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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 08:14   Transportation & Logistics   Fastovetskaya   79 views
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Xu Ruyi stood watching the battle. As long as Xu Chenfeng has not fallen behind, she is not ready to make a move. The younger brother, who has always been dependent on each other, is true to her. Even if he risked his life, he would not let her get hurt at all. However, now a few hooligans are numerous, and they are all adult men, so the cold drink shop can not be opened, which is very unfavorable to Xu Chenfeng. Xu Ruyi unhurriedly picked up a handy weapon and went over to hit the men on the head. Soon, the hooligans fled under the attack of the two brothers and sisters. When Xu Chenfeng saw them go, he just stared at the direction of their escape and quickly turned back. Holding her hand, he asked eagerly, "Sister, are you all right?"? Is there any injury? "How so?" Xu Ruyi smiled gently. Shaking his head, he reached out and arranged the fine and soft broken hair in front of his forehead and wiped the stains from his cheeks. She sighed a little. Before she knew it, the little boy who was always following her was already a head taller than her. She needed to stand on tiptoe to touch his forehead. Perhaps her eyes were so soft and clear that the boy in front of her was so distracted that he couldn't help grabbing her hand. Xu Chenfeng wrapped her little hand tightly with a big palm, and there was a strange emotion in her eyes. My sister's hands are so soft and small, and they are a little cool. I want to protect her under my wings all my life and not be hurt at all. She is like a delicate flower,Inflatable mechanical bull, gorgeous but fragile. Xu Ruyi deliberately ignored his hot line of sight, only a slight smile, "sister is all right, you?"? Are there any injuries? "No." Xu Chenfeng shook his head and prayed, "Sister, don't come here again, OK?"? I'll find a way to make money to support you. "Fool,inflatable amusement park, there is an alarm system in the shop, and my sister can do some kungfu, so she won't suffer losses." Xu Chenfeng hugged her in his arms, with a complicated look on his face, "but I will be worried.". Sister, I know you are here today, and I am not in the mood to have a good class all day. I am afraid that you will be bullied by bad people, that you will encounter any grievance, that you.. Come on, Mom and Dad want you to get ahead. Morrowind, study hard is your task now, do you understand? "I don't understand!" Xu Chenfeng looked a little stubborn, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, "if even my sister can't protect me, then what's the use of my standing out?" Xu Ruyi smiled, "then what do you take to protect your sister?"? A fist? You can solve the whole world with your fists? “……” Xu Chenfeng was speechless when asked. He lowered his head and let the fine soft hair in front of his forehead cover the brilliance of his eyes. The boy was a little thin, wearing a white school uniform shirt that he had not had time to change. On his left chest, the delicate school badge made him look like a student, and he was clearly a child who had not yet grown up. Xu Chenfeng let go of her little by little and reached out to grab the strap of his schoolbag on both shoulders. Yeah, if fists could solve everything, he wouldn't need to read long ago. I don't have to see my sister come out to work in the hot sun and have to deal with those bad men. In Xu Chenfeng's view, the whole world is a bad person except himself. Both men and women may cause harm to their sisters. But now he is too weak to protect his sister. Xu Ruyi looked at her brother in front of her, and her mind moved slightly. He reached out and clasped his white and slender fingers at his collar. This intimate action is natural and familiar, which makes the boy's heart ripple for no reason. Chapter 4622 gentle sister vs paranoid brother 3. Xu Chenfeng's eyes moved to her fingers and saw her carefully helping him turn over the collar he had just made messy and fasten the buttons on it. The girl's movements are gentle and gentle, which makes people sentimentally attached. Xu Chenfeng could not help but take a deep breath quietly, as if he could keep his sister's breath. All right, help my sister clean up. The guests will come later. Xu Ruyi seems to have done all this inadvertently, without any trace of two steps back to pull away from him. She made a special trip to the school to apply for day school and did not live on campus. The proximity to his school and home is also one of the reasons why she chose to work here. In this way, we can wait for him to leave school every day, and then the two brothers and sisters can go home together. Xu Chenfeng came to his senses and quickly packed up everything. At this time, other guests came in one after another, and the shop became busy. "Morning Wind, you go in and do your homework. Sister can do it alone." Xu Ruyi pushed him away from wanting to help and said with a smile. Nope. I have finished my homework in class. Sister, you go in here and let me do it. Xu Chenfeng is very persistent. He doesn't like to see his sister smile at others, because it should be something unique to him. She was everything to him, and everything to her should be his. But can you do that? Xu Ruyi has some helplessness, "Sister is here to work, no matter what you do, you should report the best state, right?"? If we mess this up, it's not just about being fired, it's about the principle of being a person.. Sister, I know. You taught me since I was a child, and I remember every word you said. He interrupted her and glanced around indifferently. "Don't worry, I'll fix it." Xu Chenfeng has shown his difference and gift from an early age. The boy is so clever that he can do many things without learning. The drinks in the shop are basically semi-finished products, which only need to be slightly processed when the guests order. Forcibly pushed her into the lounge inside, Xu Chenfeng began to receive the guests with an expressionless face. And in front of his sister is simply like two people, at this time he seems cold and distant. Like an iceberg in the distance, the whole body is cold, and the words "strangers do not approach" are written. Xu Chenfeng stood inside the counter without even saying a word. When someone comes to order a drink, he is only responsible for collecting the money, then mixing it and handing it over. Most of the people who came to the shop were girls, and when they saw a handsome, thin boy standing here who was more than 1.8 meters tall,inflatable floating water park, their whole hearts were bumping into each other, and their cheeks were red. Although Xu Chenfeng didn't even bother to look at them, they still ordered more drinks in order to stay a little longer. joyshineinflatables.com

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