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Fairy Doctor in the City Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 04:59   Medical & Healthcare   Dalnegorsk   80 views
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Wu Lin said Zhang Yang one eye, see him also look to oneself, then some hesitate to turn a head to look at the side of Zhang Xiaoquan. Seeing this, Zhang Xiaoquan coughed and took over the conversation: "Dr. Zhang, I believe what you said. Mr. Zhu did not sell fake medicine. He should have been released immediately.". However, our police hope to catch this guy behind the scenes this time, considering that he may have eyes inside the police, I want to wronged Mr. Zhu for a few days first.. Seeing that Zhang Yang's brows were somewhat twisted, Quan said with emphasis, "Don't worry. Mr. Zhu is now in the detention center. We will protect his safety. In a few days, we will be able to pull that guy out, return Mr. Zhu's innocence, and give Dr. Zhang an explanation." Liu Dalu slightly "Tut" sound, turned to look at this publicity. Seeing Zhang Yang speaking, Zhang Xiaoquan said, "I don't know if Dr. Zhang can cooperate with us. We also hope to solve this matter as soon as possible." Zhang Yang thought about it and finally nodded. Said: "Well, but you have to ensure the safety of Zhu Ran,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, can not let him suffer any harm." "This is natural!" Wu Lin rushed to say: "I have asked my colleagues in the detention center to take care of Mr. Zhu. It's just because of confidentiality. Not many people know about this now. We can't let Mr. Zhu come out for the time being." Zhang Yang took a look at Wu Lin, this Wu Lin attitude is still good, but if this is what he said today, Zhang Yang may not agree, but Zhang Yang feels good about Zhang Xiaoquan, not to mention how to say today is to ask others for help first. Besides,artificial coconut palm trees, it's good to let Zhu Ran suffer a little to change his impatient temper. Zhang Yang felt that if Zhu Ran had not been so impatient at that time, there would have been no need to send himself to the detention center. After all, the Food and Drug Administration can't arrest people directly. With Zhu Ran's temper, he will pay a lot when he does one thing seriously. Zhang Yang can imagine that when those people say that he sells fake medicine to close down the wholesale department of medicinal materials, he may work hard with others. It's not impossible to hurt someone by mistake. Let him change his temper this time, and he will be of great use in the future. So Zhang Yang said, "Well, now I can tolerate Zhu Ran being in the detention center for the time being, but not for too long. Moreover, I hope that when Zhu Ran comes out, your police will make it clear to him.". I also heard that Zhu Ran was injured. I hope I can get proper treatment, and why was he injured? If Zhu Ran is treated unfairly in the process of being arrested, faux ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, I hope your police can deal with the responsible person accordingly. Zhang Yang's tone is very calm, but his series of "I hope" meaning has been very clear, just said that Zhu ran was injured, how did this happen? If the policeman has acted improperly, he will also seek justice! Wu Lin took one look at Zhang Yang and finally said, "Well, I promise Mr. Zhu will get treatment.". In addition, I will investigate this matter. If our police have misconduct, we will deal with the relevant personnel and give Mr. Zhu an explanation. Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I am quite busy. Now that I am here, I will deal with some company affairs here by the way. But I can only stay for three days. I hope that when I leave, I will see Zhu Ran in charge of the company's wholesale business of Chinese herbal medicines." (To be continued, Chapter 1 [Chapter 446] Who is the thief? When the teahouse came out, Liu Dalu wanted to arrange the hotel for Zhang Yang, but he was not busy and went to the market to have a look first. Liu Dalu took a look at Zhang Yang and seemed to want to say something, but finally he did not open his mouth and turned to the Chinese herbal medicine market. At this time, the night was deep, and there were no people in the medicinal market. Businesses are already closed, only a few are still on the lights, perhaps at night to stock it? The door of the wholesale department of medicinal materials of Feiyang Pharmaceutical Industry has been sealed. You can still see the traces of the chaos of the day at the door. Although it is not easy to identify, Zhang Yang can still see the messy footprints on the ground. Occasionally, we can see some scattered medicinal materials. Zhang Yang picked up a root medicine from the ground, picked it up and sniffed it, and found that it was a pokeberry. Seeing Liu Dalu looking at him, Zhang Yang shook the Shang Lu in his hand and said, "The fake medicine they said doesn't mean this, does it?" Liu Dalu took a look at Shang Lu, shook his head and said, "I don't know. I wasn't there when the accident happened this morning.". I didn't know until Xiao Lu from the wholesale department of medicinal materials called me. Zhang Yang frowned slightly and did hear that some people used Phytolacca acinosa as ginseng and American ginseng. However, Phytolacca acinosa is also a kind of medicinal material, and there is nothing abnormal about it appearing in the warehouse of medicinal materials. Why, is there something wrong? Liu Dalu asked. I don't know if this is what they mean by pretending to be Western. "Zhang Yang said," Although this pokeberry has some toxicity, it is much cheaper than ginseng and American ginseng. But Phytolacca is also a medicinal material. It can't be said that the drugstore has Phytolacca is selling fake medicine, right? "I don't know about that." Liu Lu is not sure what Zhang Yang said. I didn't see what happened in the morning. Had to be honest tunnel: "or.". I called Xiao Lu to ask. He was there. You should know the situation. Zhang Yang nodded and said, "All right!" He went straight to the gate of the wholesale department. There's a seal on the door. It is written with the words of Shengqiu Drug Administration Bureau. Zhang Yang looked at it. He pushed the door open without paying attention to his hand. The paper seal broke naturally. Even the lock on the door somehow opened. Liu Dalu is calling Xiaolu. See Zhang Yang open the door. I was startled. "Why is the door open?"? Isn't it locked? "Nothing has just been opened." Zhang Yang said a word. He went in. Liu Dalu hurriedly followed, went to the door and subconsciously looked at the door lock, but it was good, there was no sign of damage. It's just that the seal of the FDA was broken by Zhang Yang,artificial banyan trees, and a small section of it is still floating in the air. I wonder if it will cause any trouble? However, seeing that Zhang Yang did not take a look at it at all, Liu Dalu hurriedly followed him in. hacartificialtree.com

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