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Her big devil, put it on. Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:11   Public Service   Balashikha   4 views
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At least Yao Zui arranged a small room with a wooden bed, a sofa, a wardrobe and a small bookshelf, which was much more comfortable than where she had stayed before. When Yao woke up drunk, Zhu Er-er was sitting beside her bed, looking through the books on the small bookshelf. Sister, what a long sleep you've had! Zhu Er-er put down the book in his hand with some resentment. Yao Zui Zui propped up a lazy, lazy look: "We do pigs, is not to eat and sleep, sleep and eat?"? This is what we live for! “…… Sister, you have to go to cook! Zhu Er'er dragged Yao Zuizui up and dragged him out. Usually at home, Zhu Yiyi cooks, Zhu Erer and Zhu Sansan play in the yard under the leadership of the pig mother, so now, Zhu Erer also habitually waits for her to cook. All right, all right. Yao,Portable gold trommel, half drunk and half awake, was pushed into the kitchen by Zhu Er'er and began to wash vegetables and cook. Sister, how nice it would be if we could always be the servants of the Wolf King and not be eaten by him! Zhu Erer looked at the dazzling array of vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator and said with envy. Just now, the wolf king just sent a word, cooking at home! All the small animals in the forest lined up to empty their warehouses to deliver food to the wolf king. The Wolf King didn't know how to choose these vegetables and fruits, so he gave them to her. She stood there giving orders,gold shaking table, not knowing how imposing she was! It's a pity that Zhu Yiyi fell asleep and didn't see it. Usually the family wants to eat vegetables and fruits that can't be eaten, but now she can still send those that don't sell well back, which is really a day she dares not dream of. Yao Zuizui didn't know that Zhu Erer thought so much. She directly shattered her dream: "You think too much. It's impossible to be a servant. It's impossible to be a servant in this life. We will be eaten soon when we are fattened. There are no bones left." Zhu Er-er shivered and shook his head. "No, she must think of a way!"! "What are you doing, sister?" Zhu Er'er sat on the bench, stretched his head, and looked at Yao's drunken side. Cook. Yao was drunk and speechless. How stupid Zhu Er-er was. I know Zhu Erer swallowed saliva. "What are you cooking?"? It smells so good! "Tofu across the bridge, pumpkin rolls, potato balls, milk pudding." Yao Zuizui said casually that his movements were non-stop, neat and flowing. Whoa! It all sounds delicious! Zhu Erer patted the pig's hands and warmly praised them. Without lifting his head, Carbon in Pulp ,gold cil machine, Yao said coldly, "Even if you praise me too much, I won't agree with you to steal food.". You just give up this heart! "Sister.." I don't want to steal food! Zhu Er stared with righteous words, "I.." "Just say what you have to say. Don't be coy. I'm busy." Yao Zuizui doesn't want his cooking process to be disturbed at will, so the food he makes has no spirituality. Elder sister I was going to say.. Can you tell the Wolf King that I did all this? Zhu Er-er lowered his head haltingly and said shyly. Chapter 3 breaking teeth. Drunken Yao looked back strangely and looked at Zhu Er-er. At this time, Zhu Er'er was turning into a human form, with a trace of crimson on his white and tender face, which was indescribably strange. Why Yao asked in puzzlement, "You won't." Have you taken a fancy to the Wolf King? "No, no, no, how dare I." Zhu Er-er waved his hand again and again, and his head was almost shaken off. "I dare not think of the Wolf King, I just want to." I've been a servant here all my life, and I don't want to be eaten. "Look at your promise." Yao Zui Zui despised her and decided to help her. After all, Zhu Er-er is also very pitiful. He is not cared by the pig mother at home, and is often ordered by Zhu Sansan. His brain is not very smart. He was sold by Zhu Sansan and helped her count the money. If she, as a sister, does not help Zhu Er-er, she will not escape the fate of being eaten sooner or later. So Yao Zuizui told Zhu Er-er the steps and principles of each step while cooking, so that she wouldn't be exposed when the time came. Remember to put the tofu blocks in order, like a bridge. "Remember to roll the dough to four to five millimeters for this pumpkin roll." The pointy side is up. ” "Remember that the mashed potatoes can't be squeezed too dry, as long as they are moist enough to form a ball." "Remember to stir this milk pudding as it boils and cool it before putting it in the refrigerator." Yao Zuizui said seriously, but turned to look and found that Zhu Er-er had already dozed off. Angrily, she knocked Zhu Er'er on the head with the other end of the spatula. Zhu Er'er jumped up and said, "Don't eat me!"! Don't eat me! “……” "No one eats you," said Yao, who was drunk and hated that iron did not become steel! As long as you remember what I just said! Come on, it's time for dinner. You remember it well. "I know." Zhu Er-er hung his head and kept repeating the words that Yao Zuizui had made her remember, until the restaurant was still reading them. The black wolf looked at the four dishes on the table, which seemed to sell well, and it seemed that the two little pigs were not just eating without working. Only It's all vegetarian and no meat. He's not very happy. What are you talking about? It's as noisy as a fly! The black wolf impatiently picked up and put down the chopsticks and looked at Zhu Er-er. Yao Zuizui poked Zhu Er-er with his elbow and motioned her not to make any more noise. Instead, Zhu Er'er shook his body and blurted out: "The tofu blocks across the bridge are placed neatly, like a bridge.". The dough of this pumpkin roll is only four to five millimeters. The pointy side is up. The mashed potatoes of this potato ball are not squeezed too dry, and they can form a ball when they are moist. This milk pudding is cooked while stirring, and then put into the refrigerator after cooling. Yao Zui Zui: "… …" Black Wolf: … No one asked you that. It's so noisy. Zhu Er-er had no discernment at all and kept expressing his loyalty: "Your Majesty, I made all these with my own hands!"! If you don't mind,gold CIP machine, I'm willing to cook for you for a lifetime. "I dislike it." Despite his dislike, the black wolf went straight back to his room with four plates to eat. The taste is still good, but the annoying flies are a bit of a turn-off. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Her big devil, put it on.