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Fairy Doctor in the City Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:07   Marketing & Communication   Pavlovo   175 views
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"You see, I hate those guys who use websites to harm people. Don't leave them alone later. We are friends. I know what to do. You see, my mouth is very tight, isn't it?". Li Yuhua laboriously hinted that Zhang Yang didn't have to hide his strength for a while, and I wouldn't say anything. About Li Yuhua's mouth is not tight, Zhang Yang originally did not think carefully, but she said so, Zhang Yang did not deny that his hypnotic technology Li Yuhua did not seem to publicize, when he used thunder magic to split the Siberian tiger Li Yuhua did not seem to say out, it is also good to say that his mouth is tight. So he nodded and said, "There's no need to say more about some things, right?" Li Yuhua gave Zhang Yang a catty. A "knowing" smile. The Internet police in Longhai have given me the address. Let's go and see who is making trouble, just the two of us. In fact, according to Zhang Yang's meaning, it would be better for him to go alone. But looking at Li Yuhua's brilliant smile, he knew that it was impossible not to take her there. The meaning was very clear: I know the address. If you don't take me there, I won't tell you. "Zhang Yang nodded again, he is not a sloppy person, since Li Yuhua to go with it, anyway,collapsible bulk containers, he can not let go of the guy who does harm to the website.". Besides, what he finds is not necessarily a true cultivator. It might be useful to take a captain of the criminal police. All right, let's go! Li Yuhua nodded happily, took the lead in turning to the busy street on the side, and reached out to stop a taxi. Before long, the taxi stopped at the door of a small building. This is an old building. There is a sign of "Hongyun Business Building" at the door, which looks like an old factory building. Although this building is called a business building, but the management is obviously not good,plastic bulk containers, the hall is also dark, and no one pays attention to it when they go in. The building is not high, only 60%. There is an elevator, a rather large elevator, which once again proves that it should be converted from a factory building, otherwise how can the business building use such a large elevator? On the elevator, Zhang Yang looked at Li Yuhua, who was quite excited, and said, "Don't be impulsive for a while. Follow me!" Zhang Yang has now confirmed that the guys who do harm to the website are revisionists, and if expected, they should be related to those guys of the Tiandao faction. Although in the Tiandao school of the big hundred Yang did not encounter any real Gao Nong, but even if Li Yuhua is the year. The criminal police. I'm afraid it's also difficult to deal with an ordinary practitioner. And with her fearlessness and hatred of evil, she might not hesitate to rush up later, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet bin, in case she had a pound. The damage is not beautiful, so it's better to take care of it in advance. If someone said that to Li Yuhua, he might have provoked the captain of the criminal police. What do you mean? Let me follow you? Am I bad at Kung Fu? But to Zhang Yang, Li Yuhua really has no temper, but because of Zhang Yang's words and happy. Zhang Yang can say so, it can be seen that he thinks the opponent is also very powerful, the opponent who can be so evaluated by Zhang Yang must be good, right? Looks like it's gonna be a good day. However, when approaching the room that Li Yuhua said, Zhang Yang did not have any amazing performance, because he did not feel any Qi. A practitioner who has entered the door will reveal some Qi more or less, even if he deliberately conceals it, it is difficult to completely hide it. Even to the extent of publicity now, when you meet a real master, you will still be detected by the other side. So when Zhang Yang did not detect Qi, he was slightly disappointed. There was a magic amulet with a forbidden spell array on the website, so Zhang Yang could conclude that the initiator must be a true cultivator, at least more powerful than the guys he met at the base camp of Tiandao Sect today, but now he couldn't even feel it, apparently that guy wasn't here. It might take a while to find him. Li Yuhua still showed some excitement. Gently approached a door without speaking. He pointed to a sign of "Niu Dian Network Company" hanging by the door, indicating that it was here. Zhang Yang was not as gentle as Li Yuhua. He went over and pushed the door open and went in. Li Yuhua is stupefied, immediately also some suddenly. Since Zhang Yang is so powerful, naturally he should be stronger. Isn't that what he wants to see? Such a thought, Li Yuhua also hurried to follow in. The room is not big, but there are two computers on a row of tables against the wall, and a young man is sitting on an office chair with wheels. When the young man heard someone coming in, he looked up at Zhang Yang and Li Xihua and asked, "What's the matter with you?" That male youth is saying to get up to walk over at the same time at the same time: "Are you to want mandatory network or do webpage advertisement?" Zhang Yang only took one look and knew that the guy in front of him was not a realist, but since he found it here, he naturally had to find out what was going on with the website. But before he could open his mouth, he heard the young man say, "You can rest assured that our Niu Dian Network Company is an agent for network business at a good price.". It can not only take customers to manage and maintain, but also realize all kinds of data for you, ensure high click-through rate, but also do all kinds of online voting, and charge reasonable fees. Zhang Yang did not pay attention to his treatment. Ask in reply: "Are you in the maintenance of the soul station?" The young man was stupefied and seemed to hesitate, but he quickly said, "I'm sorry.". I can't disclose customer information casually, but we have a lot of agent networks. "I don't care how many websites you represent, I only ask you'Soul Station '.". Are you in charge. Zhang Yang's tone became a little cold. The eye of male youth changes again, but shake one's head immediately: "Soul station?"? Never heard of it! Li Yuhua, who followed Zhang Yang, heard a "hum". She is a criminal police captain, experienced naturally, a look at the young man's eyes will know that this guy's words are not true. The captain of the criminal police for so many years is not for nothing. Just such a gentle hum,plastic pallet containers, immediately gave the other side a great deal of pressure, but she did not wear a police uniform today, and that beautiful look of youth really has a great impact on her dignity. binpallet.com

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