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Emperor Group: Tame the Iceberg Husband Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:20   Marketing & Communication   Partizansk   58 views
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She almost promised, not once, even later, every time, many times, she would promise, no matter what he forced her, she would promise, but, promised, can things be solved? "No!" She refused coldly and cruelly, then moved quickly around him and rushed to the door, while he moved faster and pressed the door when her hand touched the doorknob. Bai Xiyan, don't. He did not want to find her again, even if she did not see him, but also let him know that she was always staying in his house, then he would comfort, "I do not force you, you do not go forward, you just stay where you are, I walk too fast, or walk too slowly, let me find you, let me bring you the end.." His voice was a little hoarse, even a little choked. His big hand slowly covered her hand holding the doorknob, and then separated her fingers a little. You stay here, this is yours, I don't bother you, but please don't leave. He clasped her hand in the palm of his hand, surrounded it tightly, then pressed his body against her cold body and held her tightly in his arms. In his arms, she could not stop trembling all over,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, sorry Haoen, sorry. "Please don't leave." He hugged her and whispered in her ear, then took a deep breath, opened the door and went out. Leaving his arms, she fell gently to the ground as if she had lost all her strength. Still have one more, Huhu, cheer for Yan ~ ~ ~ ~ Chapter 252 Dark night Enchanting snake-like women can be seen everywhere on the dance floor, twisting their tiny waists, looking for trees to climb. When Rong Haoen stepped into the ballroom, someone whistled on the stage immediately, and the girl with willow waist came slowly,Service Sink Faucets, trying to hold his hand. And he was always able to dodge without a trace and go to the hidden corner. Yo, Blue Lion, you finally showed up, but we were worried to death. As soon as Chi Yu, who was sitting there, saw the people coming over, he hurriedly joked. Without saying a word, Rong Haoen went straight to the depths of the sofa, then went in, picked up the glass in front of him, poured a full glass of wine, and drank it up. The three people sitting in front of him all looked at each other when they saw his appearance. A little while, still Chi Yu cannot help: "Hey, how are you?"? Such a sullen look? But he just kept drinking, without the slightest attempt to answer him. All right, all right, stop drinking. I've never seen a blue lion drink like this? Don't forget, tomorrow is Si Ren's wedding, and then you can drink and sing as you like. Chi Yu snatched the cup from his hand and said worriedly. The Blue Lion? Something happened? Cang Mu's seductive eyes swept over him, then picked up the glass and took a sip. I'm afraid I'm afraid I'll never find her again, and if she leaves.. It was a long time before he said something like that and laughed at himself. If you don't think about your own identity, how can you not find it? Chi Yu understood his words and could not help sniffing at his appearance again. Rong Haoen did not speak again, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, but took the flagon in Chi Yu's hand again and began to pour the wine in silence. Did not drink much wine, because Chi Yu has been around, controlling his drinking, out of the dark night, but suddenly confused, where should he go? Said to give her home, I still do not go, turn around the car, toward the direction of the central office. All night, nestled in a chair in the office, without sleepiness, he knew what she meant, although she did not say, in fact, they all knew in their hearts, so deep love, how could they not understand? She knew that he would not give up his mother, so she wanted him not to be too embarrassed, but did she know that he could not lose her, lost her, he did more, what is the point? She wanted him to retreat, she wanted him to let go, and that was impossible. Even if she did something infuriating again, he thought, he would still not let go. He did not know what the end he could bring to her, but he was willing to try, for her, for the end they expected. Si Ren and Si Qi's wedding, grand and grand, experienced so much suffering of two people, finally wait until this day, lovers finally get married. It was in the case of Chi Yu's continuous bombardment that he hurried over, otherwise, he really forgot all about it. Fortunately, they arrived before the new couple took the oath. Watching the priest in front of the stage forcefully read the oath of love, my heart suddenly filled with melancholy. When will there be a way out for him and her? The heart suddenly missed two beats, as if with a sense of foreboding, reached out and pressed on the phone, but never pulled out the phone. After taking the oath, bless the couple and take a group photo as a souvenir. The open space outside the church was full of people, all of whom were making the most sincere wishes for the couple. Holding a large bouquet of flowers, Siqi stood in the warm sunshine, her youthful and bright face, full of happiness, turned her back, counted one, two, three, and then slowly threw the bouquet in her hand to a large group of people behind her. Screaming, laughing, roaring, watching the flowers fall slowly. Then, everyone looked at the person who received the bouquet, and automatically separated a road. Standing behind the crowd, holding flowers in his hands, he looked like he didn't know why. Bai Xiyan did not sleep all night, but he did not come back all night. In fact, he may have known what she was doing for, but he still didn't say it frankly. Because they know that once they confess, they need a clear answer, but no one knows the result, no one can give a positive answer. After a night of boredom, I wanted to go out for a walk and let the wind blow my confused mind, so I went out aimlessly. But came to the church, listening to those devout believers to the Lord's oath, confession, all of a sudden, she had a kind of sadness to cry. Standing among them,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, she closed her eyes silently, and for the sake of the little hope in her heart, she also silently recited. cnkexin.com

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