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Legend of the Condor Heroes Full-time Job

Feb 21st, 2023 at 06:15   Engineering   Saransk   375 views
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In such a test, my foolish disciple will lose. Straight woman thief, fight with the old poison first. Then he looked up to the sky with a smile and stared directly at Ouyang Feng. "We are all martial arts learners," he said. "If we don't compete in martial arts, is it better to eat and shit?"? Your nephew is hurt, but you're not. Come on, let's go to the examination room for them. Without waiting for Ouyang Feng to answer, he slapped him on the shoulder. Ouyang Feng sank his shoulders and turned his arms back a few feet. Hong Qigong put the bamboo stick on the bamboo table beside him and shouted, "Come on." Voice has just finished, both hands have sent seven strokes, the end is fast and incoherent. Ouyang Feng left block right flash, the seven strokes all let go, the right hand will be inserted into the pavilion square brick, in this moment, the left hand has also returned seven strokes. Huang Yaoshi gave a shout of praise, but did not dissuade him. He wanted to see how far these two martial arts masters, who were as famous as him, had gone in the past 20 years. Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng are both suzerains of the same school. Their martial arts reached their peak 20 years ago. After discussing the sword in Huashan Mountain, they devoted themselves to hard training, and their kungfu became more and more refined. Meeting again on the Peach Blossom Island this time is different from being arrogant when discussing swords in Huashan Mountain. Two people first each hair quick move, did not point to, that is, has been closed, each other to test each other's actual situation. The two men's fists and palms were flying between the bamboo leaves. Although they were trying to make a move, they were full of profound martial arts. Guo Jing looked at the side in a trance,custom cosmetic packaging, only to see two people or attack or defend, not a move is not unexpected wonderful work. The Nine Yin Sutra contains the gist of martial arts in the world. The most basic methods and know-how, whether internal or external, boxing and swordsmanship, are all contained in the first volume of the Sutra. After Guo Jing memorized it, although the truth was not clear, his knowledge was very different unconsciously. At this time, he saw that every attack and attack between the two men seemed to be in line with the method described in the Sutra, and that they were all strange and ingenious moves that he had never dreamed of. When he wanted to go deep into it,polyfoil tube, the two men's boxing moves changed early, leaving only a vague shadow in his mind. Previously he heard Huang Yaoshi and Ouyang Feng Xiao Zheng fight, that is invisible internal force, after all, it is extremely difficult to confirm with the scriptures, this tangible fist and foot can be much easier to understand. It only made him exultant and itchy. In a twinkling of an eye, two people have dismantled more than three hundred strokes, Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng are not frightened, admire each other. As Huang Yaoshi looked on, he couldn't help sighing to himself. "I've been practicing hard on the Peach Blossom Island," he said to himself. "As soon as Wang Chongyang died, my martial arts were already the best in the world. But I didn't know that Lao Jiaohua and Lao Poison had gone their separate ways, and they had all practiced such respectable and awesome kungfu!" Ouyang Ke and Huang Rong had their own concerns, hoping that one of them would win quickly, but they could not understand the subtlety of their boxing moves. As soon as Huang Rong squinted, she suddenly saw a dark shadow dancing on the ground beside her. When she looked up, it was Guo Jing. His face was strange. He seemed to be in a state of ecstasy. She was surprised and called out in a low voice, plastic packing tube ,pump tube, "Brother Jing!" Guo Jing did not hear it and was still kicking and punching. When Huang Rong looked carefully, he realized that he was simulating the boxing moves of Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng. At this time, the path of the two men fighting each other had changed, and every move and style was sent out slowly. Sometimes a person meditates for a moment, throws a punch, after the opponent evades, sits down to rest for a while, and then stands up to return a punch. This is not a martial boxing. It is much slower and more relaxed than the martial arts taught by the master and the apprentice. But look at the appearance of two people, but it is more solemn than just a quick fight. Huang Rong turned her head to look at her father and saw him staring at them in a trance, with a strange expression on his face. Only Ouyang Ke kept making eyes at her, waving a folding fan in his hand, looking very elegant and romantic. Guo Jing couldn't help cheering loudly when he saw his forgetfulness. Ouyang Ke said angrily, "You don't understand. What are you shouting about?" "You don't understand yourself," said Huang Rong. "How do you know others don't understand?" Ouyang Ke said with a smile, "He's putting on an act and being silly. How can he know my uncle's magic skills at such a young age?" "You're not him," said Huang Rong. "How do you know he doesn't know you?" The two of them were fighting, but Huang Yaoshi and Guo Jing turned a deaf ear and just watched the fight intently. At this time, Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng were squatting on the ground, one flicking his forehead with the middle finger of his left hand, the other holding his ears, both closing their eyes and thinking hard, suddenly shouting, jumping up and exchanging a punch and a kick at the same time, and then thinking separately. The kung fu of the two of them has reached this level, and the martial arts of various schools are all impassable. There is no need to use the existing moves in the world. Knowing that no matter how powerful the killer is, the other side can easily resolve it, they must create a magical new move to defeat the enemy. Twenty years ago, after they discussed swords, one was in the Central Plains and the other was in the Western Regions. They couldn't understand each other. They didn't know each other's new way to practice martial arts. At this time, when they met, both of them had made great progress in martial arts, but they were still the same as twenty years ago. Each had his own strengths and taboos, and neither could restrain the other. Seeing the moonlight fading away and the red sun rising in the east, the two of them exhausted their wisdom and thought out countless new moves. The strength of their fists and palms was extremely changeable, but they knew the enemy and were always hard to distinguish between high and low. Guo Jing witnessed two people with the strongest martial arts in the world fighting, with strange and skillful tricks, and the end is endless. He seemed to understand all these moves, and sometimes when he saw a few moves, it seemed that they were somewhat similar to the principles of boxing taught by Zhou Botong, and then he imitated them. But in the middle of learning, Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng had a new move, and he had forgotten what he had remembered before. When Huang Rong saw him like this, she was secretly surprised. "I haven't seen him for more than ten days," she thought. "Could it be that he has suddenly been given the gift of heaven by God and has made great progress in martial arts?"? I was puzzled. How could he be so surprised and amazed? On second thought: "Is my silly brother crazy about me?" She and Guo Jing were separated for many days, unable to meet each other, but unable to get close to each other after meeting, so she came forward to hold his hand. At this time, Guo Jing is imitating Ouyang Feng's reflexive palm, which looks ordinary, but has great potential hidden inside. Huang Rong just pinched his palm, but unexpectedly his palm strength suddenly, only to feel a strong push on their own, immediately the body can not help but fly to the air. Guo Jing palm is pushed out, this ability consciousness, cry: "Oh!" Jumping up to be picked up,plastic cosmetic tubes, Huang Rong twisted her slender waist and stood on the top of the bamboo pavilion. Guo Jing jumped up after landing, pulled the eaves of the pavilion corner with his left hand, and took advantage of the situation to turn up. The two men sat side by side on the top of the bamboo pavilion and watched the battle from a commanding position. emptycosmetictubes.com

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Legend of the Condor Heroes