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Doomsday Girl Becomes a Watch Girl Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:03   Marketing & Communication   Parnas   153 views
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Yeah! In He Jinjie's mind, she was the one who was very lucky. That's why she was able to meet a noble person who was kind and just knew lip language. She couldn't hold on. How many times she wandered around the pawnshop, trying to sell the token and find another way to make a living. So she was excited and eager to repeat in her heart countless times, almost even her own brainwashing words told Mu Shouer, all finished, only to look at Mu Shouer with extremely expectant eyes. And Moriji! In front of He Yuzhu may appear silly, but in front of ordinary people, it is the essence of the individual essence, the drama essence upper body is not too easy, almost after He Jinjie stopped lip shape changes, immediately a surprised expression. He hesitated a little and said, "I've only learned a little about lip language. Listen to what I'm saying, isn't it?"! If you are right, you can nod your head. If you are wrong, you can shake your head and deny it, OK? "Ah." He Jinjie nodded hurriedly, showing that she could and she understood. So Mu Shouer hesitated and asked, "You just said that you came to the capital of the south from the Jin, right?" "Ah!" He Jinjie nodded as she spoke. Seeing this, Mu Shouer seemed to be convinced that she was really conscious. Then he went on to say, "Your relative in the south is Bo Fu, whose title is Ning'an. Your mother is a girl of the Li family who was separated from her in the war. Because both of your parents died,deep draw stamping, you came here alone.". Unfortunately, when you were ill on the ship, a thief stole all your bags while you were seriously ill. When you arrived at the shore, you were driven off the ship without any money. You could not get good treatment for your illness, so that your voice was hoarse.. Listening to Mu Shouer's life story that He Jinjie had made up for herself, the members of the Muzi Department who followed him, as well as the ordinary people who were in the caravan but did not know the existence of the Muzi Department, and the people who came and went to Antai Inn,alloy die casting, so they gathered around to watch the scene of bustle. After listening to Mu Shouer's translation, the embarrassed female beggar actually nodded and admitted that she was in an uproar: "No!"! Such a female beggar, is it Miss Bo Fu Biao? "I've been here every day, and I've seen her begging in this street for days." "Alas!"! "If I had known she was Miss Bofubiao, I would have married a beggar woman with sores on her head and pus at her feet, not to mention a mute beggar." "If you take her back to Bo Fu to recognize her relatives, you will be able to change from a peddler and a pawn to a cousin of Bo Fu, won't you?" "Ha ha.." That's the reason. "Who would have thought that all the girls in the grand mansion could be reduced to beggars?" ………… Listening to the laughter of the onlookers around, if he Fuyun, who has never lost face in public since he was a child, must feel ashamed and indignant to death, Sister He Jin! In her previous life, she became the plaything of the Jin people, killed her husband who had not worshipped her, and gave birth to the evil seed of the Jin people. She was despised by many villagers. In those years when she pretended to be crazy and acted foolishly, metal stamping parts ,DIN screw plug, she had eaten cow dung, but now it was just a few jokes and frolics that had nothing to do with people. To her ears, it was nothing at all. As long as she could successfully recognize her relatives and become the daughter of an official family, these people would only worship her when they saw her later, so her face did not change color at all. This kind of expression change, ordinary people do not have the slightest feeling, Mu Shou second-class Muzi Department members in the face of silence at the same time, the heart raised her vigilance, and then Mu Shou two to the'big shopkeeper 'made a wink. The member of the Muzi Department, who was disguised as the big shopkeeper of the caravan, immediately took the hint and pretended to be a Philistine and shrewd businessman. He stepped forward, ignoring the dirty and discomfited appearance of He Jinjie, and gave her a deep salute. He seemed to respect her and said, "It turns out that the daughter of Bo Fu was killed. Please rest assured, girl. Our caravan is just going to the capital, and we can send you to marry on the way.". ” "Ah." He Jinjie said another word, thinking proudly in her heart that no matter how much suffering she suffered, the identity of Miss Bo Fu Biao was more important than anything else. Did she bend down when she heard her identity without seeing such an imposing person! Mu Shouer saw that she was proud, but he didn't care. He just wanted to find a chance to see the real appearance of the token later. He ordered the skilled craftsmen in the Ministry to forge a replacement as soon as possible and return it to the young master's wife. At the same time, he translated to He Jinjie to the'big shopkeeper ': "This girl said thank you for your willingness to help." "Ha ha.." Girl, you don't have to be so polite. Please come inside and have a good freshening up later. I'll call a doctor for you. The big shopkeeper said as he led her to the inn. Walking in the back of the wood Shouer looked at their back, suddenly some doubts, according to the young lady's inference, since He Fuyun has so much ability, even far away in the south of He Jinjie are suffering, see the target close at hand, can not be close to the southern capital Bo Fu step. Now why she can meet with their own, and with their own help, is about to go to Ning'an Bo Fu to recognize relatives, according to He Fuyun's ability, she should miss with themselves, continue to be a female beggar's identity down and out, suffering. Now there is this change, because He Fuyun forgave her, no longer malicious to her heart, or there are other reasons, Mu Shouer at this time do not know that Chaoyunshan array has been cracked, now He Fuyun's ability to rely on devouring the Jin emperor's true dragon gas to maintain. Because the source of its power is the emperor of Jin, so the scope of ability has now been limited to the territory of Jin, but when he entered the inn, the manager of Antai Inn quietly presented him with urgent information about the young Lord from the other side of Jin. Inside, the Chaoyun Mountain array was broken. He Yuzhu's plan was approved by Ke Baozhu. He ordered him to stay at the Antai Inn temporarily, waiting for the arrival of Jinglian, who was one day slower than him, to cooperate with the plan. He suddenly came up with the idea that He Jinjie could escape the curse of bad luck imposed on her by He Fuyun because the Chaoyun Mountain Formation was broken, which made him more vigilant and pay attention to Mai Fubao, who was suspected to have similar abilities with He Fuyun. Mu Shouer made up his mind that he must not let Mai Fubao and Princess Yiling, who was suspected to be the last princess of Yunguo, notice him. Otherwise,non standard fasteners, with their ability to curse his bad luck as long as they knew him, it was a cheating existence, and they could not imagine how to defeat him. . autoparts-dx.com

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