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Go to the black boss by mistake. Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:43   Independent & Freelance   Ruzayevka   104 views
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"Inkstone Green!" With a low roar, he opened the mirror, lowered his face and got up to go. Don't go, it's comfortable to sit like this, that. He wanted to continue to ask the first question, but it was so unlike her that he thought he was jealous. Forget it. He could sleep with whoever he wanted. I knew you'd come! White one eye, after also picking up a stone to throw to the foot of the mountain: "You ***ing repay a debt of gratitude thoroughly enough, heard that the mouth was kissed?" Liu Xiaolong's conditioned lips. You still miss it, don't you? As soon as Yan Qing saw him lingering, he picked up a stone and threw it down vigorously. Thin lips immediately let go, after the recovery of facial paralysis, said with a deep sigh: "You do not always hate her, just used to it, we used to meet every time like this, dragonflies!" " "That's no good. How ugly is it for others to see?"? And when did I hate her? Am I such a narrow-minded person? Is there anyone in the world more generous than her? Who doesn't know that she has a prime minister's belly? It's so annoying. You see, isn't it urgent? Squint at the angry face. Is there? Reach out and touch it quickly. It's obviously normal, okay? "Liu Xiaolong, why didn't you tell me she was coming?" He said, touching his stomach. He picked up a stone impatiently and threw it down: "Last time Ah Yan went to take care of him, hemoptysis turned out to be even worse. The doctor said he couldn't be stimulated!" Yan Qing suddenly found that he had nothing to say and simply said nothing. Yan Qing! "Hm?" Bored to throw stones, hard to vent. What do you love about me? "Cough! Cough!" He swallowed the wrong saliva,turmeric extract powder, coughed three times and angrily raised his hand and slapped the man on the back of the head: "You ***ing want me to have a chest pain on purpose, don't you?" Damn, the saliva is coming out of my nostrils, and I feel terrible. Liu Xiaolong's hand holding the grass tightened in an instant and turned his head coldly: "Can you not be so rude?" Not to be outdone, Yan Qing said, "You made trouble for yourself. When did I love you?"? There must be a limit to narcissism, right? She was still angry. She was so sick that she rubbed her nostrils hard. You said it yourself! "When did I say that?" It's really sick. At the power plant! "You said it yourself!" Some male Wen Yan sneers twice, after contemptuous way: "Also do not know who is crying heaven and earth!" "Lu Tianhao said the next one will kill me,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, if you die, who will help me block the knife?" The narcissist stood up and patted the grass clippings on his buttocks. Then he whistled and walked to the villa. Suddenly, he thought of something. He turned around and said, "I have a problem with this person. Emotionally, I must make sure that the man loves me to the point where he will die without me, and then I will consider falling in love with him!"! If I don't want to talk about it and prove that I don't have him in my heart, I'll die! "Junyan will be black, blue and purple for a while, and then directly picked up the biggest stone around him and threw it down the hill." I can't stand it! Shocking roar. Yan Qing flinched and looked down the hill. When he saw a bald man with a full head humming, he gasped, didn't he? Did you just hit him? Liu Xiaolong was obviously stunned. The old man touched his shiny head and pointed at the two men and said, "I just stole a corn. Are you going to do this to me?"? Hide on the left and be smashed, hide on the right and be smashed, fall in love and go to the top of the mountain, how emotional it is? Sit on the ridge of the field and kiss me. Are you ashamed? "I'm sorry, akba boswellic acid ,best green coffee bean extract, old man, we didn't expect you to hide down there!" Yan Qing's face was full of apologies and he bent down quickly. A look is a rich man, the old man immediately went up, grabbed Liu Xiaolong's collar to lift up, after pointing to the forehead: "less nonsense, medical expenses, ten thousand yuan!" "Let go!" Liu Xiaolong squinted, Yin Jie suddenly appeared, completely without the residual temperature of the frolic just now. Don't let go, take the money, or you can't leave! The old man's face contorted, with threats: "I have a reputation in this village, as long as a word, you all do not want to leave the village!" " "We didn't want to leave the village!" A man said that he slowly raised his hand and grabbed the old man's wrist, and then slowly exerted his strength. The old man gasped and sweated on his forehead. He stretched out his other hand and was about to hit him. He was also imprisoned. It seemed easy for a man. The master immediately giggled and said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just playing a joke on you!" Liu Xiaolong looked at the woman ten feet away and said, "What are you waiting for?"? He said'steal 'corn, officer, don't you catch the thief? "Yes!" Yan Qing immediately took out the handcuffs and handcuffed them viciously. Pointing at the old man, he said, "You confessed without a fight. Let's go!" "I didn't steal it, I didn't have time to do it!" The old man was scared silly when he saw the handcuffs, wasn't he? Steal corn and return it to Dai Zizi? Yan Qing shrugged: "You have violent tendencies, so you have to be handcuffed. If you don't steal, you have no evidence. But come back with me to take a statement and file it!" The old man was so frightened that he wanted to wet his pants and tears fell out: "I was wronged. Is it illegal to steal a corn?"? And archived? Is to leave a file at the station? Officer, I was wrong, I was really wrong, let me go, I have old and young. "Shut up, I'm getting callous when I hear that, not only stealing things, but also trying to blackmail this gentleman!" He did not leave immediately, but played with the threat. Liu Xiaolong stepped forward, put his arm around Yan Qing's shoulder and raised his eyebrows. "Officer, how many years will you be sentenced to if you try to extort ten thousand yuan?" "Huh?"? Still going to jail? "Oh, I'm so wronged that I'll go to prison even if I break off two sticks and go back to eat?" As soon as the old man looked at the handcuffs, he had to believe that it was the police, which was often shown on TV. He sniffed, the old tears came out, and finally sat on the ground. Yan Qing touched his chin and sang, "Oh!"! Fifty years! The old man looked up in amazement. "Fifty years?"? Officer, I'm fifty years old. In another fifty years, I'll be dead. "I can't help it. Who told you to blackmail?" Yan Qing shrugged his shoulders. My God, I was wrong, please let me go, from now on I will never steal, never ask people for money,rosmarinic acid supplement, whoo, whoo, please! He immediately knelt down and kowtowed to the two King of Hell. prius-biotech.com

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