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Ghost marriage ghost wife Mencius Chen Tang Ling Baidu know Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 05:48   Transportation & Logistics   Salavat   71 views
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As a result, when they saw me smiling in the side of Dan Gui, one by one face of the arrogant color frozen in the face, become very embarrassed. Who is my opponent in the competition of the younger generation? If you want to fight with Dan Gui, I can also fight on behalf of the teacher, who dares to compete with me? In any case, I was the one who refined the elixir. At the beginning, it was the ghost pupil and others who saw it with their own eyes. Although they didn't want to admit it, they couldn't accept it in their hearts. With me, if you want to step on Dan Zong, you are asking for embarrassment. Finally, the ghost pupil and others did not even leave a word of the scene, and left dejectedly. Dan Zong's migration is very smooth, of course, Dan Zong's migration also shocked Zhongzhou, after all, for so many years, has not heard of which large door whole migration. Some people with a keen sense of smell seem to be aware of an unusual situation. The situation in Zhongzhou seems to have suddenly become inexplicably tense. Many Zongmen have forbidden their disciples to go out. Back to the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons, the Valley of Ten Thousand Demons is still very good for Dan Zong. I heard that Dan Zong migrated here and set aside a mountain range for them to stay. As for the situation on the other side of the idle cloud, I heard that the body is now being reshaped, and it should not take long to succeed. I returned to Xiaoyao City, where everything became in good order, under the coordination of parents and the old demon king, basically here gradually settled down, have been familiar with the life here. In Xiaoyao City, the most distinctive feature is the restaurant here, which was opened by Meihong with those people, bringing some special cocktails from the Fallen Angel Bar in the secular world to Kyushu, and the business is very good. In addition to things in the city gradually settled down, I also learned from the mouth of Feng Zun and other big demons about the situation in the underworld. Perhaps because of the coming catastrophe of heaven and earth, the underworld,Vegetable oil filling machine, which has been stable for two years, has recently begun to be restless again. Cracks have appeared in many places in the passage connecting the underworld and Kyushu. The 18 layers of hell had collapsed two years ago, and those ancient evil spirits were making trouble in the underworld, and now they had entered Kyushu along those cracks. Many places in Kyushu have appeared a variety of cholera disasters, the situation is getting worse, now this situation, even a few peerless demon hand, also can not control. Things are getting out of hand! After hearing this, my heart sank, and Feng Zun and others chatted for a long time, and then left Xiaoyao City. I got some news from Tianjitang, and I rushed to somewhere in Zhongzhou. A few days, on the road did see a lot of powerful ghosts, but also saw a lot of places extremely tragic scenes, although touched in the heart, but at this time I have no time to ask about these. Under the way of heaven, PET bottle Mold ,water filling machine, they are all mole ants. In the face of the catastrophe of heaven and earth, no one dares to say that he can survive. I have no ability to ask about the life and death of other people. It's good to keep the people around me safe. There is a village beside the clear lake in a beautiful place in Zhongzhou. The folkway is simple and honest, here seems to be isolated from the world, living in some ordinary villagers. The nearest city is tens of thousands of miles away. The people here are self-sufficient and have lived here for generations. Many people have never left here in their lives. There were few outsiders in this small village, and when I came here, the villagers looked at me with a kind of doubt and curiosity. I asked the villagers in a gentle tone, and after I got the information I wanted, I came to the lake. Beside the lake, there are two simple wooden houses. In front of the wooden houses, there are two beautiful figures busy. One is busy catching fish in the lake, the other is roasting fish by the campfire, laughing like sisters. It is Zhou Qian and Tang Ling who have not seen each other for a long time. It can be seen that they get along very well. Especially Tang Ling, I have never seen her really smile before, but now the smile on her face can make people feel that she is really happy. Such a scene, I want to let time stop, forever fixed here. In such an atmosphere, I even had the idea that I couldn't bear to break it. I was a little nervous, and I was worried about how they would react when they saw me. Also, the two of them are now in this situation, and after meeting them, I don't know what to say first. While hesitating and struggling, Tang Ling and Zhou Qian found me at the same time, and their beautiful eyes came to this side. The expressions of the two women became a little strange, and I felt like a peeping Tom being caught. My face was slightly red, I smiled shyly, and I went to them. Walking up to them, under their strange gaze, I was so nervous that I didn't know what to say. I stammered, "That.." Long time no see! The two women took a deep look at me, then turned their heads at the same time, catching the fish that should be caught and roasting the fish that should be roasted, as if they had completely regarded me as air. In this way, I feel embarrassed. That one I walked up to Tang Ling, who was sitting in front of the bonfire. He smiled and said, "I'll roast it. I'm good at roasting fish." She reached out to take the grilled fish from Tang Ling's hand, but she dodged it on one side and snorted. She seemed a little angry, but it was much better to have such a mood than to be indifferent to her. I rubbed my hands and smiled awkwardly. Then I went to the lake, rolled up my trouser legs and sleeves, and said to Zhou Qian, who was catching fish by the lake, with a smile: "I come, I come. I'm also good at catching fish.." Words did not finish, Zhou Qian carrying a big fish just caught, Shi Shiran walked past me, did not look at me, went directly to the bonfire to Tang Ling. Watching the two women sitting together and whispering, completely regarding me as a transparent person, my face could not help showing a wry smile. A woman is good to deal with some, two women, how to coax? Chapter 285 evil spirits. I am not the kind of playboy,juice filling machine, and I really have no experience in dealing with women! The two of them, in this case, are clearly United. I don't know whether I should be glad or distressed that they can get along with each other so well. gzxilinear.com

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