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I can be popular in the entertainment circle even if I deliver takeout. Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:34   IT & Telecoms   Partizansk   84 views
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Bai Yu lowered his eyes and was about to pour out when Hao Tuo came back. The old man passed by in a rush, snorted, and dropped a sentence, "Why else?"? Because brother Guan didn't come to pick him up from school, he was depressed! Bai Yumiao: ".." Wang Meiqing couldn't help laughing. She glared at Bai Yumiao reproachfully. "Those who know think that you and Tingguan are just brothers. Those who don't know think that you two are really doing something.". All right, get back from work and don't freeze your clothes. Bai Yumiao's face was even more depressed, thinking that every day he showed himself as a thunderbolt flash bomb, but there were still people who thought that he and Qi Tingguan were pure brothers, and that it was too unsuccessful to be a man. The white young master was even more depressed. He put on his coat, did not take off his makeup, and walked back alone. After two steps, the dim light of the street lamp was suddenly blocked by something. Bai Yumiao's heart moved, looked up, and the man, with a white lunch box in his arms, looked at him with a smile under the street lamp. The young master, who had been melancholy just now, turned into a smile in an instant, and his mood index soared. He trotted two steps to the side of Qi Tingguan and curled his lips again. "We agreed not to accompany me to shoot the last one." "It's something." The man smiled faintly, "I'm going to buy you a midnight snack. If I don't accompany you to shoot the last one, I can only pick you up." The man's voice was too gentle to melt, and Bai Yumiao felt comfortable in his heart. He looked back at the assistants who had not yet kept up with him, and silently rubbed against him. He stretched out his hand to open the front of the man's clothes and said,cosmetic tube packaging, "Let me see, what delicious food can I buy?" Qi Tingguan pushed him with a smile. "Why are you like a puppy?"? I bought a fermented glutinous rice dumpling. It's very hot. You can go back to eat and sleep. Bai Yumiao was pushed twice by him, looking back at the staff still did not follow up, so he turned his head sideways and rubbed his nose against the man's collarbone. Qi Tingguan's throat knot moved, cleared his throat, silently pushed people away a little, and asked in a low voice: "Did you let Brother Hao buy it?" Bai Yumiao also made a mosquito sound, looking at the road,plastic cosmetic tubes, "I told him." He just came back from the outside and should have bought it. He paused and then made a secret signal: "Brother Hao is checking the post tonight. Are you not here or am I not here?" Qi Ting thought about it. "It's safer if you're not here." "All right," said Bai Yumiao. Two people are muttering, suddenly heard behind all of a sudden uproar, everyone instantly high, as if the collective reached the climax of life. "Bai Yumiao?" Two people looked back, but saw everyone in a circle, as if someone was walking around hunched in the middle, the noise was getting louder and louder, 100 meters away from another crew who had not finished work were watching one after another. What's the situation? Qi Tingguan frowned and pulled Bai Yumiao. "Go and have a look." The two men turned around and walked a few steps back, pushing aside the staff around them, but saw that it was not someone else who made a fool of himself in the crowd, but Hao Tuo. There are all kinds of colorful signs on the ground, and the five letters of D are scattered on the ground. The style and quantity are shocking. Hao bald rose red face, anxiously cat waist pick up, a few of their own small assistant also looked silly, for a time no one helped him. Qi Tingguan's heart missed a beat and his back was cold. Hao Tuo was also confused, empty lotion tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, listening to everyone's jokes, he hardly knew how to respond. Blame him silly, he just wanted not to come back with a plastic bag too eye-catching, so he opened the small boxes one by one, leaving the small packages inside stuffed into his pocket. As a result, I forgot to help people move props just now. I was afraid of getting my coat dirty, so I took it off. As a result, there was a colorful rain flying all over the sky. The staff was amazed: "Brother Hao, what's the matter with you?"? What did you sneak out to buy? "Ha ha ha, brother Hao, why do you buy this kind of thing in bulk?" Bai Yumiao and Qi Tingguan did not say a word, Bai Yumiao completely subconsciously looked around at the height of a crowd near the waist and hip, and at a glance saw the shadow of a mobile phone flashed behind someone opposite. He burst out laughing. He strode to the other side and put his body in front of Hao. "Brother Hao," he said suddenly, "I've already advised you not to buy this in bulk. I don't know whether it's true or not. Why don't you listen to me?" Hao Tuo, an older bald mother-fetus solo, was blushed with shame. But he knew that he had made trouble, for fear that others would think of Bai Yumiao and Qi Tingguan, hurriedly cooperate, blushing and not speaking. Bai Yumiao is thick-skinned, as thick as a city wall, without any discomfort. He conveniently drew one from Hao Tuo's hand, looked at the model carefully in the moonlight, and sighed with emotion: "Is it so powerful?"? So fierce, I dare not marry my daughter to you. Hao Tuo: "… …" Everyone laughed, "Brother Hao's girlfriend is Xiaoqi for a long time!" "We all have nine years of compulsory education. Why can you be a pig?" Bai Yumiao also laughed, secretly gave Hao Tuo a wink, meaningful way: "That's for sure, ah, I think it's definitely not the girl in the crew.". Little girls are reserved. How can they let their boyfriends buy so much? The movie can't be made for so long. Hao Tuo shivered in his heart and understood for a moment. Then he followed the steps Bai Yumiao gave him and said, "Don't heckle me. It's not that you don't know that I'm single at an older age.". New girlfriend, haven't been together, buy back in advance to study, it doesn't matter to buy fake goods, anyway, catch a lot, according to the weight of this is not expensive. Logistics brother smiled, "I said.". "Brother Hao is really fashionable, and he is engaged in online love." A farce finally ended, Hao Tuo put things away, Bai Yumiao handed Li Feiran a wink, Li Feiran then talked about the gossip of the crew next door, successfully diverted everyone's attention. Hao Tuo silently glanced at Bai Yumiao, then at Qi Tingguan. He coughed and whispered, "I'm sorry, I.." "It's okay." Bai Yu sighed and saw that no one was paying attention to this side. Then he said, "Brother Hao, I'm sorry for making you look like a fool.". I will triple your salary this month, which is a little spiritual compensation. Of course, in addition to monetary compensation,cosmetic tube, there is a steady stream of love from Xiaobai, hoping to heal your wounds. When Hao Tuo heard this, he was stunned and did not speak for a long time. emptycosmetictubes.com

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