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Gaolan Yiren Biography-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:10   Independent & Freelance   Balashov   5 views
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He Zong's brother, the beloved disciple of Master Chang Zu of Jintianguan Tiger Claw in Xiguan, Lanzhou, and Uncle Xia San, the famous centipede on both sides of the Yellow River. Words have not yet, suddenly listen to the window after someone scolded: "good shameless gowardesh!" " As soon as Wu Yong's heart moved, he hurriedly looked out of the window. Outside the window was the corridor leading to the guest room in the side courtyard. At that moment, several residents were coming back from the street to buy things. They were talking and laughing all the way. They passed by the courtyard. It seemed that it was the right time for them to meet. No one was peeping under the window to laugh and scold,Narrow aisle rack, so they didn't take it seriously. They still said, "Ma Lao guest is also an old Jianghu. Why don't you In the desolate and cold areas of the northwest, wild animals such as wild oxen and wild mules parade everywhere in groups,Cantilever Storage rack, often for a whole day, and people and animals are not lucky when they meet. There is even a strange wind, like a mountain, with sparks in the middle, flying dust and gravel, condensing and not dispersing, Steel racking system ,Drive in racking system, tens of miles in an instant, such as thousands of thunder, earth-shaking, when people and animals, a narrow escape from death. Those who often run long distances should be sensitive and well-informed so as to avoid them. Ma Jincai has been running outside the cabinet since he was a child. He is good at listening. No matter how many thieves, strange beasts and the number of them are, hundreds of miles away, he will know as soon as he hears them on the ground. Just then Ming recognized the sound of cursing on the eaves, but Wu Yong didn't notice it. Although he sniggered at him for being stupid, Wu Yong not only spoke with Xia Sanhei, but also opened a shop here on his behalf. Knowing that he was a close henchman, he was also frightened. At that time, he could not show weakness. He still answered with a smile: "The shopkeeper and Xia San Ye are good friends. I have heard about it for a long time, but unexpectedly they are still partners to make a fortune." No wonder business is booming. Then he exposed it and mentioned some gossip. Wu Yong's mood gradually calmed down, and the more he thought about it, the more bold he spoke today, especially when the corridor was several feet away from the window. Just now, the sound of cursing outside the window was skillful and close. He heard the sound and looked out. The returning guests had already walked into the door of the side courtyard. The laughter was blurred. How could it be so real? Moreover, the root of this shop should not be easily revealed to the outside world, a burst of cranky,Warehouse storage racks, unconsciously restless, irritable up. When Ma Jincai saw that he was restless, he thanked him and never mentioned the past again. Wu Yong asked him not to mention it to anyone. Jin Cai lightly agreed and said goodbye to himself. omracking.com

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