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Limit exchange space _ 20200215155746. Full-time Job

Nov 29th, 2022 at 04:30   Marketing & Communication   Ruzayevka   127 views
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Yi Chi is very depressed, he just asked the other side a simple question. . Press ct[.] L + d Quick Collection "" It is believed that many people heard this question and at most added a reply after answering it, knowing that the robber named Liu Sanzi actually said a lot of words without nutrition. Shaking the fan in his hand, this is before Yi Chi left Fengyuan City, that Yin Xiangtian insisted on giving him, although not a nihilistic Lingbao, but also a rare Qimen weapon, for the sake of its full appearance, Yi Chi also accepted it. After leaving the city of Fengyuan, Yi Chi took Yu Fei two people all the way to the west, this Fengyuan city is the western edge of the eastern forces of the city, and then to the west, that is the endless grassland, and after the grassland, Yi Chi has to pass through an inland sea, said to be the inland sea, its scope is very large! And Yi Chi along the way he is also trying to find the nearby gang of robbers, although these robbers may come to the door, but Yi Chi two people's target is too small, Yi Chi is really afraid they will not find themselves. In order to accumulate enough nihilistic stones as soon as possible, Yi Chi's speed was greatly reduced along the way, and every time he passed through the poor mountains and rivers, he would carefully search for them. After months of stop-and-go, nothing was found. It seemed that the robber knew that it was not a good idea to settle down near the city,die casting parts, but it was impossible to find the robber near Fengyuan City. It took Yi Chi three months to get to the vicinity of Heima Mountain. As soon as he reached the vicinity of Heima Mountain, Yi Chi discovered a gang of robbers on the mountain. This is also an accidental opportunity. Because to look for robbers, Yi Chi often took Yu Fei to shuttle through the forest, where it looked easy to be ambushed, Yi Chi went to drill, thought that day would not have any harvest, the results of Yi Chi's front foot just crossed a stream, behind him there was a sound of breaking the air. Originally at this time to hear the sound of breaking the air should be a big change in face, but Yi Chi is full of joy. However,Stainless steel foundry, this joy did not last long. As soon as he turned around, he saw three ferocious men being shot out by Yufei. A leaf turned into a plug. Needless to say, Yufei never showed mercy. Originally Yi Chi also wanted to torture these robbers, now good, the other side died directly! Helplessly, Yi Chi is not good to blame Yu Fei, after all, the other side is protecting themselves, if they see the people they protect being attacked from behind, Yi Chi will subconsciously kill each other completely. Very literary However, although the three robbers died, but also let Yi Chi get a good message. There are robbers on the Black Horse Mountain! Yes, the three dead robbers were dressed in standard clothes, and it was obvious that they were an organized gang of robbers. Since there were three robbers here, there must be more robbers nearby. And the general organized robbers will have a base like their own cottage, and Yi Chi is looking for, non standard fasteners ,titanium machining parts, it is such a place! Now that he knew that there were robbers in the Black Horse Mountain, Yi Chi no longer hesitated. Then with Yu Fei, two people began to search in Heima Mountain, so there was this scene before. Mistress, uh! Liu Sanzi's eldest brother is not an old gay friend, is he? The heart is full of evil thoughts, it is really this small three two words are too intrepid, unexpectedly a man actually has a name to call small three. Kneeling on the ground Liu Sanzi did not see Yi Chi speak, the heart suddenly flustered up, thinking about where he offended the other side, making the other side began to consider whether to kill themselves! This Liu Sanzi can be frightened, even busy also no matter what can not look directly at each other this taboo, in the shadow of death, Liu Sanzi peeked at each other's expression. But when he saw the expression on his face, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. "There is no murderous look. It seems that this adult is not going to kill me!" After putting down the worries in his heart, Liu Sanzi could not help thinking in his heart, how could this adult show a playful expression? Is it difficult for him to know a man named Liu Sanzi? Or is the adult's name also very strange? Just when Liu Sanzi was thinking about it, Yi Chi spoke. Liu Sanzi, now I come to ask you, you must honestly give me an answer, but if you make a mistake, I want your head to fall! Do you understand? At this time, although Yi Chi is still that kind of appearance, but Liu Sanzi can not help but tremble a few times, a cold slowly rose from his back, immediately invaded his brain, making him can not help but tremble. Yes, yes, yes! The little one must answer truthfully and never deceive adults! Knowing that life and death were just around the corner, Liu Sanzi was not afraid. Although his speech became a little unclear, he still expressed his meaning coherently. Fortunately, there was no disgrace. See Liu Sanzi seems a little afraid, Yi Chi immediately satisfied with a smile, the other side afraid of death is a good thing for him, Yi Chi really do not want to meet a hard-boned robber! Like this kind of robber who is afraid of death, it is the easiest to get information about the robber group on the Black Horse Mountain! Fear of death is good, as long as he is afraid of death, he will tell Yi Chi everything he knows in order to survive, and because he is afraid of saying the wrong thing to offend Yi Chi, Liu Sanzi absolutely dare not have the slightest lie. 'Pow ~ ' Opening the folding fan, Yi Chi smiled and stared at Liu Sanzi, who was kneeling on the ground, and asked, "Tell me, is there a group of robbers on Heima Mountain?" Hearing the question, Liu Sanzi did not dare to hesitate and hurriedly replied, "Yes, yes, yes!"! There is indeed a group of robbers on the Black Horse Mountain, called the Black Horse Robber Group. The little one is a member of the Black Horse Robber Group. This time, he was sent down the mountain by my vicious eldest brother to patrol the mountain. But my eldest brother was on the mountain with my woman openly. If I wasn't as strong as him, I would have killed him with a knife! A slight twitch at the corners of the mouth, this Liu Sanzi really added a lot of nonsense after answering the question,alloy die casting, although this kind of gossip Yi Chi itself is also very like to listen to, but now is the time to do business, this Liu Sanzi's words are too much!. autoparts-dx.com

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