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Limit exchange space Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 08:13   Medical & Healthcare   Talnakh   109 views
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These three killer organizations each manage a range of business, they have a clear geographical scope, as long as one side crosses the line, then the other two sides will collectively attack that side, so that he eventually collapsed. It is said that when the killer industry was just emerging on the mainland of nothingness, there were tens of thousands of killer organizations, but more than a dozen Hongji passed, and now there are only three killer organizations left. Killer organizations are different from robber groups, they are more rigorous, more standardized, but also more powerful. The three killer organizations can be regarded as the most powerful gangs besides the three top forces. In fact, the three organizations together are comparable to any one of the three top forces except that there is no top force in the original holy land. But also because there is no top force, so in the three top forces have not yet fled the world, they can only carefully accept some business, until the three top forces fled the world, their fangs are finally known by all the saints. At the beginning of a period of time, there was a sudden wave of killers on the land of nothingness. Almost all the time, people were killed by killers. Countless saints chose to join the killer organization for fear of being assassinated. Of course, the three killer organizations do not accept people by the way, their minimum requirement is the Holy Land Saint,Inflatable bouncer, but also must accept a series of killer training and testing, which can become a formal killer, began to accept a business. On the land of nothingness, the names of the three killer organizations can be said to be fearsome, as long as you hear the three names, you can frighten people to run away, which is easy to let the pool of this person who has not felt can not understand, but the existence of anything must have its characteristics,Inflatable dry slide, since everyone is so afraid of the three killer organizations, Naturally, the three killer organizations stand on the cusp of the nothingness continent. As a killer, mission failure is a very shameful thing, and no matter which one of the three killer organizations has the same rule, as long as the assassin can escape three assassinations, then the killer organization will never accept the list of assassins. But from the establishment of the three killer organizations to the present, the people who can do this, also so three or four, one hand are counted over the people, and these people are very strong, this is also the reason why they can avoid being assassinated, of course, another reason is that they know how to hide, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable water slide, never tell their true strength to let others know. This also makes it impossible to accurately locate the strength of the target when sending the killer, so that the three assassinations ended in failure. But throughout history, no one has been able to be three killer organizations at the same time as the target of no assassination, some people can be two killer organizations as the target of no assassination, but no one has ever been possible to be three killer organizations at the same time as the target, of course, this is not including the original holy land saint, after all, there are only three original holy land saints on the land of nothingness. Where can their killer organization find the fourth original saint to assassinate them? Dou Shen Relics Chapter 701 Target, Blood Maple City! Chapter seven hundred and one target, blood maple city! (Third Watch) About the killer organization, Yi Chi is very interested, the heart is also thinking when to get a killer title, this is also very good! One is that it will not be assassinated by its own organization, and the other is that it is conducive to enhancing its own strength. If the dark soul wants to grow up, he must always slay the master, but Yi Chi can't kill one when he sees one! This is too crazy, and not all the time someone will find Yi Chi's trouble, so it is a little difficult to let the dark soul grow up. And become a killer, it seems much simpler, not only can let the dark soul drink the blood of the master, but also can further improve their fighting level, why not? But this matter is obviously still early, after all, people recruit the minimum limit is the sacred realm, and Yi Chi is only a small true holy realm saint, compared to the sacred realm, he still has a lot of way to go. The most important thing now is to find a chaotic place, and then let Yi Chi improve his strength. In fact, in the battle is the most able to understand the rules, but the risk is also very huge, not everyone likes to understand the rules in the battle, but Yi Chi is quite like to do so, so he is now asking Yu Fei about this matter, Yu Fei is the cheap bodyguard that Lin Yun Supreme sent to Yi Chi, which is also asked by Yi Chi himself. Otherwise, she would have told herself her name when she left. But Yi Chi also has no other meaning, just want to have a name for it, otherwise when she is always called'feed feed ', it is also a very impolite thing. Yufei, do you know if there are any chaotic places on the land of nothingness where battles often take place? Yi Chi asked Yu Fei as he walked. Is Yufei still as cold as that? She answered without looking back: "Blood Maple City." Her words have always been, if you can use three words to answer the question, she will never use four words to answer, for such a way of answering, Yi Chi has seen nothing strange! "Blood Maple City?"? What kind of place is this? What happened to not fighting in the city? Yi Chi asked doubtfully. Yufei looked at Yi Chi, obviously annoyed that Yi Chi always asked this and that,Jumping castle with slide, but she still answered Yi Chi's question. It turned out that the city of Blood Maple was not a real city. It was just a place with some buildings and a group of people. There were no walls or guards. Most of the people gathered there were robbers or some perverse people. There were often battles in the city of Blood Maple. No, it should be said that there were casualties there all the time. As long as someone doesn't like you, they will come up and fight with you directly. There is no order to speak of. There is a gathering place for all the evil people. No normal person will like to go there. joyshineinflatables.com

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