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Cycle Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:19   Engineering   Saratov   79 views
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The "twins" stopped every few steps, looking at the plants on the ground and then at the road signs beside the sidewalk. They chattered among themselves about the details of what they had seen, as if to find a flaw in it. …… It's really, really incredible. We both see everything exactly the same way. "Maybe Gerry saved money by making us two sub-threads under the same process." Ha! No wonder we're always so in sync. Mumble and mumble. We can also infer a lot — "As long as we accept this crazy assumption." Building 0917 hasn't been found yet, but the building numbers they see are getting smaller and smaller: 0933, 0921.. A group of noisy people, who looked like programmers, sang and danced in front of them. Calm down. One of them, Ellen, said softly, "Those dancers must be the employees of Lothar Technologies.". Once these programmers reach the point of the program's verification loop, they automatically throw a party on the spot. "Are they victims like us, or are they artificial intelligence?" Asked Victor. Maybe they're victims, too. But I dare say that if they were not victims,DIN screw plug, then the people we saw along the way would all be low-level computer background programs. Reich's theory is not enough to make artificial intelligence a reality. Tix May watched the singing and dancing programmers walk down the hill. It was the third time they had seen something human-like on the road. It doesn't make any sense, Ellen. I think we're just — "Simulate the process." "Yes, the electronic simulation process belongs to the internal process of a very large supercomputer.". But if all this is true, then whoever is behind it can easily see our every move, and if our actions seem suspicious, we will be immediately discovered and restarted. The two Elens answered at the same time,socket screw plug, then stopped together, and then began at the same time, interrupting each other's conversation. Let's say who has the coin first. One of them, Ellen, held up the coin and said, "Tix May, it does sound mysterious, but it's not as terrible as it sounds.". If Riker is using the upload and emulation technology I've heard so much about, then what's going on in our heads isn't so easy to translate. Thought is a special kind of matter, and it is extremely dispersed. If we are all simulation processes in a very large quantum computer, CNC machining parts ,alloy die casting, they can't even use environmental detectors to listen to us. "You mean those things like surveillance cameras?" Yes, it's hard for them to do that, because it's equivalent to listening to our internal thoughts, and in fact, as individual processes in computers, we may be several times faster than we are in real life. There are probably only three ways that Gerry can monitor us: He can watch the work output of each group, and if there is a big drop in output, he will know that there is a problem-and then he will probably start the process carefully again. Suddenly, Tix May was glad they didn't bring more volunteers to the trek. The second method of monitoring is as simple as looking at the records of our inputs and outputs. I think the linear text in the simulation environment can be captured externally. She looked at Victor and said, "That's why you're not allowed to use the PDA." At the moment, Victor's PDA is still in Tix May's hands. This is ridiculous. Victor said, "At first it was not allowed to use it to make phone calls, but now it is not even allowed to type." "Hey, look!" Ellen exclaimed in surprise, "b0917!" But it wasn't a building at all, just a little sign stuck askew in the rocks. They left the asphalt pavement and turned to a dirt road leading to the top of the hill, struggling up. Now they were so close to the top of the mountain that their view was limited to a few yards. Tix May couldn't see any further. She remembered that there was a movie in which some poor guys like them finally came to the end of the virtual world, only to find that there was a huge wall of heaven standing there. But, a few steps higher, she looked beyond the tops of the mountains to a still wider prospect, those unbroken peaks descending all the way to the valley of San Fernando. Farther afield loomed the familiar swath of Highway 101, as well as her hometown of Tasana. The two Elens and Victor were not standing there looking at the view. They were staring at a road sign beside the dirt road. About fifteen meters away from the sign, there was a building foundation. All kinds of building materials are neatly arranged around the foundation, and a driverless excavator is parked farther away. A standard Lothar Technology Park building may be built here. At the end of the pit, there was a ring-shaped metal object, almost entirely in shadow, shaped like the door of a bank vault that only appeared in old movies. I have a hunch. Ellen, holding the coin, said, "If we go in there, the secret in your mail will be solved." "That's right." The "twins" nimbly walked down an almost vertical plank and entered the foundation pit. Tix May and Victor followed them down, and the clumsy Victor bumped into Tix May. Chapter 8 The bottom of the foundation was unlike anything they had seen before. The place has neither windows nor card readers. They took a few steps forward, took a closer look at the huge metal door, and found that it was full of pitted scars and scratches. That's weird. Ellen,metal stamping parts, holding the coin, said, "The gate looks older than the foundation." autoparts-dx.com

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