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Idol Bing Huang Hui Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:09   Engineering   Saint Petersburg   76 views
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Finally, Kim Tae-hee's agent came and took Kim Tae-hee back, while Li Hongyu called Li Xiuyu, who was "angry" for abandoning himself here! After signing some unequal contracts, the girls were sent home. ! Li Hongyu lay on his bed: "Tomorrow, life will not be so calm ah!"! Ok Li Hongyu, you have to refuel. "Hongyu brother, I heard that you are very tired to shoot mV today, go to bed early!" Only Kim Tae-yeon can say such warm words. "Brother Hongyu, come on tomorrow!"! Also Remember to help me write songs! "Zheng Xiuyan still has a certain possessive emotion for the book in Li Hongyu's room.". "Brother Hongyu!"! Don't believe anything sister Sika says in the future. Don't believe it! "This is Lin Yuner who was threatened by Zheng Xiuyan.". "Hongyu brother,foldable bulk container, thank you for your ointment!" Quan Youli also completely remembered the ointment sent by Li Hongyu last time. "My mother said, no effort, no harvest, so Hongyu brother must work hard!"! Only in this way can there be gains. ! "Looking at the format,collapsible pallet box, everyone knows it's Xu Xian's little busy.". "Hong Yu..". Those girls are all good. ! But you didn't answer which one you like. This is a message from Kim Tae-hee. Li Hongyu looked over one by one. And then reply one by one. . Stop at the last text. : "Tae-hee, I think, those are all very good sisters.". However It seems that the first beauty in South Korea is more attractive! "Li Hongyu went to sleep after the message.". Really? But it seems that every girl has your shadow. Hongyu, how should you choose. Kim Tae-hee looked at the reply to the text message and thought. . Kim Tae-hee is quite experienced in such things. Watch what happens to everyone. However The last thing I care about is which one Li Hongyu will choose! This chapter is in a hurry. Don't say I was also writing during the Spring Festival. Why are there so few recommendations? ! Depressed ! Reveal here The protagonist's emotional journey is definitely a long time! Slow Heat Slow Heat !) When I was a singer. Chapter 21 Li Hongyu is the landlord. Super fast and stable update novel, (for recommendation, for collection!) "Xiuyu, what's your schedule today?" Li Hongyu walked to the living room with half-open eyes and yawned greatly. "Oh, plastic pallet box ,plastic wheelie bins, let me see!" Li Xiuyu turned out her notebook and read: "Today I'm going to record a new album, and the next day I'm going to record an album. Join the music bank when the album is recorded. .……” Li Xiuyu talked a lot. "Stop! Stop!"! All right, all right. ! Let's go to record the songs of the new album first. "Li Hongyu can't stand Li Xiuyu's sudden words.". Hurriedly told Li Xiuyu to stop. . "Well, let's go!" Li Xiuyu had already prepared the things to go out and greeted Li Hongyu. ……… Outside the door. Kim Hyun-ah stood outside the door, fiddling with her hands to show her inner restlessness: There are no vacant rooms in this area. I hope there will be a vacant room for me to live in at last. Kim Hyun-ah, 14, has searched all the houses near Jyp. But there is no vacancy. Now, Li Hongyu's family is the last one in front of him. Kim Hyun-ah has lifted her hand. . Ready to ring the doorbell. . Right about now. And the door opened.. Scared Kim Hyun-ah. : "Ah!" Kim Hyun-ah jerked back. And behind him is his own suitcase. . That's all Kim Hyun-ah was directly hooked by a buttock and fell to the ground. Even if she fell to the ground, it happened that Kim Hyun-ah was wearing a skirt today. The scenery at the bottom of the skirt was seen by the man in front of him. . "Hongyu?"? Why don't you go at the door? ? Why do I hear a girl's voice? . Hong Yu "Li Xiuyu's voice reminded the two men.". Li Hongyu hurriedly looked away from Kim Hyun-ah. . "No, no!" Li Hongyu shouted to the inside. Then turn your head . Walk up to Kim Hyun-ah . Hold out your hand : "Little sister!"! Are you all right? . I didn't think there was a girl outside the door. ! I'm sorry Li Hongyu threw the embarrassment aside and helped Kim Hyun-ah up first. "It's all right!" Kim Hyun-ah suddenly saw a familiar person in front of her. I seem to have seen it somewhere. . And then suddenly thought. : Just now the people inside called him Hongyu. Was there a newcomer the day before yesterday? . Looks like that's him. . It looks more handsome in reality than on TV. . "Little sister!"! What happened to you ? "Li Hongyu suddenly stopped talking to the girl in front of him.". And a dull look. . I just called a few times. . "Eh?"? Big brother Let me ask you something! "Kim Hyun-ah heard Li Hongyu's call, and she was very shy, but she still lowered her head and asked.". "What's the matter, you ask!" Li Hongyu is quite interested in the little girl in front of him. "Big brother, do you have an empty room?" Kim Hyun-ah asked directly, after all, is a 14-year-old girl. The whole person is actually coy. : "Can I rent one?"? I'm a trainee. So the house near the company is urgently needed! "The girl looked at Li Hongyu expectantly.". "En, there are several!" Li Hongyu looked at the girl in front of him, not like a liar, or opened his mouth. That's great! Can you rent it to me? ? I can pay for it. Kim Hyun-ah continued to look at Li Hongyu with expectant eyes, but Li Hongyu was a little scared. After all, there is no girl who stares at herself all the time. . Li Hongyu nodded slowly under Kim Hyun-ah's eyes. . "Yay!"! Thank you Brother Hongyu, I'm Kim Hyun-ah! "Kim Hyun-ah said to Lee Hongyu and bowed.". "Hello!"! I am Li Hongyu Li Hongyu smiled at the little girl in front of him. It's not small. . At least older than Zheng Xiujing. Younger than Jung Soo-yeon. "Li Hongyu?"? Sounds a little familiar. . Ohh ! ~ ~ I see. . You were the winner of last week's hit song. ! "Kim Hyun-ah is also a trainee of Jyp, and announced her debut last week.". So I feel like I'm in a dream. First I'm going to make my debut, and then I'm going to meet the star who made his debut. "Well,plastic pallet manufacturer, what's wrong?"? Did Hyun-a watch that show, too? Li Hongyu once again ignored the efficiency of TV programs. But also the efficiency spread among the trainees. . "En, my friends all like Hongyu senior's" Day by Day "very much!" Kim Hyun-ah nodded fiercely. cnplasticpallet.com

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Idol Bing Huang Hui