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Iron-blooded tears of tenderness Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:05   Engineering   Saratov   86 views
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"My goddaughter has heard that you are a great man, and she wants to see you." Is there such a thing? Hanasaburo was stunned again and immediately said, "It's the honor and favor of my subordinates." Liu Jin smiled and said, "You are very good at talking." "Nine thousand years old, my subordinates are telling the truth." "I didn't say I didn't believe.." said Liu Jin. He raised his right hand slightly and said, "Please ask the princess to go and say that the person she wants to see has arrived." "Yes," a big man promised with a bow. With a promise, he turned and went in. Liu Jin looked at Hua Sanlang and said with a smile, "For the sake of my adopted daughter, I'll give you a seat." When Hua Sanlang heard this, he felt a little uncomfortable. "I dare not," he answered indifferently. "I'll give you a seat," said Liu Jin. "There are no subordinate seats in front of nine thousand years old." He secretly fought with Liu Jin and refused to sit down. Liu Jin frowned slightly and said, "You'd better sit down. I haven't found out her temper yet. She values you very much and admires you very much. If she comes out later and sees you standing, I can't stand it." I see. Hanasaburo smiled to himself and said, "I dare not embarrass my subordinates for nine thousand years." He took two steps forward and sat at the bottom. As soon as Hua Sanlang sat down here, the head of the stall stepped in quickly. He bowed in front of Liu Jin and said, "I'm nine thousand years old. The princess has arrived." This sentence just finished, in addition to Liu Jin, the other people immediately bowed their heads. Others are so respectful, Hua Sanlang since the inconvenience of the big thorn sitting,Service Sink Faucets, had to stand up according to the gourd painting gourd, slightly bowed body and lowered his head. Just listen to a light and orderly footsteps from far to near, came in, followed by a burst of intoxicating fragrance blowing, a sweet crisp voice from the ear: "I have seen Godfather." Liu Jin burst out laughing: "Don't be too polite, don't be too polite, good daughter, come and sit beside the godfather." "Yes!" Seemed to be seated. "Look,stainless steel toilet, my dear daughter," said Liu Jin, "this is the man you want to see, Hua Sanlang, who is also the chief instructor of the East and West Factories." Then it was the sweet and clear voice: "The man is tall and slender, natural and unrestrained. If you want to see him, he must be a handsome man, but how can you not see his face?" Liu Jin laughed and said, "My dear daughter, your godfather is nine thousand years old. Of course you are a princess. Who dares to look up in front of you?" "And what if my daughter asks him to raise his head?" "That's another matter, of course." "Hanasaburo, just raise your head and let me have a look." Hua Sanlang's heart is not the taste, of course, he can not attack, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Self-closing Faucet, or to a huff and go, but he pretended not to hear the general line. He did not move here, but Liu Jin said there: "Hua Sanlang, did you hear that? The princess allowed you to look up." "Thank you for the grace of nine thousand years," said Hanasaburo. He raised his head and saw the princess sitting beside Liu Jin at a glance. Behind her stood eight beautiful maidservants. The princess sitting on the chair, dressed in a red palace dress embroidered with gold flowers and wearing a crown inlaid with pearls and jade, was beautiful and beautiful, but the delicate dimple was too familiar to Hua Sanlang. Who was not Linglong. As a result, Hua Sanlang only looked at him, and his expression was shocked. The girl was indeed Linglong, but there was one thing he couldn't figure out. Although Linglong was Linglong, how could her voice be wrong? Her sweet and clear voice was simply another person. What's going on here. Hua Sanlang was in a daze, and when the thoughts in his mind were surging, he heard the princess say, "This Hua Zong teacher has a big shelf." Liu Jinwei was stunned and hurriedly said, "What's the matter, my dear daughter? You mean.." "Daughter," said the princess, "I told him to raise his head, but he didn't move. He didn't seem to hear. You told him to raise his head, but he raised his head. He probably didn't care about my daughter, the princess." "Ugh!"! Is that so? Hanasaburo? "Nine thousand years old," said Hanasaburo hurriedly. "My subordinates dare not. ” "To put it nicely," said the princess, "I told you to look up just now. Why didn't you move?" How quickly Hanasaburo responded: "When Princess Feng came, her subordinates were frightened by the dignity for a moment. They were at a loss, so they didn't look up. Please forgive the princess." Liu Jin burst out laughing: "I think so, I think so." The princess took a deep look at Hua Sanlang and said, "This Hua Sanlang is really good at talking. If you were such a person, I would not want to see you." Hanasaburo didn't speak. He didn't know what to say. He knew that if the princess was indeed Linglong, then the Linglong girl was now deliberately punishing him, and that it would be better to say less than to say more, lest the clever little girl pick bones out of her words. The princess looked at Hua Sanlang carefully from head to foot, as if she had never seen such a person before. Then she nodded with a smile: "Well, it's really a good character, a rare good character. I'm afraid I can't pick out the second one in the world. Such a good character, coupled with excellent martial arts and extraordinary wit, Hua Sanlang is the'most 'between heaven and earth." I'm afraid you're all alone. Hanasaburo couldn't figure out what Linglong meant. "Thank you for your praise, Princess," he said. "You're wrong," said the princess. "I'm not praising you. I'm telling the truth. I'm not a light person. You'll know later." Hua Sanlang did not speak, this kind of words he really did not know how to answer. Where are you from, Hanasaburo? "Princess Hui," said Hanasaburo, "her subordinates are from outside the pass." "Well, outside the pass, outside the pass is not a good place,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, how can there be such a person as you!" "How can Hua Sanlang answer this?" Who else is at home? "Go back to the princess. My subordinates have been in Jianghu since they were young, and there is no one at home." "By the way, how old are you?" "My subordinates are more than twenty." "You're over twenty. I thought you were only eighteen or nineteen. Have you got a family?" cnkexin.com

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Iron-blooded tears of tenderness