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Eat honey [wear the book] [end + side story] Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 07:54   Transportation & Logistics   Sal’sk   70 views
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He and Xiao Yao slept in the same room, not by chance, there is no such coincidence in the world. Zhou Haiquan, as a famous philanthropist in Nancheng, Zou Mengshi admires him very much. We have worked together for many years, and he also knows Zhou Haiquan's habits. This person is quite a neat freak. He always doesn't care much about the size and location of the room when he goes out. He has two requirements, one is to have a single room, not to live with others, and the other is to be clean. So when reserving rooms, Zhou Haiquan and several other entrepreneurs gave priority to the rooms they had prepared. When Xiao Yao wanted to move the room, he did not consider Zhou Haiquan. Instead, he found a middle-aged entrepreneur Sun Zong, who was familiar with him. Sun Zong was more than fifty years old. He was happy and talkative. Zou Mengshi was the first to find him. Who knows Sun Zong has not agreed, Zhou Haiquan took the initiative to stand out, said: "I live with Xiao Yao in the same room, just we know." Head Zou was very surprised and confirmed again and again: "Your room is a single room. Is it suitable?" "A big bed room?" Zhou Haiquan said, "It's all right, you let him move there." Zhou Haiquan does not have any contemptible heart, want to follow Xiao Yao a room, he just does not want Xiao Yao to follow others a room,digital signage kiosk, he thinks that is not good. Anyway, he has enough strength, even if it is a room, he can keep it. Zhou Haiquan's eyes moved up to Xiao Yao's waist, which was covered by a down jacket. The window of the room was very small, because Xiao Yao did not turn on the light during the day, and the light was a little dim. He was going to sleep in the same bed with this man today. No,digital whiteboard price, it's not today. It could be the next few days. Zhou Haiquan pursed his lips and his ears turned red. Chapter 64 Zhou Haiquan stretched out his hand and knocked on the door. "Dang Dang Dang" rang a few times. Xiao Yao immediately stood up: "Brother Zhou, you're back." "Mmm." When Zhou Haiquan came in with his bag, Xiao Yao smiled awkwardly and said, "That.." Did Colonel Zou tell you that we. "Yes." Zhou Haiquan said and put the bag on the ground, "the bed is quite big." Xiao Yao quickly bent down to put away his clothes and said, "I'll go and ask if there are any extra quilts. I'll sleep on the floor.." Zhou Haiquan frowned and asked, "Sleeping on the floor?" Xiao Yao blushed slightly and felt a little embarrassed: "I'm afraid you're not used to sharing a bed with others." "No." Zhou Haiquan said. That is naturally the best, Xiao Yao actually does not want to sleep on the floor, the floor of this hostel is not a wooden floor, such a cold day, lying on the top, sleeping for a few days is estimated to be cold. There is not even a wardrobe in the room, and there is no water heater, so it seems that you can't even take a shower at night. But fortunately these Su Kuo told him, temperature check kiosk ,temperature screening kiosk, he also had prepared, so the close-fitting underwear belt is more, the weather here is so cold, I am afraid that clothes can not be washed, Su Kuo said that he is wearing dirty one by one. Fortunately, they only stayed in Yangshu Township for three days and had to transfer to the next place. Su Kuo told him that they would be given time to rest and adjust on the way to the next place. At that time, they could take a good bath. He had seen the schedule of their performance in the countryside. Three days later, they would stay in Yincheng City for one day. It's okay not to take a shower for three days. Anyway, it's cold and I don't sweat much. In the evening, the local government held a reception banquet in one of the best restaurants in the street. The restaurant is located in the northernmost part of the town, is a two-story small Western-style building, there is no decoration, tables and chairs are very simple. Everyone was divided into two tables, the government and Zou and several other heavyweights downstairs, Xiao Yao was naturally assigned to the upstairs. In a small place in the countryside, the dishes were relatively simple, but everyone was hungry. There were no leaders at the top, and there were many actors. Most of them took good care of their voices and didn't drink much, so they ate quickly. After eating, everyone was ready to go back first. Xiao Yao followed Liu Yingying downstairs and saw Zou's head drinking. The leaders were all there, and they had to leave without saying anything, so they went over and said hello. Colonel Zou was so drunk that his face turned red. He waved and said, "Xiao Bai, come here. Come here." Bai Fengmei blushed slightly, pulled Liu Yingying's arm, and walked over. Head Zou smiled and introduced to the people at the dinner table: "This is Xiaobai from our art troupe. Xiaobai, pour a glass of wine for Director Zhang." A young man quickly stood up and said, "I dare not.". Colonel Zou, I really can't drink. Bai Fengmei was a little stiff. Head Zou said with a smile, "Go, go, go." She poured the young man a glass of wine, and his voice was soft and beautiful: "Director Zhang.." Director Zhang blushed and hurriedly took it over. He looked up and went to work. All the people at the table laughed: "It seems that only Director Zhang is willing to drink the wine brought by the beauty." Over there, Liu Yingying had already pulled Bai Fengmei's arm and said to Zou Mengshi with a smile, "Colonel, we'll go back first. You eat slowly." "Pay attention to safety on the way," Zou looked into the crowd: "Li Hai, Xiao Yao, you take care of the female comrades." Xiao Yao nodded with a smile and saw Zhou Haiquan half lying on a chair with a red face, slightly drunk with a cigarette in his mouth, looking at him. A man who is usually well-dressed has some man's color at the moment. He nodded to Zhou Haiquan and followed Liu Yingying to the outside. As soon as she got outside, Liu Yingying grabbed Bai Fengmei's shoulder with a smile and said, "You are the only unmarried person in our regiment. Colonel Zou is looking for you. Don't be angry." Bai Fengmei blushed slightly and said, "No." It was not the first time she had a meal with the leader,touch screen digital signage, and she was used to the rules on the wine table: "It's nothing to serve a wine." "Let me tell you something happy. Did you find that General Manager Zhou was staring at you when you were serving wine just now?" Liu Yingying said with a smile. Xiao Yao was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that he had just stood behind Bai Fengmei and Liu Yingying. He thought Zhou Haiquan was looking at him, but he was actually looking at Bai Fengmei. No wonder. He said he felt that his eyes were hot just now. It was not normal. hsdtouch.com

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