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Cultivating the rookie in the last days Full-time Job

Mar 2nd, 2023 at 05:49   Training   Barnaul   88 views
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Hu Bier stood in place and did not move until the other side's golden sword was cut in front of him, then he stretched out his right hand and clamped the tip of the golden sword with two fingers. With her strength, it is effortless to deal with a character in the later period of Jindan. Ding.. Not surprisingly, with a crisp sound, the golden sword in the middle-aged man's hand immediately broke. Then, the whole person flew back as if he had been hit by a bulldozer, flying hundreds of meters away in an instant, and was about to hit a huge stone. What a ruthless witch! How dare you come to my Golden Sword Gate to run wild! As soon as the voice fell, a golden figure appeared on the boulder and raised his hand to catch the middle-aged man who had fallen down, but he was also shocked by the tremendous force coming from the middle-aged man before he stepped back and stood firm with a red face. The eighth volume who competes with the front chapter 198 ROC carving (the second more ask for tickets) The man was dressed in gold, with strong bones, more than two meters tall, no hair on his head, but a cluster of golden feathers (hair), and his nose and mouth were almost connected together, like a deformed beak. This is clearly a strange bird man! From the wrinkles on his face, we can see that the bird man is still an old man. He is the current master of the Golden Sword Gate. Brush! Two more figures descended behind the tall bird man. These are two old monks in the early days of yuan Ying. Unlike the people in the Golden Sword Gate, they are wearing Taoist robes. However,heavy duty cantilever racks, the breath on their bodies is very hhún miscellaneous, it seems that they are obviously promoted to the yuan Ying period through some secret methods, and their strength is much weaker than that of the ordinary yuan Ying period monks. It seems that they are two casual practitioners who have been subdued or worshipped by the Golden Sword Gate. Master of the door. The two men came to the back of the bird man and stood respectfully. Birdman nodded, did not speak, but reached out to look at the middle-aged man's body, deeply afraid that he had suffered some secret injury. Just then, Hu Bier,heavy duty rack manufacturers, a few hundred meters away, suddenly smiled mischievously and reached out to press forward, only to hear a "bang" and the middle-aged man's body exploded steeply. It turned out that just now when the other side flew out, she had already secretly input a large amount of true yuan in the other side's body, the purpose was to explode the other side, and now this bird man is actually just at the right time. Ah My son. The black man roared, his body splashed with blood and broken blood, and his face twisted. Losing his grandson and son in succession, Birdman's seven orifices emitted a stream of white smoke. He shouted ferociously: "Die, you all have to die. How dare you kill my children and grandchildren. Today I must cut you into pieces!" With the old man's ruthlessness, he saw two black smoke suddenly coming out of his back, which congealed into two black wings under his ribs, making him look even more like a bird man. I ho.. Boy, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, you really turned into a bird man. The disciples of Jiuyang Sect opened their mouths wide and stared at the guy with seven orifices smoking with a strange face. Even Li Changsheng was a little surprised. But now he was able to confirm that the other side was really a combination of bird demon and human. Dead.. The next moment, he had jumped in front of Hu Bi'er. Before the speed, it was almost beyond the scope of time and space. People could hardly see how he moved. His five fingers had turned into black claws and grabbed Hu Bi'er's pink neck. Bang! Seeing that Hu Bi'er's stomach was about to be caught by him, suddenly a green light flashed, and Xiang Wentian (the old oak spirit) did not know when he was in front of Hu Bi'er, and when his claws caught him, there was a dull sound. Ah Birdman gave a strange cry and backed away quickly. Then look at his claws, two of them are broken, and the other three, though not broken, are twisted out of shape, and are now gurgling with blood. Whoo. Awesome, this bird claw is really sharp, unexpectedly gave the old man me to catch out several blood edges. Xiang Wentian covered a few blood stains in front of Xi xiōng and cried out in a strange voice. Seeing that the bird man's claws were almost useless, and that Xiang Wentian had only broken a few bloody skins and was still shouting and playing tricks, Li Changsheng and his party almost laughed out loud. Tut-tut. Grandpa, your skin is really thick. Hu Bi'er did not have the consciousness of escaping from death at all, but made fun of Xiang Wentian's defensive ability. As he spoke, he reached out and rubbed hard on each other's blood stains and giggled. Purr It hurts me, old man. Hum, you heartless little fox. If I had known you were so naughty, I wouldn't have saved you, old man. Xiang Wentian jumped up and shouted in an exaggerated way. Strange to say, Hu Bi'er did not know what strange means to use, only rubbed on the wound to ask the sky, the scars immediately dissipated, the skin intact as if not injured. How dare you! You shameless wild Taoist priests, dare to hurt me, I must kill you! Come on, come on, kill, kill all these thieves! Seeing Xiang Wentian and Hu Bi'er's "flirting" appearance, Birdman was once again so angry that his seven orifices smoked. He raised his arms and shouted, and all the people around him took out their weapons and surrounded Li Changsheng and his party. And he himself ferociously rushed to Li Changsheng, who was standing on one side. He had the idea of catching the king before catching the thief. Ha ha ha A flock of birds. Li Changsheng laughed and shouted, "Breaking the sky, Danlia, the two guys behind Birdman will be handed over to you.". Silver Horn, you protect Zihan. The others follow me. "Yes, master." The three Danlias answered in chorus. The silver horn stopped at Lin Zihan's side and did not move, while Feng Putian and Dan Liya dodged to meet the two elders of the Golden Sword Gate. With Li Changsheng's command, the disciples of Jiuyang Zong and Xuanbing Palace immediately drew out their flying swords to meet their opponents at the Golden Sword Gate. They have been used to killing in the past few months on earth. In addition,heavy duty metal racks, the physical strength of each of them is almost comparable to that of the masters in the golden elixir period, so they are not afraid to fight at all, but are full of excitement in their hearts. jracking.com

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Cultivating the rookie in the last days