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Destiny of Reboot Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:14   Independent & Freelance   Bataysk   11 views
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"It's a big mistake. Don't do it again." Looking at the saber with a natural face in front of him, Emiya Shiro felt so powerless that he had to stroke his aching forehead and said, "It's not fun to wait here for hours without doing anything.". It's my own problem that I didn't tell you the exact time to come back. There's no reason for saber to suffer for my mistake, right? Anyway, don't do that again. I would be embarrassed. "I see..". That is to say Do you take your own responsibility? It's really a Shilang style answer. I see After listening carefully to Emiya Shiro's words, saber nodded approvingly, and then.. Just after Emiya Shiro breathed a sigh of relief with half surprise. With a sunny smile on his face, he said, "So, I refuse." "Well?!!.." Although, Emiya Shiro, he was wondering why saber agreed so readily this time. But The difference of nearly 180 degrees before and after the reaction still made him almost fall to the ground. It took a few seconds to come to his senses, and Emiya Shiro opened his mouth and said, "saber..". " "Shiro, let me remind you first." With a narrow smile in his eyes, saber interrupted him before he could finish his words. "Whether it's governing the country or persuading others, even if you can't do it yourself, it's not convincing at all." "Well.." Let's make an analogy. If our positions are reversed and I go out for something and do not tell the exact time of my return,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but only tell the date of my return, Shiro, I am afraid you will not only stay at home all day, but also prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner with my portion. "Well.." With a smile on his face, saber smiled and put his face less than ten centimeters away from Shiro Emiya. "So,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, since you are doing the same as Shiro as a role model, it is natural for me to do the same as a learner, right?" White and flawless snow skin is right in front of us at the moment. The faint fragrance came from the girl in front of him, and then got into the nose of Emiya Shiro. The long eyelashes seemed to touch his eyes if they came any closer. A few strands of golden hair rubbed against his face, and there was an itchy feeling. Vaguely, it seems that I can still feel the warm breath of the other side.. "Woo..!"! Ming , got it! I get it. Anyway, don't get your face so close! It's not good for the heart. !!” Under Saber's narrow gaze, Emiya Shiro blushed with embarrassment, and Baiyu's face, as if feverish, bounced almost reflexively in front of the wall. Seeing the embarrassed expression of Emiya Shiro, saber could not help giggling, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, the feeling of restraint in the past, but now it is no longer there. Mmm.. Why do I always feel now? Is saber getting more and more like that guy. Sure enough It was a bad decision to take her through the pawnshop before! Looking at saber, who was in a very good mood, Emiya Shiro gave a wry smile with a twitch in the corner of his eyes, but in the depths of his emotions, he felt extremely relieved. It's been three years since they met again in this life.. And Saber has also read all the memories of Emiya Shiro's last life, and even his life up to the end of Chop, Kill, Eight, Qi, Big Snake. After that, the memory, although knowing that it exists, has no sign of sharing any more.. But even that's good. That's the minutiae, and the important thing is that saber has been able to see what happened to them in the Holy Grail War from beginning to end through the memory of Emiya Shiro! Three years ago, that night's battle of principles dissolved the gap between the two men.. After three years of uninterrupted memory sharing and getting along with each other for a long time, saber was able to get to know Emiya Shiro once again, and gradually developed a unique bond. Although, Emiya Shiro really doesn't know whether his memory sharing with saber is due to the nonsense of the two girls? Or is it due to some other factor? ? But anyway In the end, he benefited from it. At this moment, although the relationship between the two and the memory of the past has been a lot of difference, but at least the saber in front of us has largely left a lot of unnecessary persistence, not as a knight king, but as a young girl Altolia living here, and for Emiya Shiro, this is enough. Whether we can regain the feelings of the past, it remains to be proved by time.. But If each other can live happily, for Emiya Shiro, that is already the greatest comfort to him. So To celebrate my return. Let's have a big meal today! If you are a discerning person, it is basically impossible not to know, cook by yourself, and then taste by yourself, which is really not a pleasure. But really, what does the name matter? For Emiya Shiro, all that matters is that saber can eat happily. Looking at saber, who has regained the emotions of ordinary people, and thinking of the tragedies he has known since his rebirth, most of them have disappeared at this moment. Emiya Shiro's Heart What I can't help is a burst of enrichment and comfort. Many times of life and death have proved not to be in vain.. As long as we survive the next Grail War and save Ilya from it.. So What has been a long-cherished wish for many years is no longer a dream at this moment. Hidden in the sorrow and expectation, quietly alert themselves in the heart, after saying hello to saber,Oil Dropper Bottle, Emiya Shiro silently went to the direction of the kitchen.. Thirty-three-a trip to the Timepiece Tower with two girls Time flies, and in a twinkling of an eye, a few months have passed. penghuangbottle.com

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Destiny of Reboot