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Confuse the country and poison the imperial concubine Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:33   IT & Telecoms   Pavlovo   51 views
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Old Zhen looked at his back and continued, "Qiu Yebai is not in Jianghu now. In the court and in the capital, she has all kinds of fetters, which is what you expected. She has scruples, so she can only make progress step by step. She is tied up in the government and the public. If you like, although Zang Jian Ge is hidden in Jianghu, the people are fighting with the officials. If the whole Jianghu is turned over, where can she escape? All these years." She's the only one you really let get close to. The old slave and the lamas have checked it carefully. I'm afraid it's because she has a red flame on her body. The essence and blood are all in line with your blood. That's why your Highness hates any woman approaching, but hugging Akiba feels warm in his heart and lungs. Bloody prison red flame double-headed bewitching, born in the crater for hundreds of years, fire Yang to the body, hermaphroditic, double-headed one female, one male, not born and not destroyed, once sent into the human body, can only feed on the ice body to the cold host blood essence, so it must raise flesh and soul for the host, the host is invulnerable to all kinds of poisons,aluminium laminated tube, at the same time, the repair speed of the body is twice as fast as that of ordinary people, if the double-headed separation, It is also the treasure tripod for you to detoxify your body and practice. Now she is your person. As long as you are willing to force her to practice with you every day, within five years, you can get rid of the corpse poison and all the evil on your body. Old Zhen said with a smile, "Of course, this is also the good fortune of Qiuyebai. She is such a suitable tripod that she can practice with you. The red flame in her body can not only protect her from the common poison,custom cosmetic packing, but also make her internal force more diligent. Naturally, it is also her good fortune, isn't it?" Red flame bewitching, if the female head is cut off, into the man's body will become a male head, so that the man alive by the red flame bewitching fire poison burned to death, only happen into the female body, can become a male head of the furnace tripod. "No," said Bai Li Chu coldly. There was a glimmer of light in Old Zhen's muddy eyes. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh, no. What did the old slave say wrong? After all, you don't have to think about what Qiu Yebai thinks. She's just a tool for you." The great beauty in front of him suddenly turned around and stared at Lao Zhen with gloomy eyes. The dark and dark cold air made Lao Zhen feel cold all over his body. He could not help but take a step back. He almost felt that at that moment, he could not see clearly the appearance of the person in front of him, plastic packaging tube ,plastic laminted tube, as if there was only the cold black air left. The next moment, the cold would turn into countless sharp blades and cut him into countless fast, but he could not move at all under such eyes. But he didn't want to suddenly turn around at the beginning of the hundred miles. "Xiao Bai, it's not a furnace tripod, it's not a tool," he said. Old Zhen felt as if the evil spirit had dissipated a lot in an instant. He had just touched his forehead and was already in a cold sweat, but he continued to tremble: "What is that?" Bailichu did not answer, but quietly looked at the tiny snowflakes flying in the void. For a long time, he raised his hand and looked at the light snowflakes falling from his hand. Suddenly he whispered, "Xiao Bai is Xiao Bai. It's my Xiao Bai." Old Zhen stared at his delicate side face illuminated by the palace lantern. The yellow light fell under his eyelashes, casting a deep shadow, but casting a very soft light, which made the expression on his face look gentle and moving. As if the snow on his transparent fingertips was a beautiful and precious treasure. Old Zhen suddenly couldn't remember how many years he hadn't seen his expression like that. He slowly gathered the snow in the palm of his hand, and when he opened it again, the snow had slowly melted. He closed his eyes and said, "How can I keep her in the palm of my hand without melting or disappearing?" "There is no other little white in the world." Chapter 55 planning "Your Highness, the snow in the palm of your hand will always melt. The tighter you hold the sand in your fingertips, the easier it is to disperse. As the saying goes, a daughter is like a flower, but Lord Qiu is not an ordinary daughter. She bears the curse of the four daughters of the Qiu family. I'm afraid she wants to prove that man can conquer nature, not to mention the snow and sand that can be held in the palm of your hand. You should know better than anyone else in your heart." Otherwise, how could your Highness have used such a combination of hard and soft means to get her body. Old Zhen walked up to him and looked at the snow falling in the dark sky. He sighed lightly and then said, "Even if that girl is really a flower, I'm afraid it's neither a peony nor an orchid, but a thorn flower in the desert, a Gesang on the plateau, and a cold and proud sun. If you really want such a girl to be willing to accompany you, it's only two points." Either let you become her unshirkable responsibility, or go into her heart and let her know you, pity you and love you. "Pity?" When Bai Li first heard the words, he slightly raised his eyebrows. Old Zhen smiled and said, "You must not look down upon this word of pity. As the saying goes, pity is taken from the people in front of you. It is tempered and soft. Since ancient times, men have loved women because of pity. I don't know how much, but no one knows that daughters are more soft-hearted." "This word of pity is the most useful for her daughter. If she has pity on someone, she must be soft-hearted, and even regard the other party as her unshirkable responsibility. But Lord Qiu seems to be affectionate, but in fact he is ruthless, because she is a woman after all. Just pity is in her eyes. People who can't be stronger than her can't make her respect and conquer her proud heart." That's why he wanted to tell Akiba Bai about his Highness's past. His Highness was so proud that he would never use the past to win anyone's sympathy, not to mention the demons he hated most. And Akiba Bai's experience over the years and the curse she bears make her equally proud and stubborn. She even hates the royal family in her heart. She wants to prove that she will never lose to fate, but she also has the softness of her daughter's family. She will certainly have resonance and softness for your Highness's desolate past fate. If your Highness and she did not have any intersection, perhaps she knew this kind of thing, but also just a feeling, but her fate,polyfoil tube, even in the heart has been your Highness mercilessly covered a poke, the intersection of each other's lives, so that she absolutely can not regard your Highness as a passer-by. emptycosmetictubes.com

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