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Hunting Demon Notes Full-time Job

Mar 8th, 2023 at 03:26   Security & Safety   Saint Petersburg   56 views
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Hunters and Oberlein spent half an hour searching the small building and finally stepped into the room where Sue and Li fought fiercely. As soon as he entered the room, the experienced hunter sniffed sensitively. To him, the room smelled of Sue. This is an extremely rare thing. You know, they found it entirely by tracking the traces left by Li, and Sue didn't leave them even the slightest clue in the whole jungle. The only people who could enter the room were the Huntsmen and Oberlein, and the others stayed outside so as not to inadvertently destroy the clues. After examining the whole room carefully, the huntsman's eyes fell on the long table leaning against the wall. The contact between the edge of the long table and the wall was obviously damaged, and there were large scratches on the wall, which looked very new, as if the table had collided and rubbed with the wall violently and for a long time not long ago. The hunter took out several tubes of spray from his backpack, sprayed them alternately on the long table, and then took out a lens to observe them carefully. Through this filter, you can see a blurred upper body outline on the desktop, the curve is concave and convex, the skeleton is relatively delicate and delicate, it should belong to a female body, and the outline edge is a continuous color line. These lines represent different times, from which we can roughly judge the origin and trajectory of the traces. As soon as the hunter looked roughly, he understood what had happened here, so he handed the lens to Oberlein. Oberlein took it and looked at it,white marble mosaic, frowning slightly. Of course he knows what happened here. After a little thought, Oberlein gave the hunter a look and shook his head. The retinue hunters were a little surprised, but it was their mission and duty to obey their masters unconditionally. When Lekona and Riggore and others were finally able to come in, the spray on the table top had completely evaporated. What they learned was that there had been a fierce struggle in the room, and that Sue had left traces, mainly smells. For a squire hunter who has enhanced his third-order sense of smell, Sue's whereabouts can barely be discerned from the extremely faint smell. If Sue tried to hide it,Marble Granite Price, there would be no way to track it, but the places where Sue rested, especially when she was mentally and physically relaxed, would leave some traces. What Lekona did not know was that an hour of fierce fighting had taken place at this table. Lekona thought for a moment and said, "Sue doesn't have a pistol, and it looks like she doesn't have a spare.". Then the first thing he should do is to add a melee weapon. Then we should go to the nearby settlements first and look for clues. Kang Wen, list all the settlements around. The electronic expert brought by Oberlein took out a flat computer only one centimeter thick, opened it, clicked a few times on the screen, and brought up a map. According to the signs on the map, there are three colonies within a hundred kilometers of the jungle. Lekona drew a semicircle on the map, crossed the three settlements, and said, "In this order, pietra gray marble ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, one by one." The biochemist interjected, "I think we should first check the jungle to make sure that the intruder is not from the protozoa here, and then track down the man." Lekona frowned slightly and said, "Well, Oberlein is in charge of the search here. I'll go after Sue.". When you're done here, come and meet me as soon as you can. Oberlein, what do you think? Oberlein nodded and said, "I should be here for two days.". I'll see you in two days. It was agreed that. When Lekona and his party left the jungle, Sue was helplessly looking at a full glass of liquor in front of her. This wine is pungent, and it is the wine of the old days. Although it is not an expensive wine, the vintage has guaranteed the preciousness of this glass of wine. In the smell of alcohol, there is a kind of faint spicy taste, and Su's skin has a faint sense of needling. The radiation level of this glass of wine is reasonable, and adults who survive in the wild can bear it. Of course, it may mutate over time, but as a mercenary, who knows if you can live until your body mutates? Sitting around the table were twelve rough, tiger-like men, all of whom had visible scars on their exposed skin. The leading man was in his forties, and he was big enough to fit Sue in. The table is very exquisite, it is the boutique of the old times, but the house is very simple, leaking on all sides. The food on the table is mainly all kinds of roast meat, from fierce rats, rotten wolves to mutated meat from unknown creatures. There was a lot of meat, only one bottle of wine, and half of the bottle had been poured into the glass in front of Sue, which made Sue smile bitterly. This table of rough men, dressed like vagrants and beggars, is the famous Falcon Mercenary. The run-down headquarters and the food, only slightly better than the wandering mob, were what they used to serve Sue. Falcon mercenaries are very famous in the neighborhood, and they have a good reputation for their success and efficiency in completing their tasks. But mercenaries are a high-casualty industry, and instead of abandoning their disabled members like other mercenaries, the Falcon gathered them in nearby colonies to support them, which was a huge expense that almost exhausted all the income of the Falcon. Not everyone agreed with the Falcon leader's policy, so by now, there were only twelve people left in the team. In order to earn more money, the Falcon has to work hard for the nearby company, take some high-risk tasks that other mercenaries may hesitate to do, and rush to the front line of the battlefield. Looking at the full glass of wine in front of her, Sue really didn't know what to say. He doesn't like to drink, especially strong and bad wine, but he doesn't know how to refuse the last bottle of wine in the team. As the commander of K7 said, snipers are very popular everywhere,Grey Marble Slab, especially mercenary teams like Falcon. At a time when long-range explosive weapons are very rare, snipers are the main force to suppress the opponent's heavy firepower. So as soon as Sue arrived at Falcon's headquarters and said that it was introduced by the K7 commander, she was immediately welcomed by the Falcon leader and invited Sue to join Falcon. forustone.coms

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Hunting Demon Notes