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Crossing the Second Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:57   Independent & Freelance   Sarapul   156 views
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Teng Liang was also shocked. As a killer, he had seen many masters, but it was the first time he could catch a bullet. It was good to be able to avoid a bullet. He actually caught it with his bare hands!!! Summer Hei Hei looked at the bullet in his hand, and then they heard, ding, the bullet fell to the ground, at this time more than a dozen people in black just slow down. I don't know what to say, but I can't come back empty-handed today. Since you can catch my bullets alone, I don't believe you can catch the bullets of more than a dozen of our pistols. All fire! Cried the anonymous. Summer stood in front of Teng Liang, he was afraid that Teng Liang would get hurt, otherwise the little demon would not be able to explain. Summer starts the brain wave to control the sense, but also uses the internal strength of the Nine Yin Sutra to directly smash people's pistols! Crackle-everyone's pistols shattered. This time the anonymous is completely afraid, who on earth is he? Is this a special power? Terrible, just now he caught his own bullet is shocking enough, but now he actually. More than a dozen people without pistols became vegetable steamed buns in the eyes of Summer and Teng Liang. They wanted to pinch that and that, and more than a dozen people would let Summer and Teng Liang get it done. Anonymous is a little confused, seems to be a hallucination, how is this possible, perhaps not true, but it is true, summer smile, Teng Liang sullen. People's long love,Edible oil filling machine, this kind of thing is no one can believe, how can there be such a person in the real world, anonymous is really a bit of numbness. At this time, the three girls, such as the little demon, also came out of the bedroom. When the anonymous saw the graceful girl, she was there too? "Why is he?" Shangguan Yan'er exclaimed. Summer nodded and said, "Yes,water bottle packaging machine, it's the leader of our Luoyang Alliance, Mr. Anonymous!" Anonymous gnashed his teeth, but he had no ability to stand up, can only see a few people can not be killed, big trouble, big trouble ah! "Can you tell me who is behind your organization?" "Summer asked. Anonymous threw his head and snorted coldly. Summer smiled and was not angry." You don't say I have a way to know, but you will be more painful, hey, you think about it, I really don't want to embarrass you, because you are not the real mastermind behind the scenes, so you should be honest! Summer really doesn't want to hurt Anonymous, because he is not the real mastermind. King Kong once said that the country is behind the organization, but the department is not very clear, so Summer didn't mean to kill Anonymous. Besides, Beverage packing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, he really didn't do it himself. Anonymous looked back at Summer and said, "You're delusional. Don't think you're invincible if you have some special functions. To tell you the truth, the second world is not just a game. So the Chinese government won't let you make it big, including the Nangong family and the Shangguan family." The words of anonymity make summer more curious. Since you don't say it, you can't blame yourself. Summer laughed coldly. He can now say that he is very skilled in brain wave control. Summer's eyes suddenly looked at the anonymous, the latter immediately stunned, and then the anonymous seemed to be like a living person, looking straight at the summer, no thought, even no expression. But the expression of the summer is more and more dignified, how can this be, the Chinese government to participate? But what summer did not expect was that the mastermind behind the scenes was a representative and leading figure in China. How could it be? If it were him, he would not have the strength to compete with it! Is it necessary to destroy the immortals in the end? In the end, he is just a pawn of the country? Teng Liang looked at the expression of summer and worried, "Brother Liu?"? Brother Liu? What's going on? Who is behind the scenes? Summer slowly relaxed expression, but anonymous but covered his head rolling on the ground, Teng Liang is even more strange, he worried about looking at summer! Summer hesitated and didn't know what to say. "How could it be him?"? How could it be him? Could it be that the immortals they created really perished like this? PS: Just finished drinking a chapter of code words, I don't know if there are any loopholes, I went to bed, today's update is over, ten thousand words update, calling for the gold medal! Chapter 298 the mystery of the Dragon Battle. Summer walked back and forth a few steps and then said to the anonymous: "You go!" " After that, he ignored them and saw that Summer really didn't mean to kill himself. He took the rest of them and fled immediately. (Baidu search.) Teng Liang walked up to Summer and said, "Why don't you kill them to avoid future trouble?" In fact, as a killer, Teng Liangfei is very clear about the harm of letting the tiger go back to the mountain. If he lets Anonymous go this time, he will bring a hundred people to attack the villa next time. But Summer shook his head and said, "It's no use killing him. We can't offend their mastermind at present!" Just now, through the control of brain waves, the memory of the anonymous person has been emptied, so the anonymous person will be in pain. In summer, this makes Teng Liang even more curious. Who else can worry about the summer with the Nine Yin Sutra? If this man is really so powerful, why send this group of garbage out to assassinate him? "Who?" Teng Liang asked, while Summer went to the sofa, and the three girls followed him curiously. They had never seen anything that could make Summer worry. Summer scratched his head and said solemnly, "It's the National Security Agency!"! We can't afford it! This remark immediately aroused the surprise of the three women and Teng Liang. The Security Bureau is no stranger to them. This state department is set up to protect all political cadres, and its power is directly under the central government. A few people are standing in the living room, they do not know how to comfort the summer, the National Security Agency, this is not a joke, a careless is life and death ah. Summer saw everyone worried about their own expression can not help but give birth to a sense of guilt, how can let a few girls worry about themselves, he immediately smiled and said: "Don't worry, it will be all right, just now you also saw my ability?"? So everyone can rest assured that God will kill God and Buddha will kill Buddha! Summer's tone is extremely domineering, several people are surprised, now the summer and just now he is simply different,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but since he said nothing, there is no need to worry, and then everyone went to bed one after another. (..) gzxilinear.com

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