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It's getting late. Will anyone come to see us? Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:41   IT & Telecoms   Rubtsovsk   114 views
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I was immediately fascinated by the beautiful island. Walking on the path of Gulangyu Island, I found the beauty of banyan trees, which were flourishing and rooted. On the evening of settling down, sitting at the desk, facing a pile of white manuscript paper, I said to myself that I liked movies so much when I was a child, so I wrote a script that I really wanted to write. This is your first ideal. This is your start. The whole story Chapter 8 If every second of our lives were repeated an infinite number of times, we would be like Jesus crucified, Crucified to eternity. -Inscription Lushan Mountain in autumn is particularly quiet, although there are no peach blossoms in full bloom, enchanting, but the green trees are very calm, very calm, and then walk on the stone road of the flower path, only to suddenly realize that so many years have passed, the temptation of the world has become more and more bizarre, impetuous and shallow. Thank you very much for meeting Chen Ran in the quiet summer of 1996, who has been walking in my life. Thank you very much for his uniqueness, his vastness, his beauty, and his care and indulgence that he has never stopped. If we hadn't met here, we might not have known each other? "If you had fallen in love with me in a moment of emotion, you might not have known me." "Who said I love you?" "Why did you marry me if you didn't love me?" "Yes,plastic pallet manufacturer, why should I marry you?" We sat in the pavilion, avoiding the sudden drizzle in the mountains, as if we were really not young and would no longer fool around in the rain. Looking at the soft silver thread between the lush, there are a few silk falling on his face, hair, eyelashes, crystal clean and transparent, suddenly close to the past to kiss that some pale thin lips,wholesale plastic pallet, this seems to be the second time I took the initiative to kiss him, unexpectedly separated by more than 3000 days and nights, through Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xiamen, tears, hurt heart. Only after repeated struggles and doubts, did I return to the original point and find the simple and pure state of mind ten years ago. Chen Ran looked at me quietly, and I smiled and was embraced by warm arms. Come back to Beijing with me. He gently stroked my hair. Why are you going back? "Get married." "Aren't you married?" "No wedding." "No wedding." "That's no good. If you get old and think of it, I'll be miserable if you make trouble with me again." I broke away from him, stared at him for two seconds, and then laughed: "Well, you carry me down the mountain, and I'll go back to Beijing with you if you can." Chen Ran stood up. What for? "Carry you." "Really?" "Nonsense." He carried it on his back, and I hooked him around the neck and lifted him firmly off the ground. Unexpectedly, mobile garbage bin ,stackable plastic pallets, he really carried me on his back and walked down the hill step by step in the drizzle. I saw passers-by smiling at me and gradually became happy. Yo, not bad, still back move me that? Chen Ran does not know whether to laugh or cry: "You can carry it before, not to mention now." "Hm?" I pinched his face. "You said I was fat?" "Still fat, carrying it like my daughter." "Get out and put me down." "No." That day, I leaned on his wide but thin back and thought, can I really spend my life with him? If even Chen Ran can't always be like me for a lifetime, no one else can. Do you think there is a special love in this world? I think, yes, he is my special love, he is the one who makes me willing to bear everything, willing to share everything, I left for three years, he looked for three years, waiting for three years. I think, even if I leave him forever, he will still wait for me, because I have never stopped waiting for him, we have been together. My hometown in winter welcomed us with heavy snow. I haven't been home for four years. Beijing looks so strange. Many people think that Beijing speaks Mandarin. No, I can hear its unique cadence so clearly. For me, it is the local accent. Chen Ran said that we have a new house, which is very big and beautiful. He designed the decoration furniture himself, but he has never lived in it. He was a graduate student of the National People's Congress and was about to graduate. Finally, he read his favorite philosophy. I said, I want to go home, but I'm afraid, I'm afraid my parents are old. He said he's not old, and he's living well. Your mother's cooking is getting better and better. I had a long time to figure out why this person is so shameless. Mom, why are you down? How cold it is! "Tingting, Tingting." The old lady didn't listen to my complaint at all. She hugged me and cried, "You child, you miss your mother so much." I was helpless, watching my father behind my mother looking at me giggling, a large, white snow fell on him. When I got close to the house, I found that Chen Ran was more popular than me. He was the first to eat delicious food. My parents were very affectionate. My mother not only praised him, but also questioned my household registration. When it came to the wedding, she talked a lot. I finally couldn't stand it. I went into the house again. The bed was all new, but when I lay down, it was still the familiar smell. In those days, I was hiding here at midnight. Again and again, I made a phone call to Chen Ran's home that no one answered. At that time, there was no mobile phone, and I heard Wang Jingwen's cassette. The school uniform of No.2 Middle School was silly, and it was all vivid in my mind. I opened my suitcase and took out the thick manuscript paper. Except for my calm heart, this is all I got in Xiamen. Professor Zhang of the university has been helping me. Every time I finish the script, he recommends it for me. I put the manuscript he urged for more than a year into the fax machine one by one. I hope this time, it is really written. I don't know why Zhang Lao has been optimistic about me, but some people believe it. I am particularly easy to insist, Chen Ran said to me before, you write something,foldable bulk container, did not expect, this writing, will be a lifetime to write. cnplasticpallet.com

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