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Immortality Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 09:36   Marketing & Communication   Parnas   225 views
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Along with the flute, there was another general. That is one of the adopted sons of Xiao Wang. Xiao forgot to fall to the ground not far away, slowly toward the direction of smoke, the name of the son followed very heavy, Cang Yunzong suzerain also slowly walked past, slowly walked behind Xiao forgot, and the name of the son stood in a row. When Qiushui saw the suzerain passing by, he immediately stepped forward and said, "Grandpa!" Grandpa? It turns out that Qiushui is Xiao's grandson, Xiao Qiushui. But at the moment of Xiao forget, but simply ignore. The suzerain of Cang Yun Zong also took a look at Xiao Qiushui and gave him a look that he didn't want to come over. Xiao Qiushui stepped back gently. His eyes were full of confusion and puzzlement. Xiao forgot to walk step by step until he reached Ruyan not far away. Xiao Qiushui called Xiao forget, in addition to Zhongshan and Princess Qianyou slightly surprised, such as smoke as if they knew in general, did not care at all. Just looking at the slowly approaching Xiao forget. Walking to the front, Xiao forgot two lines of tears and looked at the ghost like smoke. Are you married again. Said the smoke lightly. "Well," Xiao forgot to nod. There is no mask. Why didn't you come to me? Said the smoke lightly. I thought you weren't there anymore. Xiao forgot to take a deep breath. Suddenly, Ruyan smiled for the first time, and the smile was filled with a feeling of misery, a look of relief at last. Like smoke. Xiao forgot to stare at Ruyan and called softly. With a wry smile, Ruyan said, "I'm tired of waiting. This is the token of love you gave me.". Lovesickness button, today, I return it to you. Ruyan gently took out the necklace that had been put on Ruyan Baigu's neck and slowly handed it to Xiao, who held out a hand. Gently, like smoke, put the lovesickness button in the palm of Jihu. For thousands of years, I just want to see you, in order to see you, I work in Xiaofu, just want to see you and return this lovesickness button to you. Now, I see it, and the lovesickness button is also returned to you. My wish has been fulfilled. Ruyan showed a smile of relief. That smile, no matter who saw it. There is a feeling of desolation, a feeling of desolation. Like smoke! Xiao forgot to cry softly again, holding the smoky hand in his hand, unwilling to let go. Ruyan gently opened the flute, forgetting the palm of his hand,ghana seed extract, and said, "I should go, a thousand years ago.". I should just go! "Ruyan, don't go!" Xiao forgets to be crazy and wants to catch Ruyan again. But the body, like smoke, drifted towards the back. Tears drop into the world of mortals, sighing time, hard to find, not to see Lang Jun. For you to keep a thousand years drunk, hate in the heart, sweetheart While singing the first song that Xiao Bing had taught her, Ruyan drifted back, farther and farther away. Ruyan, don't go! Ruyan, don't go! Xiao forgot suddenly as if to become a mortal, quickly toward the smoke, but always can not catch up, such as smoke while singing the song, while floating back, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, slowly, such as smoke figure more and more light, more and more light, slowly disappeared in front of everyone. Gone, gone like smoke, gone like smoke. Ruyan is gone, where he disappeared. Xiao forgot to keep chasing, keep chasing, tears streaming down his face, reaching out to grasp, but how to catch smoke from the underworld in the void, can only run crazily. Ruyan, don't go! Ruyan, don't go! Catch up to the place where the smoke disappears, only catch one thing. One is like another thing left behind when smoke enters the underworld. A picture! The painting of Xiao Bingqi and Ruyan hugging each other, the painting that Zhong Shan saw in Xiao Fu. In the picture, Ruyan is still so beautiful. So beautiful, with a happy face, Xiao Bing, a shrunken old man with a gray head and a chicken skin on his face, was leaning on him. His expression was like smoke and how happy he was. Xiao forgot to catch up with only this picture. There's nothing else. Looking at the painting, Xiao forgot to look at it, the whole heart Ge Xun two down, holding the painting, tears streaming down his face, mouth Na Na said other people's obituary hole, vague words. Not far away, Cang Yunzong suzerain and another general knelt there, also in tears. Looking at the two men, Zhong Shan took a deep breath. Xiao Bingyi's two adopted sons. It turned out that the two adopted sons had not forgotten their adoptive father. What about mine? Where are my three adopted sons? Zhong Di completely forgot himself. What about Zhong Xuan and Zhong Nineteen? What about them? Princess Qianyou's eyes were moist. Holding the place where Ruyan disappeared, he said with a slight sob, "Why did Ruyan leave?"? It's been a thousand years. Why did she leave when we all met? Looking at Princess Qianyou, Zhong Shan grabbed Princess Qianyou's hand and said in a low voice: "This infatuation has been tormented by smoke for thousands of years. She is too tired. Don't you and I listen to her say tired every day these days?" "Ruyan knew long ago that Xiao Bingyi would marry again?" Princess Qianyou stared at Zhongshan. Do you know what's important? For a thousand years, looking at the ever-burning lamp that is still on every day, the smoky heart is also crushed once and again every day in a thousand years. Crush again, a thousand years, such as smoke is very tired. She also said just now, a thousand years of waiting, just to see Xiao Bing lean again, she knows that after a thousand years, Xiao Bing Qi is no longer the former Xiao Bing Qi, at least not like a thousand years ago, each other can go to the afterlife for each other, at least now Xiao will not forget. Ruyan also left, with a relief. She's gone. Zhong Shan said softly. I don't understand! Princess Qianyou shook her head with red eyes. As if unwilling to accept Zhong Shan's theory. Looking at the distance holding a portrait of Xiao Wang crying, Zhong Shan took a deep breath, before, Zhong Shan did not understand, but before in the hall, such as smoke will be "ten halls.". Sent to Zhong Shan, said she did not need, Zhong Shan just understand, such as smoke before want to understand everything, want to understand everything, also know to see Xiao Bingyi will be what scene, also decided to see with a broken heart such as powder to leave this world. When the two armies confronted each other, the viceroy Xiao forgot to cry in the distance. Everyone has seen the viceroy like this for the first time, never, never seen the viceroy like this. Is the giant deer king this,phycocyanin spirulina, but also suddenly have a kind of time and space disorder feeling, very unreal, very unreal. prius-biotech.com

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