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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046 Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 07:35   Independent & Freelance   Sarapul   135 views
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"Brother, wait for me, wait for the East Big Tiger to understand the supreme scriptures of the Wild Tiger Clan. When the time comes, I won't hold you back. I'll help you one day!" East big tiger cries, the tiger roars startles the world, the entire chaotic deep forest is in the violent earthquake, contains the main road vein mist in the expansion! In the nameless mountains, a young man with red lips and white teeth was barbecuing a mysterious corpse that had been dead for hundreds of millions of years. He bit it and spit it out again. Poof, the old corpse tastes terrible! This is Laogu. He was resurrected from the ground. He was the body of Jiuyou. After he took the fruit of the blood vein, he recovered and became the body of the alien Taoist clan. Now, he is also pursuing power, stealing the remains of ancient animals and treasures in some famous mountains and rivers, and improving his own strength. He could not forget his eldest brother, Li. When Li Ru-ri is at the height of his power, he sweeps away the six and eight wastelands! However, he died unexpectedly, so far do not know why he died, this is the old life obsession, he wants to explore to the end, and to revenge for Li. Unexpectedly, that guy is so good at tossing and turning that he killed Taiwu?! When Lao Gu learned the news, he was in a daze and felt creepy. In his view, Chu Feng has such strength at this age, it is not weaker than his eldest brother in those days! "Is it really my eldest brother's reincarnation?"? Bah, this thing is such a bastard, how can it be as wise as my brother?! Lao Gu is not convinced. However, he began to get serious, to improve himself rapidly, and to rise in an era when the world is becoming more and more terrible and the secrets of heaven are becoming more and more blurred. Unexpectedly so powerful, you are really me. Father! In a remote and unknown mountain range,321 stainless steel sheet, a young man had just come out of the ancient tomb. After hearing the comments of the evolutionists on the road, his face was quite complicated. His strength is very strong, but at this time his face twitches, after hearing the news of Chu Feng, his expression is quite complicated. He was the little Taoist priest of that year, the son of Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin. His reincarnation was very successful. After all, he walked into the circle with a complete piece of paper. Now, he learned that Chu Feng was born, and the record is so amazing, there is always a feeling, like being laughed at by that Lao Tzu,uns c70600, like saying to him, your father. Or your father. The young master refuses to accept, the way master I am not angry, but also wants to spend you in this life, to pick up you, tune. Teach you, the result did not expect you to be born before me, and so-evil! The little Taoist priest was indignant. He felt that his previous life was too miserable. He was beaten by Chu Feng on the way of reincarnation, looted the paper, and finally became his son for no reason. He could not avenge himself. He really felt too depressed and suffocated. The little Taoist also wants to teach Chu Feng well in this life in the world, let him know why the flowers are so red! As a result, he sadly found that if he met again, he might have another tragedy. Ha ha, you are my brother! In a dark organization, a teenager with a big back, two rough cow horns and a carrot cigar in his mouth was puffing and happy. Suddenly, with a bang, an old cow gave him a hoof and let him fly out like a scarecrow. He shouted at him, "Fart is a little bit bigger. I puff all day. Go to practice!" "I'll go!" The reincarnation of Big Black Bull, Little Mang Niu, was so depressed that he muttered, uns s32750 sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, "Old Niu, I'm not young either. Give me some more time. Let's practice well. No, let's practice.." As a result, he flew out again before he had finished talking. Little calf, more and more not big not small, with who two brothers, your grandfather, I beat you to death! The old cow got angry, stared at him and gave him a few hooves. No, Dad, you are my father. Why do you scold my grandfather? He is also your father. If you hit me again, I'll tell him to go! "That's you, the little calf!" Then, with a bang, the calf flew into the air! "Oh, Moo, it hurts the old cow!" The little calf is crying. Beyond a certain Jedi, a silver bolt of lightning flew over the silent and lifeless red land, cutting through nothingness at a speed too fast. When it stopped and landed on a hill, it was shocking to find that it was actually a.. White Kirin! Not an ordinary kylin beast, but a true kylin with ancestral blood! The peak is a forbidden place, with an altar at the top, and on the altar there are broken ancient eggshells, from which creatures hatched more than ten years ago. This is a forbidden place. The egg on the altar has existed for many years. The eggshell has become a stone skin, almost a fossil. As a result, a creature has hatched. This white kylin has been out recently, traveling nearby, and today I learned the news of Chu Feng. His eyes twinkled, filled with the light of wisdom, and he whispered, "I taught you how to breathe. We live and die together in the netherworld. Are we finally going to meet again?" On this day, not only the main roads in the world are being discussed, but also some of the old friends of Chu Feng, who awaken the memory of their past lives, are alarmed, happy and shocked. Chu Feng's ex-girlfriend, Lin Nuoyi, was supposed to embark on a mysterious road, but when she got the news, she was surprised and showed a strange color. "You …" she whispered. It's come to this step, the pace is very big, the speed is too fast! Yunzhou, a beautiful mountains and rivers, white fog bursts, the cave house into pieces, the rich aura can not be opened, it is really a blessed land of immortals. There is a manor in this area, which not only has the grandeur of the palace, but also has the novelty of modern villas. The traditional Chinese medicine fields in the courtyard are fragrant and colorful. There are pavilions, springs and waterfalls in front of them, with vines overlapping and Chinese parasol trees green. In the pavilion, a white hand was throwing food into a birdcage made of blue gold hanging in the air, accompanied by an indifferent voice: "Well, it's a little interesting. The ghosts in the underworld have become spirits. They have killed Taiwu. Hehe!" When the man left, the beautiful purple bird in the cage chirped and wanted to cry, but now it could not be transformed, could not make a human voice, and was completely beaten back to its original shape, with tears in its big eyes. Chapter 1429 the stone jar uncovers a corner of the scary world. Poof! A beam of light cuts through eternity, cuts off the river of years, penetrates the past, the present and the future, traverses all levels, accompanied by the sinking of this light, with a bang,a333 grade 6 pipe, a world like a flower blooms, burns, and then returns to eternal silence. lksteelpipe.com

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Became a heartthrob after dressing up as a cannon fodder