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Dark Blood Age Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 05:49   Human Resources   Fatezh   83 views
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The man who stepped on him was stopping because the flame phantom bird had rushed to the front. At this time, Chu Yunsheng suddenly shook and startled him, but he saw Chu Yunsheng lying on the ground, staring at him with his eyes. The man almost jumped up as if he had seen a ghost! But the man reacted quickly, and immediately understood that Chu Yunsheng was probably playing dead, almost just for a moment, he chose the same way, threw himself on the ground, and began to learn Chu Yunsheng to play dead. At this time, this group of people fell in the last one is the share of death, but did not expect the flame phantom bird directly passed by, killing the front of the people, really is everyone has his own destiny, life and death in the day! When the last one suddenly found that the man in front of him was pretending to be dead on the ground, he was just a little stunned, riding on the flame phantom bird to kill the unfortunate guys in front of him, and immediately lay straight on the ground, pretending to be dead! Chu Yunsheng secretly cursed these two people at this time extremely stupid, want to play dead also die far away, are less than three or five meters away from him, flame phantom bird slightly come over to look,interactive kiosk price, three people all want to be exposed! Chu Yunsheng has never doubted the wisdom of these monsters since he dealt with the Red Beetle! Sure enough, the flame phantom bird killed the first four people, and seemed to find that the number of people was a few less, and was looking around. Chu Yunsheng watched its every move nervously out of the corner of his eye, and when the flame bird finally stared at the trio of them playing dead, he knew it was over and he had been discovered! The flame phantom bird flapped its wings and immediately swooped down. Chu Yunsheng's heart was in a mess, but he could still insist on one thing: Now it's up to the three of them who can play dead until the end! Chu Yunsheng remembers that there was a movie in the Sunshine Age that described a gang fight in Shanghai in the 1930s. There was a gambling project in which a bold younger brother from each side tied his feet and hung upside down on the crossbar, with a boiling oil pan on the ground below. Then began to put the rope,thermal imaging camera, inch by inch to let the head of the gambler close to the frying pan, who was afraid of death first to admit defeat, the gang will accept defeat according to the gambling contract. Now the three of them, just like the people who are hanging gambling courage, in the face of the approaching flame phantom bird, can not hold their breath will naturally climb up and run away, the end is to be burned to death by the flame monster, to the last person, may have a chance to survive. Now is the time for courage, Chu Yunsheng, relying on his own broken armor protection, decided to play dead in the end! The other two were so lucky that they could have something to rely on. As a result, the last man was beyond Chu Yunsheng's expectation. He never moved. Instead, the man in the middle was forced to collapse directly by the flame phantom bird that rushed down at a high speed. He rolled away, but where was the opponent of the flame phantom bird? In a short while, temperature scanning kiosks ,facial recognization camera, he was melted into a pile of flesh and blood by the monster that caught up with him. Now only he and another die-hard element, the flame phantom bird flew around and rushed over again, at this time, Chu Yunsheng knew that he could not escape at all, the damn flame phantom bird had completely seen through them! At that moment, Chu Yunsheng almost gave up any idea of resistance, only felt that life should end here, his head was empty, leaving only the figure of his father and mother, he sighed slightly, perhaps it was time to go underground to see the two elders. But just then, a familiar neigh came from high in the sky. It was the sound of a red beetle. No, it should be a green beetle! Chu Yunsheng Dingqing saw that the flame phantom bird had given up playing dead at the moment and rose straight into the sky! Facing it were three majestic green beetles with fluttering wings! The two sides, like mortal enemies, fought directly together, completely ignoring Chu Yunsheng and another man on the ground. Although the flame magic bird is extremely powerful, the other side has the number of three, for a time, the two sides have a close fight, do not give way to each other! Chu Yunsheng was so excited that he recovered! I thought I was going to die, but I didn't expect to survive miraculously! What he never expected was that what saved him was not the ancient books he had fantasized about, but his former enemy, the Green Beetle! Just narrowly escaped death, he has not yet breathed a sigh of relief, another thought then came out: the green beetle has appeared, and one or three, then the army of red beetles can be far behind? He broke out in a cold sweat again. He didn't know where his strength came from. He bounced up from the ground and picked up his motorcycle. Now he wanted to escape. His strength was exhausted. The speed he had always been proud of had become empty talk. He could only rely on the motorcycle. But facts have proved that luck is not reliable, the zombie-like motorcycle still can not start rigidly, the angry Chu Yunsheng straight want to split it with a thousand swords. Let me have a try! A crisp voice came, Chu Yunsheng turned around and saw that it was the last person who had played dead with him, and from his voice and appearance, he could roughly judge that it was a woman. In this day and age, who has the leisure and mood to cut hair and wash his face? Both men and women, are already a messy long hair, face dirt, do not speak, do not look carefully, sometimes simply can not distinguish between men and women! Some women even vilify themselves in order to avoid the fate of being harmed, just like the female teacher he met a long time ago, who smeared the colorful faces of himself and his female students and thought they had seen ghosts. Chu Yunsheng basically knew nothing about motorcycles. He waved his hand and asked her to come and try, but with one hand he grabbed the back of the motorcycle and seized the opportunity to seize the car and walk away. The fierce battle between the two monsters became more and more fierce, a green beetle was shot down on the ground, the flame phantom bird was also hit hard, and the fire was not so fierce! The clock is ticking! Tips: Ladies and gentlemen, "Now you can directly use the keys to turn the page and read" Oh! " Press the [enter] key to return directly to the home page of the work! Experience it quickly! Please remember the first domain name of this book:. All come to read the mobile version of the reading website: m. Chapter 83 Ghost Rider? ? Chapter 83 Ghost Rider. The woman skillfully tampered with Chu Yunsheng's motorcycle, disassembling and assembling, so fast that Chu Yunsheng was dazzled,smart whiteboard price, and even she released fire energy, barbecuing something, Chu Yunsheng was very suspicious that this person had done motorcycle repair. hsdtouch.com

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