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Dragon slayer editor _ small Linden _ txt novel paradise Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:18   Marketing & Communication   Pavlovskiy Posad   60 views
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But I was so busy looking at others that I didn't think I was in danger! It was not until the "whoosh" sound sounded around me that I thought it was just the ventriloquism of the Wei puppet. It was not until a "whoosh" sound touched my earlobe that I realized that it was a real gun! I am looking forward to help, but these help is too reckless, maybe it will kill me. The sound of gunfire became more and more intense, and even my clothes were cut. I can not help but shout abuse: "G beauty, G agent, I am still alive, you ***ing do not fight blindly.". I'm not a target! You found the seven bandits through me, and then you're going to unload the mill and kill the donkey? But, of course, no one paid any attention to me. In a hurry, I had to use all my strength to try to shake the branch up and down with me-there was no one to help me, so I had to ask for my own luck. As expected, this move has a little effect. The branch was swayed up and down by me, but no matter how I swayed it, it was so tough that it could not be broken. I'm all sweaty. In the dark and bright night sky, the ears are full of gunfire. Those bullets are blind people. If Xiaobian dies now, with the style of the state secret agency in the five places, it is estimated that even if I am given a medal, it will just be quietly stuffed into the urn, and no one will know. Maybe they will give me a generous bonus, sign a check with countless zeros and bury it in the earth with me. Anyway, the dead can't cash the check,tube fitting manufacturer, and they are not afraid of causing inflation. As soon as this terrible scene of "grief and glory after death" appeared in front of my eyes, my idea of survival immediately became extremely strong. But to survive like this, the taste is very uncomfortable. I saw the branch bounce up and down, and my hands and feet were tied upside down on the branch. Every time I bounced, the burr of the hemp rope pricked me with burning pain. What's worse, when I bounced to a high place, I felt like I was being beaten by a branch, and it was more painful than when my father broke the 12-inch TV set at home when I was a child. I struggled for a long time,hydraulic fitting supplier, and I wanted to give up. But at this time, want to let it stop but can not stop. I could only see the tip of my nose getting closer and closer to the ground again and again. I was afraid that I would break the bridge of my nose, but the branch was not broken yet. If I died with a flat nose, Agent G's heartless beauty would probably feel a lot less guilty when she saw my last remains at the funeral. I hate G beauty for a moment, if I don't die, when I see her again, I have to tie her up to suffer this crime. The flares in the night sky bounced up desperately. It was estimated that in such a late-night battle, the special soldiers would eventually lose to these old Jianghu and suffer their losses. But I heard the words "wind, fire, company and camp" in the mouth of Feng Huo Kou. Every time a word fell to the ground, the sound of bullets would pause slightly. I really want to see the scene of the big bandits, but unfortunately I can't see it. I only feel that I am now hanging upside down alone in the most deserted corner of the world, and no one remembers me, whether it is the three bandits or the beauty of G. What I said before is really good, even if the excitement of the whole world is in front of me, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, I am still the walk-on. It was a sad thought, but then someone said: "You can't do that." The voice is very soft, can not hear the gender, in the ear noise, but it is very clear. I was stunned by the roar of the sky, and my lips and mouth were burning. After listening to the voice, I felt much calmer in my heart. "How about that?" I blurted out. Then back to the taste, there are still people on this hill? The Wind and Fire Bandits, the Puppet Bandits, and the White Tiger Bandits did not know where to go at this time. How can anyone be around me? Excited, I asked, "Who are you?" "I can't tell you." The voice sighed, "You are the informant of the five places. I was so careful that I didn't get on their file of Slush Claw. If I told you, I would be in danger." For a moment, I just felt that I was the most unsuccessful informant in the world, and just one day after I became an informant, I let everyone in the world know. This informant is really a failure. But after all encountered a life-saving straw, I refused to relax, pleading: "Do not tell me OK, but at least you put me down first, when an unsung hero, very fun.". Look, the bullets around here are whooshing, and they don't have eyes. "Ouch." As I spoke, I felt a bullet stick to the root of my thigh, and if it was a little more, I was afraid that I would lose my children and grandchildren? "I can't meddle in your affairs," said the voice. If I make a move, I will break the rules in my door, and also break the Jianghu agreement we signed with Ye Gongzu in those years. We can't meddle in the affairs of the world. No matter what, I can't control it. I'm sorry. I can't help being furious. If you can't control it, why are you crying like a mouse! But I dare not offend the last person who can help me at this time. Listen to the voice, clear and soft, like a child, the voice of the owner must be very soft-hearted. On second thought, I had a plan. I pretended to scream. Then, imitating the tone in the movie, I hummed, "Ah, ah, I've been shot. I guess I won't be able to do it in a few minutes.". I don't ask you for anything else, but for a message to my 80-year-old mother. Say I love her very much. I can't be filial when I'm born. After I die, I'll bother her to burn some paper money for me. It's better to tie up a paper figure like a beautiful woman and burn her to me, so that I can have a girl to serve me under the spring. It won't be a waste for our mother and son. My mother is most afraid of getting old. If she heard my words, it would be strange if she didn't tear my ears off. Listen to that voice however urgent: "You do not die!" You do not die! Then the man seemed so anxious that he rubbed his hands and said, "What can I do? What can I do?"? Well, I can't save people, but maybe I can move a branch? The man was talking to himself and foolishly discussing with himself,12 needle valve, and before I knew what he meant, I saw a glimmer of light across my body, as if it had touched the branch behind me. chinaroke.com

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