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Heavenly King Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:35   Security & Safety   Saransk   42 views
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Ma Dashao was choked by Chen Xiao and had nothing to say-as if he had won? But did not achieve their own goals ah! At this time, suddenly the door of the club venue was pushed open, and a slender and pretty figure came in slowly, with a beautiful hair tied in a nifty crooked ponytail, a casual sportswear, flat-soled jogging shoes, slowly came in, and asked in a small voice as he walked: I'm sorry to interrupt. Excuse me, just now you said, who is the best fighter at Kidd College? As soon as she walked in, she was like a magnet, attracting the eyes of most of the boys, and even the girls, many of them could not help but cast envious and jealous eyes. Chen Xiao looked at the girl who came in and opened her mouth, but finally swallowed the word "Phoenix" in her mouth. People don't admit that they are phoenixes, so don't admit it. Is that you? The girl walked to the front of the crowd, eyes swept Chen Xiao did not do too much to stay, as if do not know Chen Xiao, but finally the eyes fell on Ma Dashao's body: "Is it you?"? You're the best at Kidd College? Ma Dashao's appearance is quite good, tight vest, showing strong muscles,Inflatable mechanical bull, a look is like a very good fight. Such a stunning beauty looked at himself, Ma Dashao also stayed for a while, the girl's close eyes lethality is amazing, Ma Dashao was her first look, the brain is a blank, subconsciously nodded: "Er, not bad!"! I am the president of the martial arts club. As soon as he opened his mouth, there were disdainful boos around him. The girls in the karate club quit! We don't want to haggle with you,inflatable bounce house with slide, but you really drag it! "Very good." The girl who looked like a phoenix smiled, and her smile was like a flower blooming, and it made Ma Dashao almost drop his eyes! But Chen Xiao looked at this smile, but can not help but have a bad feeling in the heart. Sure enough. “…… Very good The girl's smile seemed to be very satisfied: "I have just gone to the Taekwondo Club and the Judo Club, as well as the Kickboxing Club." It's a pity that all the people there are useless, and none of them have real ability. Everyone who can catch two punches from me. But since you admit you're the best, then.. I hope you won't let me down. With that, the girl had bent down, put her white Apple laptop on the mat, bent down and took off her flat jogging shoes, then turned around and gave Ma Dashao a standard fist salute. Xiao Qing, the ninth generation disciple of Nanzong Xiaomen. When she raised her head, the bright eyes, which had been intoxicating, had become sharp: "Please advise!" With that, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable amusement park, she took half a step back, stood at her feet, separated her hands slightly, and made a gesture of virtual embrace, which was a standard starting posture! ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m Chapter 31 [Xiao Qing] The scene suddenly had such a dramatic change, the onlookers of the students all showed a surprised look in their eyes-such a charming and beautiful girl, unexpectedly also learned from others to challenge the tournament? Ma Dashao's brain was cut off. He looked at the girl who claimed to be Xiao Qing in front of him foolishly. He opened his mouth and seemed to be in disbelief: "Well, do you really want to compete with me?" Is it a joke? Everyone around me can't help thinking so. But Chen Xiao looks at the posture in Xiao Qing's hand, but in the heart some awe-inspiring! After all, he is also a serious practice, although the practice is not martial arts, but all fighting skills, there are always some places to think through, not to mention whether it is Taekwondo or karate, in fact, are Chinese martial arts diversion out of things. Chen Xiao, after all, still has three points of ability, see at a glance, this girl called Xiao Qing, is absolutely not a showy shelf! She seemed to just casually make a gesture of starting, but it immediately highlighted a profound breath! Round and not make public, but faintly have a person can not pry into the depth of the bearing! And a single starting posture can be placed so wield, without years of kungfu is absolutely unable to practice-at least Chen Xiao himself, absolutely do not have such ability. And Ma Dashao. It's just a guy with the brand of a martial arts club. He hasn't learned serious martial arts at all. Where can he see the depth? I just instinctively feel that the girl's posture looks amazing-the more you look at it, the better it looks. You Beauty, do you really want to fight with me? Are you kidding me? Ma Dashao hesitated, such a beautiful girl, he has not even seen ah! Such a beautiful woman, should be well held in the arms of wanton pity, how can you kick and punch it! Is quickly searching for a good plan, that is, to round their own face and to leave a good impression on the beauty. Xiao Qing is not impatient, but his eyes are looking at Ma Dashao slowly. Well, beauty, if you are interested in martial arts, you can join our martial arts club! For a girl like you who loves martial arts, I can waive your membership fee. Ma Dashao showed a salivating smile. If you beat me, I'll go to the club to learn kung fu from you. Xiao Qing answered softly. OK Ma Dashao almost shouted excitedly! What kind of kung fu can such a charming girl have? If you can really abduct such a beautiful woman to your own hands, later "teach" her to practice, there will always be physical contact, then move your hands and feet. Wouldn't it be nice? All right! But don't cry when it hurts later. Ma Dashao said with great concern, deliberately moved his body a few times, and pretended to smile magnanimously: "Don't worry, I've always been very soft-hearted to girls, and I'll show mercy later." With that, he took two steps back,inflatable water slide, did a few warm-up moves, then put out his fist frame and jumped lightly twice. Others looked, and then compared with the starting posture of this Xiao Qing mm. Even those girls who don't know Kung Fu can see that Ma Dashao is not martial arts at all!. joyshineinflatables.com

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Heavenly King