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Deceitful world (end) Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 08:12   Banking   Gay   60 views
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Zhanzhao heard clearly in the room, one breath "Teng" came up, said Bai Yutang did odd jobs?! In a hurry, he put on his clothes and ran out with Juque. As soon as he pushed the door, before he could take a step out, he heard Bai Yutang say sternly, "Put on the quilt!" Zhan Zhao's mouth is flat. Momentum short half, this mouse, too do not give face! When Bai Yutang saw that he was going to be at the door, he frowned even more. "Go back and lie down!" Zhanzhao squinted at him, depressed-Lao Tzu is the guard of Kaifeng Mansion! Who expected Bai Yutang to raise his eyebrows and stare back-you are all Lao Tzu's, what are you fighting for, go back to sleep! Zhanzhao had to go back a little, feeling that the momentum was suppressed, and the mouse became more and more arrogant! "Oh." Withered leaves see two people still have the mind to flirt, obviously Bai Yutang or as always do not put themselves in the eye, dry laugh, squatting on the roof to the door of the room half back into the exhibition Zhao, "Oh." Are you the Zhanzhao who let Bai Yutang abandon Jianghu? It's not so good. Zhan Zhao looked at him and was not angry. "Much better than you." Withered leaves have long heard that Zhanzhao has a good temper, did not expect to be choked, where is this good temper ah, more difficult to get along with than Bai Yutang. Bai Yutang is slightly frowning, this withered leaf is not changed? I didn't talk so much before. I usually fight when we meet. If we lose, we go back to practice. Why do we start to talk now? Zhanzhao was still indignant at the words of the withered leaves slandering Bai Yutang just now, but Bai Yutang wouldn't let him come out to blow, so he had to look at the withered leaves coldly and say to himself-you want to die. What a scary look. The withered leaf made a gesture to Zhan Zhao with a half-smile, "I hate using swords." Zhan Zhao raised his eyebrows slightly. "Why?"? Have the same name? Withered leaves Leng Leng, then a brain turn, Zhanzhao turned to scold him "cheap", surprised-Zhanzhao is really the rumor of gentle and refined? Bai Yutang also wondered, this cat is usually docile,water bottling line, occasionally belly black, drink too much love to laugh, drunk to sleep, the original sick will croak. Withered leaves stood up, obviously he did not want to start or attack at this time, said to Bai Yutang, "I do not come to say hello, anyway, we will meet later." With that, his eyes changed slightly, and the smile on his face was a little strange and cruel. "Na, Bai Wu, I will cut off your head one day." With that, a flash. Climbed over the wall and left. Bai Yutang also did not chase, look back to see Zhanzhao is standing behind the threshold, water filling machine ,Edible oil filling machine, leaning half of the body grinding teeth, some want to laugh, "cat, he is this kind of person, what do you care about with him?" Zhanzhao stretched out his hand and pointed at him. "He's talking nonsense. Why don't you beat him?!" Bai Yutang laughed, "don't you always tell me not to fight with people." "This time it's different!" Zhanzhao bowed his head and put on his shoes to step out of the house. Bai Yutang pushed him into the house and closed the door. "The wind is strong at the door. You just want to take medicine!" "I can't swallow it!" Zhanzhao was still a little angry. Bai Yutang laughed and reached out to touch his head. "It's the withered leaves that can't swallow this tone." "What do you say?" Zhan Zhao frowned. "He said you were a handyman!" "And you called him a bitch." Bai Yutang put down the knife, pulled Zhanzhao to the bedside, stuffed the bedding and covered the quilt. "Don't pay any attention to him." Zhanzhao saw that Bai Yutang had covered himself with a quilt and wandered around in the same place, as if he was a little hungry, as if he was staring at the dishes on the table and pondering whether to heat them up or call another table. Zhanzhao felt a little sorry, but he was still very concerned about the words of the withered leaves just now. He dared to say that Bai Yutang was a handyman. He was too anxious to put on his shoes just now. Don't let him see the boy again. He won't be spared next time. Nestled in the bedding, Zhanzhao was full of anger that the withered leaves said that Bai Yutang was a "handyman", but did not notice that the withered leaves had just said him by the way. Bai Yutang felt that the hot dishes were estimated to be somewhat difficult, and if he splashed the oil again, the kitchen might burn it, so he simply went to buy it. Just as he was thinking about it, there was another noise on the roof. Bai Yutang and Zhanzhao raised their faces and frowned-who was it this time? The man did not stay on the roof, but turned over and landed in front of the door, knocking gently. Lord Zhan? Bai Wuye. Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang were stupefied, and their voices sounded familiar. Bai Yutang went to open the door, only to see a man standing at the door, one of the most trusted shadow guards around Zhao Zhen-Nangong Ji. Nangong Ji entered the room and took out a roll of yellow instructions to Zhan Zhao. He whispered, "Lord Zhan, there has been some trouble in Kaifeng these days. The emperor asked me to entrust you with a secret investigation. The specific matters will be discussed in detail when Lord Bao comes back." "Oh." When Zhanzhao received the order, Nangong Ji turned around and left. Bai Yutang closed the door again, sighing with emotion that most of the shadow guards came and went like the wind, and when he looked back, he saw that Zhanzhao was already reading the instructions. The more Zhanzhao looked, the tighter he frowned. Bai Yutang thought it might be serious. "Cat, go to sleep first, and wait until you're well." Zhanzhao nodded and handed the order to Bai Yutang. "Look." Bai Yutang took over, Zhao Zhen wrote very briefly, mainly said that the imperial mausoleum was stolen, but things were not lost. But the person who did it was skillful and seemed to be prepared. Zhao Zhen wanted to know what they had taken into the imperial mausoleum, or what their purpose was. The imperial mausoleum. Bai Yutang frowned, "the tomb of the late emperor?" Zhanzhao nodded, holding his chin in one hand, "this matter, if you did not take away the treasure, it is not grave robbery.". What is the purpose of breaking into the imperial mausoleum? With that, Zhanzhao touched his stomach and reached out to hold Bai Yutang, "I'm hungry again." "I'm just a little hungry, too. I'll go and order some more food." As soon as Bai Yutang wanted to go out, Zhanzhao grabbed his arm, raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "I just want to eat noodles, egg noodles." Bai Yutang said helplessly, "then I'll buy you egg noodles." "Don't buy the kind." Relying on his illness, Zhanzhao asked to eat noodles made by himself. Bai Yutang had no choice but to nod, "OK,juice filling machine, I'll do it." "I'll go too." Zhanzhao inexplicably wanted to see Bai Yutang cook, so he had to get out of bed wrapped in a quilt. Bai Yutang glared at him, "go back and lie down!" gzxilinear.com

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I waited for you for a long time.