chunfang has a rest Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:29   Security & Safety   Samara   55 views
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"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Don't you want to learn?" "No." Mao Daomao shook his head and said, "Ah Yu wants to write down the songs he recited before several times so that he won't forget them tomorrow." When he heard this, he looked at Daomao in surprise and asked, "Don't you want to learn new poetry?" "Think." Mao Daomao answered quickly. She thought about it and said, "But Ah Yu doesn't want to forget what he learned today." When he heard this, he smiled and rubbed Xi Daomao's little head and said, "Well, I won't teach you today. You can recite the poems I taught you several times. I'll test you tomorrow." "No." He climbed into the corner of the oxcart and leaned on the soft cushion, murmuring the newly learned content in his mouth. Xi Kui looked at her daughter, the corners of her mouth slightly light, fundus with a faint smile. These days, because of the boring journey, he had nothing to do, so he began to teach his daughter's lessons. After teaching these days, he also found that his daughter was not particularly intelligent, at least far less intelligent than Ah Ran and Ah Ji, but Ah Yu was working hard, steady and not impetuous, and was willing to study calmly, which was very rare for a four-year-old girl. He sighed in his heart. How nice it would be if Ah Yu were a boy. With Ah Ran and Ah Yu, he would be able to reproduce the glory of his father when he was alive, but it was a pity that Ah Yu was a girl. He laughed at himself and thought to himself that maybe he was really doomed to be childless, otherwise how could his wives and concubines have never given birth to a son for so many years, except for Aji, who died in infancy. Father, how many days will it take to arrive? He Daomao asked. Are you tired of sitting? He came to his senses and asked with a smile. Not tired. He shook his little head and said,Vegetable oil filling machine, "It's just a little painful to sit down." He laughed and said, "Soon, there are still more than ten days to go." "Ah!" When he heard the news, which could be called "bad news", he immediately hung his little head and moved to the corner of the oxcart. There were still ten days to go? Doesn't that mean it takes three months to travel from Jingkou to Guoxian? Half a year back and forth! He Daomao thought to himself, is it because of his own reasons? Otherwise, uncle and father would not have gone so long. After all, they would go to the Li family almost every year to pay their respects to Mrs. Wei. If they had to go back and forth for half a year every year, they would not have to do anything else. Chongxi, there are still a few miles ahead to the post station. Why don't we rest at this post station today? It's getting late, and it's just time to eat there. "This is Xi Kui riding to the oxcart and saying." OK He motioned to the driver to stop and ordered the bodyguard to bring his horse. "After a day's ride in an oxcart, I'd better ride a horse to activate my muscles and bones." Chi Kui smiled. "Where is Ah Yu?" "I'm reciting inside." "Tan said." "Yes," said Xi Kui, juice filling machine ,juice filling machine, nodding his head, "Ah Yu's greatest advantage is that he works hard and steadfastly. It's good to be a smart child, but it's useless to be smart if you don't work hard." He paused and said with regret, "It's a pity that Ah Yu is a girl!" He sighed and said with a wry smile, "Maybe I'm destined to be childless." Then he said to Xi Kui, "Brother, how about we have a match?" "Yes!" Xi Kui pulled the reins and said with a smile, "I'd like to see if your riding skills have improved." After that, the two men rode their horses and galloped all the way to the post station. Several guards on horseback behind them saw this and hurriedly rode their horses behind them. By the time the old ox cart slowly arrived at the post station, Xi and Xi had already sat on the private seat drinking tea, the guards had tidied up the room, and the hot water had been ordered to be boiled by the post station. Nanny, Yu wants to take a bath. He Daomao lay in Xi Niang's arms and said feebly. Ok, the babysitter will help you take a bath after you finish feeding, OK? Wash your face now? Xi Niang coaxed softly. OK Ji Daomao nodded. Xi Niang took Xi Daomao into the room and ordered the accompanying servant girl to fetch water for her to wash her face. Xi Daomao knelt on the ground and lay on Hu's bed, saying that it was really tiring to ride in an oxcart, although she had never walked the road. Suddenly she picked up her body in the air. "What's wrong with Ah Yu?"? Tired The boy's clear and sweet voice sounded in her ears. "Brother!" Xi Daomao was startled first, and after hearing the familiar voice, his little head tried to lean back. Xi Chao turned her around with a smile and held her in his arms. "Lazy girl," he said with a smile, "are you sitting down?" "No, Ah Yu is just tired!" Daomao raised his small mouth and protested, "Brother, what are you doing here?" She smiled and hugged Xi Chao's neck and asked coquettishly. Kui Chao is eight years older than her. Although she usually studies in Jiankang, when she comes back on New Year's Day, she always brings her a lot of delicate gadgets. If she has any good things on weekdays, she always asks people to send them back to her. Brother and sister have a very good relationship. I came from Jiankang. Chao nodded her little nose, "Shizu's birthday, how can I not go?" He rode all the way from Jiankang, and when he arrived at the post station to rest, he happened to see his father's most trusted servant, Ah Chan, and realized that his father and uncle also lived here. He hurried to pay his respects to the two of them, but when he learned that Ah Yu had come with him, he came to see Ah Yu. Let's go. It's time to feed. "Ah Yu is not hungry." She frowned and said that she just wanted to sleep now. How can you not be hungry after walking all day? Holding her in his arms, he walked out of the room and said, "I'll ask the nanny to cook some bean porridge for you later. It will be an appetizer after you eat it." "Ah Ran?"? Where have you been? When the brother and sister were talking, a cry made Xi Chao stop. "Why did you leave without saying hello? I heard that the county magistrate also came." Xi Daomao opened his eyes and stared at the young man with thick eyebrows, deep eyes, tiger back and bear waist. He was about fifteen or sixteen years old and wore a dark blue suit. The young man's appearance is not particularly handsome, especially when he stands with Xi Chao, who is like a fairy boy, the gap is even bigger. But this teenager was the first such manly boy Xi Daomao had seen since he arrived in ancient times. The aesthetic of this era seems to be similar to modern times, it seems that the popular pattern of beautiful men,water bottle packaging machine, men are also white for the United States, some men will even paint, so that Xi Daomao extremely unbearable. gzxilinear.com

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Chunfang has a rest