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Happy by Xu Fenglai Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:22   Marketing & Communication   Saransk   106 views
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Dun sound look, is Zhen Danqi led a group of servant girls in pursuit of a person, that person is in a hurry to run. Looking closely, it was Zhen Xiaoling whose life was like dirt. You stop for Miss Ben! Zhen Danqi was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. Zhen Xiaoling desperately ran, was cut by the branches of the thin old shirt, still running faster and faster. It can be imagined that if Zhen Xiaoling is caught, it will be a burst of tyranny. Zhen Mingliang slowly slowed down her pace, recalling her stubborn eyes, and there was something rolling in her chest that made her unable to turn a blind eye to it with a good conscience. Each man has his own destiny. Mammy Gu said calmly, "I can save you once, but I can't save you forever." In a calm tone, he looked on coldly. Hearing this, Zhen Mingliang smiled, smiling clearly and lightly. Seeing that Zhen Xiaoling could not run any more and was about to be caught, she shouted at the top of her voice, "Miss, Miss.." Mammy Gu was stunned. When Zhen Danqi heard someone calling him excitedly, he stopped and looked around. Two young ladies. Zhen Mingliang smiled and waved, "Miss, this way." Zhen Danqi twisted his eyebrows, panting and holding a tree, looking at the past without knowing why. The maids were all crowded around the second young lady. Two young ladies, "Zhen Mingliang, under the gaze of many complicated eyes, took the initiative to step forward, walked slowly,Interactive digital signage, smiled and shouted:" I will leave the mansion today, especially to say goodbye to two young ladies. " Zhen Danqi said angrily, "If you want to leave the mansion, just leave the mansion. What are you doing with this young lady?!" "Then.." OK "Goodbye," said Zhen Mingliang resentfully. Zhen Danqi snorted, and when she recovered, she suddenly thought of the cheap hoof, but at this time she ran away. She can not help but some chagrin, suddenly saw a thick snow not far away, suddenly got up the interest of making a snowman. Zhen Mingliang turned back carelessly and continued to walk to the gate of the mansion. Gu Mammy alert peep at Zhen bright,facial recognition thermometer, her face is quiet, like the breeze warm sun, like quietly blooming flowers, like all the quiet and firm beauty. Can use a few words on the natural rescue, saved a person once, really unfathomable! For a moment, I thought I could easily destroy her. But at the same time, she felt that she had a strong and difficult to overcome. Gu Mammy quietly put away her guard and motioned to the guards to open the door of the mansion. In the bright sunshine, stepping on the fine ice and snow, Zhen Mingliang stepped out of the house without hesitation, looked sideways and thanked Mammy Gu, and strode away, resolute and crisp. The door of the mansion closed heavily behind it, rigid and dull. Zhen Mingliang led the horse step by step away from Zhen Fu, facing the high sun, slowly relieved. Those who stand outside the door see splendor and wealth; those who are inside the door are aware of their joys and sorrows. She walked aimlessly in the street for a while, did not find being followed, then turned into an alley with few pedestrians, smart whiteboard price ,thermal imaging camera, ready to take a shortcut to a place to deal with the horses, silver and medicinal materials of Zhen Fu. Walking deep into the alley, a man suddenly appeared in front of him. He stood like a huge stone, dressed in gray clothes and holding a sword. Zhen bright one startled, slowly put light footsteps, quickly looked at the man, as if well-trained. Meet the man's eyes, it is a pair of fierce and cruel eyes. Suddenly, the whole body was surrounded by the terror of suffocation. The expression of the man in gray was cold, staring at her like a prey with wings that could not fly, approaching unhurriedly, carrying a long black sword on his shoulder, bloodthirsty. Fierce intention to kill in front, may take life at any time, Zhen bright subconsciously want to retreat, but she can not retreat. The world of ice and snow is extremely cold to the bone, the cold wind whistles, and everything solidifies in the chill. Zhen Mingliang secretly pinched his fingers, the panic in his eyes was just a moment, she pulled the reins of the horse, leisurely moved toward the roadside, to make way for the murderous look, has been moved to can not move any more. As soon as the direction of the man's footsteps in gray clothes changed, he still went straight at her, with a more murderous look. Zhen Mingliang's back burst into a cold sweat, and all around became very quiet, so quiet that she could hear the sound of the man's boots grinding ice and snow into mud, and she clearly felt that her life was tottering. Seeing that the man was getting closer and closer and the danger was imminent, Zhen Mingliang smiled, steadied his breath and said, "Look at the weather. It's going to snow again tomorrow." The man in gray seemed to be stunned, and the movement of approaching did not stop. Zhen Mingliang knew that it was not easy to get away and that she was in danger. She reminded herself to calm down. After taking a deep breath, he smiled and said, "Your Excellency, wait a minute." The man in gray did not slow down. Thank you, sir, for your time. "Zhen stood motionless and said softly," Excuse me, is the person you are looking for the same height and appearance as me? " She stretched out her feet. "Are you wearing such a pair of foreign boots?" The man in gray was stunned, but she was unperturbed, and then looked at her beautiful and delicate appearance, and her eyes were firm. Could not respond, or cold way: "Looking for you." Zhen Mingliang pinched her fingers and said in a graceful voice, "Have I offended you?"? I hope you can give me some advice. "Duty." "Thank you for your advice," Zhen said with a smile and a straight face. "I don't know where you are working." "No comment." It is firm and resolute. May I ask what I have done? Who did you offend? "Do the wrong thing and mess with the wrong person." She exhaled softly and sighed, "Well, what do you want?"? Kill me? I don't have the strength to tie a chicken. I'm doomed. I'm going to die here today. Even if I die, I have no fear. I only wish to die in peace. After I become a ghost, I know where to go and who to find. She wants to find out who set this up. The man in gray smiled, although the smile was cruel, but the atmosphere eased a little. Zhen Mingliang also smiled, smiling open-minded, with his hands behind his back: "Although my life is weak, but it is also a life, I am reluctant to part with it." She blinked, looked at him piously, and said sincerely,temperature scanning kiosks, "I wonder if you could spare your hands and estimate the value of this little life?" "You have a lot of gold, silver and jewelry?" The man in gray was interested. Not much, "she said confidently." But I can steal. " hsdtouch.com

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A critical biography of Chiang Kai-shek