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Jiu Que Meng Hua Jie You Dao-Bu Fei Yan _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Dec 30th, 2022 at 03:17   Transportation & Logistics   Saratov   181 views
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Xin Tieshi struggled to raise the Qingyang Sword, but found that he could not split it. Because the power of the water sleeve attack is too great, it seems that the sky and the earth are all in its package, covering the front is empty, forcing the left is dangerous. Xin Tieshi hesitated slightly, and his body was blown far away and fell into the abyss. But the cliff was empty, and there was no Chunxiang tied in sheepskin. The mountain wind whistled, and the face was about to crack. Xin Tieshi's mind turned, and he couldn't help looking forward to the divine doctor of the King of Hell. "Fool," said the miraculous doctor of the King of Hell angrily! Use the formula to resist the wind! Xin Tieshi's heart moved. Yes, the legendary doctor of the King of Hell passed on his sword formula, which was to lead the wind and take the wind as the force. Now the wind is howling in the deep cliff, and it is unknown if we can borrow the power! He took a deep breath, opened his hands, raised his arms horizontally, and tried to calm his mind to feel the wind passing between his arms. He was like a fish, walking through a violent current that almost washed him away, but still held his body. Slowly, he felt a force coalesce between his arms, and though it was weak, his descent slowed a little. Xin Tieshi was overjoyed, and the wind suddenly dropped. The fall of the two men suddenly accelerated. "I told you that the most important thing is the heart," said the King of Hell! If you can't understand the essence of Yufeng Jue,large ficus tree, you can fall to your death! Xin Tieshi was in a great hurry, the ground was getting closer and closer, and the roar of the wind came like an angry wave, which made his body sway. Death is at hand. A cold sweat poured down his forehead, and he felt his arms getting weaker and weaker, and he could hardly move because of the wind. Death became the most real image in an instant, covering his head firmly. Is Ruohuabai dead? Has he always been so calm about his grievances? Not reconciled! A sense of grief and indignation rose from the bottom of Xin Tieshi's heart, and the Qingyang sword in his hand suddenly waved vigorously. In an instant,silk ficus tree, as if it was an illusion, the wind suddenly stopped. As he danced and moved, he seemed to be filled with strength, like a dragon in the sky. The wind actually danced along the edge of his sword. His sword clung to the wind, almost perfectly. Death, like a hammer, finally knocked out his potential completely. The sword whistled, and the force of the wind lifted him up like a falling feather. Xin Tieshi was overjoyed, but his mind did not dare to relax. With one breath, he slowly fell down to the bottom of the cliff. Suddenly, I heard Jun Tianliechang laugh and say, "Second Elder Martial Brother is really lucky. He can't even die like this. Then let my younger brother wish you a helping hand again." Words have not yet finished, the wind suddenly strong, a big stone hit the head down! Stone has not yet arrived, the fierce force has stirred up the wind all over the sky, two people just stabilized the figure was immediately blown away! There was a panic in Xin Tieshi's heart. The miraculous doctor of the King of Hell shouted, outdoor palm trees ,decorative palm trees, "The sword splits the big stone and bounces off." It's easy to say, but in the air, there is no place to exert, but how to split? How to play? Xin Tieshi had to step up his efforts. Fortunately, the fall of the stone was really fierce. He was so cruel that he didn't think about life and death. He just stared at the big stone with all his strength. At the moment when the stone was on the top, the sword crashed out. The wind filled the air and the two of them jumped out. The boulder crashed to the ground, and immediately the riprap rose into the air, causing pain to the two men. With his feet on the ground, Xin Tieshi breathed a sigh of relief, and even he felt lucky. The miraculous doctor of the King of Hell did not speak. He took a silver needle from his neck and said, "Hurry up!" Xin Tieshi can not help but be shocked, could it be that he just a sword against the wind, actually borrowed the power of this silver needle? He picked up his sword and tried to thrust it out. The storm of the big stone was still there, but the tip of his sword was still so weak. But the meaning of the sword remained in his heart. Xin Tieshi tried to figure out, could it be that the essence of Yufeng Jue lies in the firmness of the moment of life and death? If Xin Tieshi realized something, he felt a little at ease. Hearing the roar of eagles in the sky, Lingjun's four eagles rose and fell to the bottom of the cliff. Xin Tieshi did not dare to stay and hurried forward. Fortunately, there were few people in Tianye Valley, and the trees grew very luxuriantly, and were covered with thick and tall wormwood. Looking down from the air, you could hardly see the ground. Also in the moonlit night, Xin Tieshi had a lot of research on this hidden art, and although the sound of the eagle had been hovering in midair, it had never pounced. He breathed a sigh of relief and was just about to take a breath when suddenly, the sound of eagles was about to crack, and the four flying eagles of Jiuhua suddenly swooped down together and shot down angrily at four different points. But these four points are not Xin Tieshi's hiding place, this can not help but he is not inexplicable, but the Yama doctor blurted out: "Not good!" This dive naturally can not find the whereabouts of Xin Tieshi, but the four people each use their unique skills, but it is the ground densely growing vegetation swept away, at a glance. Followed by a dive, has been very close to the side of Xin Tieshi. Only then did Xin Tieshi know the strategy of the four men, and in a panic, he carried the Yama doctor on his back and ran away. The miraculous doctor of the King of Hell stopped him and said, "Running like this is not the way to go. Your internal force cannot swallow and spit, nor can it last long.". Why don't we change our faces? Xin Tieshi frowned and said, "What's the use of transfiguration?"? Anyway, there are only two of us in this valley, and they can see it at a glance! "What if they can't find us?" Asked the King of Hell with a smile. He opened his trunk and took out something, saying, "This is what I used to avoid tigers, leopards and beasts when I was collecting herbs. It just came in handy." It was flat and soft, and I didn't know what it was made of. Xin Tieshi was puzzled and didn't know what it was used for. The miraculous doctor of the King of Hell shook against the wind. The thing was full of gas and suddenly filled up. The miraculous doctor of the King of Hell carefully placed it against a big stone. Xin Tieshi suddenly understood its function. Because it is exactly the same as the stone, even the texture, color, texture are no difference, Xin Tieshi good touch, it has become extremely hard, a little effort, and some stone chips fall. "Let's get in,faux ficus tree," said the King of Hell with a smile. "You can even get some sleep. When they're far away, we'll come out and do what we have to do." Xin Tieshi nodded, lifted the "big stone" and respectfully asked the King of Hell to get in. hacartificialtree.com

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