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Iron Flute Excalibur-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Mar 2nd, 2023 at 05:49   Financial Services   Barnaul   93 views
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When Tang Yimin saw the man seeking revenge in front of him, he dared to fight with his sword with the gauze he was wearing. In his heart, he knew that he had met a strong enemy today. Although he was shocked, he was a very sophisticated man, and in front of several martial arts masters, he naturally could not show his face. He still pretended to be calm and smiled proudly. He said, "It's rare, rare. A man in Tang Dynasty has lived in Jianghu for half a lifetime, and he is confident that many people have been able to do it. I haven't seen a weapon like you, girl. I'd like to ask for some advice today to open my eyes, so that you won't come to me in vain." "Jade Bee Lady," said the daughter with a light gauze in her hand, "I have never used weapons to fight with people. Today is the first time I have used them, so I want you to make three moves." He said with a light smile. "I'm ready," he said. "Just do it." "Dongyue Sanren" was forced by her to send an arrow on the string. He slipped and shook his wrist. "All right," he shouted, "I'll fulfill your ambition. Let's try another move." A "lightning strike" went straight to the daughter of the "Jade Bee Lady". This move "Lightning Strike Demon Mansion" was originally the starting move of the Thirteen Styles of Demon Conquering, and it was also ready to be launched. It was as powerful as wind and thunder, as fast as lightning. With a sweep of cold light, it went straight to the "Qimen" cave, the daughter of the "Jade Bee Lady". As soon as she saw the sword, she swung her willow waist to the left to get out of the way three feet away. As soon as her feet were put into practice, Tang Yimin's sword flower touched and turned into a "jade ruler to measure the sky". But when she saw the illusion of the long sword, it was like two long swords. At the same time, she stabbed at two important points. Jade bee lady "the daughter sees the sword potential to attack, neither dodges, also does not jump to hide,warehouse pallet racks, in the sword unreal two between the moment, unexpectedly fiercely to the sword gap to force.". Her posture to meet the enemy, not only is not allowed, but also is a risky taboo, in the eyes of people outside the field, has been stabbed by a sword in general, Zhen son can not help but exclaim. Jade Bee Lady "The daughter listens to Zhen'er to exclaim, the vision slightly sweeps, should say:" You don't be afraid, I... " My words have not yet finished,industrial racking systems, and there has been a change in the field. It turned out that "Dongyue Sanren" had made a move to "measure the sky with a jade ruler", but she not only refused to give way, but also attacked her with a reverse sword. "You really want to die," said the heart. "You can't blame me." Who knows that the truth is just the opposite of what he thinks? Facing the edge of the sword, the man pushed in, but he didn't hurt him. A sudden shock of elasticity rolled up in his heart, and even drew the sword. As soon as he mentioned the True Qi, he jumped more than ten feet high from the ground. The sword changed in the air, and the dazzling light curtain of "Wei Tuo Sacrifice Pole" went straight down. The daughter of the "Lady of the Jade Bee" saw that the oncoming force was so fierce that she did not dare to be careless. As soon as she fell down, her body rose with the wind, as if she were sticking to the back of the "Dongyue Sanren" and leaping in the air. When Tang Yimin's surprise attack failed, it was carried out. A voice like a silver bell sounded behind him, saying, "Three strokes have passed. I'm going to fight back." Tang Yimin Huo's turn, in this turn to take a step, the bottom of the hand a tight, and then recruit "jade ruler to measure the sky" the second time to attack. Jade bee lady "daughter, raise eyebrow to smile, the right hand sends a belt, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, with a bang, a soft gauze, such as a poisonous python out of the hole, shaking his head to spit out the letter like a straight curled sword.". Tang Yimin had been amused by this time. He didn't believe how wonderful this gauze could be, so he had the heart to try. He sucked the Dantian fiercely, penetrated the body of the sword, and picked up the gauze belt rolled up. Jade Bee Lady "The daughter seemed to see the enemy's intentions, and her right hand suddenly closed into her bosom. The gauze belt was like the Milky Way pouring down. Suddenly, she pulled it back. Then she saw her jade hand pressing down and lifting up. The recovered gauze belt suddenly fell down, rose along the hand, and ran up again. The front end of the gauze belt exceeded the height of the person, and suddenly bent again, straight to Tang Yimin's" shoulder well "point." "Dongyue Sanren" even tried this unique weapon two strokes, unexpectedly this gauze belt in her hand, unexpectedly turned into a kind of poisonous python strange dragon. He was not only able to block his own sword, but also able to attack people's acupoints. He was surprised and praised in his heart. He was so busy that he used his long sword again and used what he had learned in his life. But when he saw the sword flowers flying and the wind whistling, he formed a sword curtain. As soon as the daughter of the Jade Bee Lady saw Tang Yimin's all-out display of his life's mechanics, she dared not be careless. With a tight gesture, a long gauze belt immediately turned into a layer of white gas, which surrounded her in the middle of the wind. The two men fought with all their strength, which was really a rare thing in Wulin. They could see that several masters of "Jiangnan Drunken Confucian" held their breath and could not take their eyes off it. In a twinkling of an eye, they fought more than fifty times, but still could not distinguish between them. Dongyue Sanren "Tangmen Thirteen Styles" made repeated moves, but still failed to gain an advantage. He was very anxious. In front of several Wulin colleagues, even an unarmed girl could not win. In the future, rumors would go out, which would be a great loss of dignity. When he was anxious, he had the intention to fight hard. Mind a turn, suddenly a long roar, the sword suddenly tight, dense and fierce like the early summer rainstorm. In a twinkling of an eye, he had attacked more than ten strokes, and suddenly with a loud shout, he jumped back two steps, then jumped up, jumped four or five feet high, right sword left palm, long sword performing thirteen types of magic swordsmanship in a unique learning "Skynet Luo Mo" waving, turning into silver stars all over the sky, flying down, left palm "pushing the wind and helping the waves" splitting out a true force of the inner family. Directly attack the "Tianzhu" cave of the daughter of "Jade Bee Lady". This sword palm is not only the full force of "Dongyue Sanren's" decades of skill, but also his deliberate and desperate fighting method. The oncoming force is as fierce as the sea and waves, which frightens people's hearts. Although the daughter of Jade Bee Lady has a strange knowledge, she lacks Jianghu experience in the end, and she did not expect Tang Yimin to be willing to sacrifice his life to fight, so she saw Tang Yimin suddenly pull out of the air, look up, only feel the sword flower dazzling, sprinkle down, she also smiled lightly, ready to meet the block, but suddenly felt the pressure below suddenly increased, the pressure contained a kind of sultry heat, like the summer heat. Only then did he immediately realize, but "Dongyue Sanren" used both sword and palm, which was extremely powerful and fast. When the daughter of "Jade Bee Lady" realized it, it was too late to avoid it. The daughter of the "Lady of the Jade Bee" was unusually intelligent. At the sight of this situation, it was known that Tang Yimin was deliberately fighting hard. At that moment, he snorted coldly, and a smile appeared on his face. He turned his eyes slightly,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and Fu Yuqi looked at him crazily. Suddenly, he moved half of his lotus step. His charming body was short, and his right wrist was lucky. He made a move to "spin the sky and turn the earth" to make a seven or eight-foot-long gauze dance like a. jracking.com

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Iron Flute Excalibur-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise