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I waited for you for a long time. Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 08:08   Marketing & Communication   Galich   146 views
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Before the doctor took the medicine, Huo Liming stopped him and asked the doctor politely what medicine he wanted. He took a picture of these medicines and sent it directly to Lao Chen on WeChat. Tang Qichen's body has been adjusted by Lao Chen, and he knows it best. Old Chen quickly replied to the message: "It can be used.". But don't eat the white medicine bottle I gave him before. If he burns it repeatedly, he will hurry back to Shanghai tomorrow and come to me. After the doctor came, Wen Yining went back to his room. Two hours later, she heard footsteps outside. She pulled the door open. Huo Liming had just come out of Tang Qichen's room. Haven't slept yet? Huo Liming looked at her sideways. Wen Yining asked, "Has the doctor gone?" "Old Xu let him stay here all night for fear that people would burn again." Huo Liming said, "It's not burning now. I'm in a cold sweat. I changed his clothes and fell asleep again." Wen Yining felt even more guilty, and his expression was quite awkward in the same place. It's none of your business. It's okay. Get some rest and we'll see what happens in the morning. Huo Liming pushed his hand and motioned her to go into the room. The next day, when Wen Yining got up and went downstairs, he saw Huo Liming getting up earlier and sitting there drinking morning tea. Tang Yao sat on the left, chatting and laughing freely. Old Xu was with him from ear to ear. Tang Qichen turned his back to him. Today he was wearing a light gray sweater. He leaned back in his chair and put his left hand on the armrest. From a distance, he could see a square piece of white gauze on the back of his hand. I should have forgotten to take it off during the injection last night. Huo Liming first saw the man and raised his hand to signal. Tang Qichen along the back, his spirit looks good, a night of repair, his face has not seen tired. Wen Yining and his line of sight collided, Tang Qichen gently nodded to her,ultrasonic cutting machine, then turned back. Is the body really all right? Old Xu asked him, "Don't force it. I can't explain it to your family at that time." Tang Yao also advised, "Otherwise, don't go. We'll go back to Shanghai today." When Wen Yining came over, Huo Liming moved a seat for her and told her, "I was going to go fishing today." "Fishing?" Wen Yining looked at Tang Qichen subconsciously. Go ahead. I was just here to play. Tang Qichen said to Tang Yao, "It's rare for you to come here. Don't spoil the fun.". I'm fine. It's a nice day. Go out and get some air. Old Xu nodded,ultrasonic welding transducer, "OK, Xiao Huo, you give him more coats." A few kilometers away from the manor is Lao Xu's private reservoir, a large piece of land, which was designed and completed at the beginning of the year. It is connected with his farm to create a one-stop ecological leisure. Now high-end business receptions do not like to go to restaurants and hotels. It is better to pick a place with pleasant geomantic omen. Old Xu is going to open for business in the second half of the year. He has a wide network of contacts, and now orders have been received at the end of the year. These things look ordinary, but in fact they cost a lot of money. Old Xu is an ugly man who can't find a trace of capitalist temperament, but he speaks simply and is a man who has a family background and has seen the wind and rain. Tang Qichen has passed the stage of making good connections, and those who can stay by his side are all pearls after the big waves wash the sand in time. After leaving the villa by boat, I changed the battery car and circled along the mountain road. The unique beauty of the mountains and rivers in the south of the Yangtze River was displayed to the extreme. After a night of spring rain, the sunshine became exciting again in the morning. The flowers blooming on the roadside are also brewing the arrival of early summer. To the reservoir, the boom has long been ready, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, Tang Yao is a person who can fish, every move is very familiar. He competed with Lao Xu to see who could catch the fish first. Tang Qichen looked on and smiled occasionally. The wind on the surface of the water rippled in circles, blowing away the hair in front of his forehead, revealing the man's full and beautiful forehead. Don't you fish? Wen Yining took two bottles of water and handed one to Huo Liming. Huo Liming squatted, a layer of short hair against the scalp, dry crisp small board inch, this hairstyle is very picky, but on his body can come to God. He took the water and shook his head uninterestedly. "I don't get the pleasure.". If you sit with a pole for dozens of minutes, you may not be able to catch it. Wen Yining sat next to him and laughed. "Me too." "Brother Chen, every time he catches a fish, he finally releases it." Huo Liming did not understand and said nonchalantly, "It's better to go down and fish.". ” Wen Yining said: "There is also a river in my hometown, which is a little smaller than here. I remember when I was studying, I ran into the water as soon as school was over, took off my shoes and socks, and stepped into the water. Do you know the little red bucket used for cleaning?"? We take it to fish in, and we can catch a lot of small tadpoles. Huo Liming immediately came to interest, "then let's go down and try?" Wen Yining was stupefied. "Here?" "The water is shallow over there. I'm going to find two harpoons. They've been fishing all morning. Let's find something to do." Huo Liming is still very playful, said to do, before long really found two forks. Huo Liming was really not afraid of the cold. He only wore short sleeves, rolled up his trousers, took off his shoes and socks, and stepped into the water in two or three places. He turned his head sideways and said, "It's still a little cold.". You put on those rain boots. Wen Yining also did not refuse, very generously changed shoes, took the bucket and went into the water. The water here is clear, and you can see pebbles and sand. Too close to the shore, only small fry, Huo Liming went to a deeper place, looked down at the fish, holding a harpoon ready to go. The noise made old Xu and others look over. Old Xu said cheerfully, "Xiao Huo is quite good at playing." Tang Qichen frowned slightly, "the monkey is here." It was estimated that the fish here were not caught so quickly, so they put the fishing rod on the ground, and the three of them went to their side. Wen Yining's bucket was a mess of some small fish and snails, but instead it was Huo Liming, who had not caught anything for a long time. Wen Yining smiled and said, "You lost. You owe me this meal." Just finished, "Yes!" Huo Liming shouted loudly, and then the water splashed. He raised his harpoon and grabbed the fish that was still struggling on the tip. He really caught it. Yo,ultrasonic dispersion machine, that's a big one. Old Xu laughed loudly: "This meal has to be invited by Xiao Wen." As soon as Wen Yining looked, he was so angry that he stamped his feet into the water. "Stupid fish, can't you swim faster?" fycgsonic.com

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I waited for you for a long time.