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Immortal Sword Body Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 05:00   Human Resources   Dalnegorsk   80 views
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Without touching the five sword bones for the time being, 6 Qing came to the place where the two swords were buried. Next to the two piles of minced meat, there were three same lower-grade soul stones. Obviously, plus one in 6 Qing's hand at the moment and one used before, it happened to be five lower-grade soul stones. That is to say, these five soul stones were left by the owner in front of the five sword bones buried on the ground. But is that the middle grade soul stone? Qing asked, looking at the soul stone between the carved eyebrows. En, let me feel it. "It seems that Ye Lao, who has been observing the surrounding valleys, finally noticed the stone carving after opening his mouth at 6 Qing Dynasty." Middle grade soul stone! That's great! Ye Lao's voice was full of joy, "Wait, this is-" Qing felt that an imperceptible and obscure fluctuation came from the heart-refining sword behind him, and he knew that this was Ye Lao's observation. He's a sword corpse! After a few breaths, Ye Lao Meng burst out a foul language, in the mind, 6 clear obviously heard the shock in Ye Lao's tone. Without waiting for Liu Qing to ask, Ye Lao said to himself, "I said, how can the formation here be so familiar? It turns out to be the Juyuan Corpse Raising Formation of the Corpse Sword Sect." "All right, boy, don't move this sword corpse for the time being. The sword corpse refined into the middle grade soul stone is not much weaker than the general sword emperor," Ye Lao sighed. "It's just two mole ants. People's hearts are not enough for snakes to swallow elephants. They still want to get their hands on such treasures, but they came in vain and lost a life." "Sword Emperor!" After hearing Ye Lao's words, 6 Qing almost exclaimed and looked up and down at the life-size stone carving in front of him. It was hard to imagine that such a stone statue without any vitality and dignity could have such a powerful strength. That is not to say that whoever owns it is equivalent to having a sword emperor to protect himself. At this moment, even 6 Qing is now indifferent to the state of mind and mind, but also can not help but give birth to a violent fluctuation, looking at the stone carving in front of the eyes, a rare trace of possession. Of course, he does not want to enhance their own strength,fake ficus tree, now he, of course, soberly know that only the real strength of their own cultivation, is the right way on the kendo, excessive reliance on external things will only hinder progress. He just thought that if his six families could have such a treasure at the bottom of the box, then he would not need to worry about anything, and his six families, as long as their descendants did not produce fatuous and incompetent people, could continue to multiply and prosper like this. As if sensing the idea of 6 Qing, Ye Lao was silent for a moment and then said in a deep voice: "I can help you with this, but it will take me a month to absorb these four soul stones and restore some of the original power." "But I have a request that I hope you will grant me." His eyes froze. "Tell me, Master," he said. After hesitating for a few breaths, Ye Laofang said, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,outdoor ficus tree, "In this way, after three years, I guess you should be able to handle all your family affairs. I hope you can walk out of Zixia Zong for you and for me." "Walk out of Zixia Zong." Ye Lao's voice was solemn. He was slightly stunned, but then there was a flash of light in his eyes. "Well, everything depends on the master's arrangement," he said. Ye Lao is right. In fact, 6 Qing just saw five sword bones, and he had such a plan in his heart. Three years later, if it goes well, he should be able to reach the peak of the main level of the sword. When the time comes, if you want to have an epiphany of Soul Calibur, you need a lot of experience. And he Zixia Zong, even if it is Qingfan Zongmen, is still too small compared with the vast mountains. This is also the fundamental reason why the ancient sword wind of the Lord of Sunset City and the black iron of the Lord of Sword Temple traveled together nearly three years ago. It is too difficult to realize the sword soul without a lot of experience and accumulation. Sword group 1: 8231o627. Brothers and sisters who like kendo and support ten steps can add it. Here, you can speak freely and discuss kendo. ()” [Chapter 75 The Master of Humanity (I)] Wait until two years later, with these five sword bones, and then carefully study the way of casting the sword for half a year, with his 36 hammer attainments, casting a Qingfan level sword is basically no problem, in this way, his name of the first sword-casting family of Zixia Zong is worthy of the name again. $Thousands of years to provide this latest chapter reading-wWW. QIaNzaI. CoM $ At that time, he had nothing to worry about, and could concentrate on going out to travel in order to have an epiphany. After all, up to now, Ye Lao had helped him so much and accepted him as an apprentice. Although Ye Lao had never said it, he still wanted to help Ye Lao recover his physical body. Although he did not know if there was a way to do it, the sword God was vast and boundless, and all kinds of strange things were common. He always tried his best. Hearing the words of 6 Qing, Ye Lao obviously had a trace of joy. The Refining Sword floated out from behind 6 Qing, and a piece of soul stone originally in the hands of 6 Qing and three soul stones on the ground were pulled at the same time and absorbed on the body of the Refining Sword. Whew In the surprised eyes of 6 Qing, Ye Lao came to the entrance of the cave with the heart refining sword, dozens of silky blue streamers scattered from the tip of the heart refining sword, spiraling along a mysterious route above the cave entrance, sinking into the stone wall, and then, in the eyes of 6 Qing, an invisible barrier was formed at the entrance of the cave, and the original entrance was twisted at the moment. In the next moment, it completely turned into the same mountain wall as the surroundings, without any flaws. Even if the six Qing released their divine consciousness and tried their best to feel it, they still failed to show a clue. Such a technique is simply unheard of. This is the array, but now is not the time to teach you. Now you are in the time of brave and diligent kendo. It's better not to touch other paths. When the practice slows down later, you can study these. If you accumulate a lot, you may have the effect of understanding by analogy. Ye Lao explained. Immediately, the heart refining sword once again released an invisible wave, which was like a breeze blowing, and could not feel anything unusual,outdoor ficus tree, while the five sword bones that had been scattered were all floating in the air, falling in five directions at a distance of several feet in the sea of flowers, leaving a place of several feet in the middle. hacartificialtree.com

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