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Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:31   Engineering   Saratov   93 views
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What is the way of heaven outside to destroy the whole ancient land of flood and famine? Nalanjing also frowned tightly, and her purple eyes contained a deep and serene feeling that people could not see clearly. It's actually my obsession to destroy the whole prehistoric land outside. The voice of heaven is full of helplessness and self-reproach. Obsession? That is to say, the outside'Tao of Heaven 'is actually the heart demon of the Tao of Heaven, and now the white invisible group in front of us is the real Tao of Heaven. I don't know how long I've lived, hundreds of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, or millions of years. At the moment of self-consciousness, I existed between heaven and earth, when the whole world had no life, no breath, no human beings.. The whole world is in chaos. I think it's very boring. In my imagination, the first human ancestor appeared in the world. It created the world.. Tiandao said slowly. Mu Qianyue narrowed his eyes suspiciously. The way of heaven means that he created Pan Zu, and then Pan Zu opened up the world? "The world began to have life, with human beings, the vicissitudes of life, the stars change, I saw the joys and sorrows of the world, cheating, long years, I gradually gave birth to demons.." "With my suppression, the demons grew more powerful,plastic pallet bins, and now they are out of my control, completely out of my control, and now he wants to destroy the whole prehistoric land, in fact, he wants to find me.". Once the demons find me, they will devour me, and the whole world will fall into his hands, and he will destroy the whole world! The voice of Tiandao is more dignified than ever before. This The light flashed in Mu Qianyue's eyes. It all sounded incredible,plastic pallet manufacturer, but it seemed to be true! Outside, under the silver-purple thunder and lightning in the nine heavens, the warriors in the realm of Taoism turned to ashes in an instant. If the demons in the heart of Heaven went to the realm of Heaven and the mainland of Huan Zhou, only one idea was needed, and the whole world would not exist! Crouching in the corner of Jing and Liang Fang two people, heard this shocking secret, is also incredible stare big eyes, eyes full of fear, no wonder before he was killed by the Venerable Wu Kong, and then eerily resurrected, all this Venerable Wu Kong only need an idea, it is enough.. Now the demons of the heart are punished by heaven in the ancient land of flood and famine, and the world is going to be destroyed. "So what now?" Mu asked, squinting her eyes. There is only one way to deal with this, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet crates, to destroy the demons! The Tao of Heaven said. We can't even see its shadow, it's invisible, we can't kill it at all, and as long as it has an idea, we all have to die.. Mu Qianyue frowned. I'm seriously injured now, and I'm no match for it. If I can rest quietly for a while, I should be able to. Unfortunately, it's looking for me everywhere now. Tiandao said in a very weak voice. Come on, what do you want us to do? Nalanjing asked directly, the cold momentum emanating from him, the way of heaven around a circle, said so much, not just to tell stories so simple. Give me a body, and I will kill my demons. In the deep and narrow phoenix eyes of Nalanjing, there is a ray of awe. "Aren't there two?" As he spoke, he glanced at Jing and Liang Fang, who were squatting in the corner. Not the two of them. I've tried. Their bodies are too weak to withstand my consciousness. They will explode into pieces. The voice of Tiandao is dignified. Nalanjing slowly raised his lips. "Do you mean you want me and my wife?" "I have seen the bodies of both of you, your strength is at the peak of Taoism, your consciousness is also very broad, and you understand a trace of the Tao of Heaven." So both of your bodies are very suitable, but I only need one body. When I kill my demons, I will return my body to you. Mu Qianyue frowned tightly, always feeling that things were not so simple. There was a sneer on Nalanjing's lips. "What if we don't agree?" "This is also for the sake of all the people in the world, and I just borrow your body.". ” "Is it?" The sneer at the corners of Nalanjing's lips suddenly widened a little, and his purple eyes, like colored glass, contained a cold and cold awn. With a wave of his sleeve, a cold and holy sword awn cut the way of heaven. Then he quickly grabbed Mu Qianyue's hand and flew toward the entrance of the cave. Bang! Nalanjing and Mu Qianyue hit the barrier and were bounced back. I can't get out! "It's not so easy to get out here!" The cold and terrible voice of heaven sounded in the air, with a trace of chill, like an evil ghost. As the temperature in the whole cave suddenly dropped, the cold wind blew, which was frightening. Jing and Liang Fang were shocked by the sudden change, and their faces showed the color of extreme shock. What was going on? How did the breath of Tiandao change. Mu Qianyue turned around and looked at the white body in midair, with a touch of cold sarcasm on her lips: "So soon the fox's tail can't hold back?" At the beginning, she almost believed its words, thinking that it was the way of heaven, and then she realized that it was the devil of heaven! "It's not easy to lie to you when you're so vigilant." The demon let out a sneer, his voice became shrill and harsh, and the white group gradually became dark and gloomy, with a ferocious and horrible face. Is this, is this a demon? Jing and Liang Fang understood that after coming over, their faces were full of fear, and the two of them stood up hurriedly and hid behind Mu Qianyue Nalanjing, looking at the demons with fear on their faces. They had been with the demons of heaven for so long before. Thinking of this, their faces were full of palpitations. I thought I would die in the hands of heaven, but I didn't expect that at this critical moment, I could meet the best furnace tripod that could carry my consciousness,collapsible pallet bin, or two! That's really good! The heart demon sends out the cold strange laughter, the eerie laughter echoes in the air, quite seeps the person. binpallet.com

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Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine