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Military Marriage Mian Mian: Gu Shao, Spoil His Wife Too Much Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 07:37   Human Resources   Dalnegorsk   89 views
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Like warm water, completely surrounded her inside, did not begin to resist, the body has been soft, the whole body is weak. Huo Weiwu pushed back. He approached, pressed the back of her head, lifted her into his arms, and sucked her soft lips. It's like a delicious pudding. He really wants to set the time at this moment. She will always be by his side. He didn't let go of the kiss until she was out of breath. Huo Weiwu recovered and became angry. He used force again. She slapped him in the face. Before his hand touched his face, he held his wrist. Let it go Huo Wei's dance enlivens the airway. Gu Ting looked at her reddish eyes, which seemed to be on fire. He moved her hand to his face, released it, and looked at her deeply. That seems to mean that he agreed to her fight. Huo Weiwu is out of breath instead. She withdrew her hand and leaned back in her chair. "I'm going back. I'm tired." "No more fighting?" Gu Ting asked softly. Huo Weiwu looked at him and said lazily, "My hand hurts." Gu Ting twisted her eyebrows, spread out the palm of her hand,Inflatable indoor park, examined it carefully, and asked worriedly, "Was it scratched just now?"? It's dirty there. It's not good if the wound is infected. You're already weak. "I'm not hurt. I said it hurts to hit your hand." Huo Weiwu explained. Gu Ting paused and his eyes moved to her face. In this environment, this sentence sounds more like hitting your body and hurting my heart. Huo Wei dance face slightly red, very cramped to pull back his hand, lifted his hair,Inflatable water park factory, just remember the palm is dirty, you can imagine how dirty her hair. She was eager to go home and take a shower. When do you drive? Huo Weiwu urged. Gu Ting looked out of the window. "Colonel Shang, get in the car." Lieutenant Colonel Shang opened his eyes and stepped gingerly into the driver's seat. He glanced at Huo Wei Wu. Huo Weiwu is looking at him. Lieutenant Colonel Shang immediately pulled out an ingratiating smile, really afraid of Huo Weiwu to tell Gu Ting what had just happened. Who are you smiling at? Gu Ting was unhappy to guard against the way. Lieutenant Colonel Shang flashed panic and forgot that there was still a jar of vinegar with lethality there. He quickly winked, looking for a reason: "I did not smile, eyes uncomfortable." With a sneer, Huo Weiwu turned away and looked out of the window. She is lazy and annoyed with Lieutenant Colonel Shang. Gu Ting's face was a little worse, and he told Lieutenant Colonel Shang, "You go down and get into another car." "Yes." Lieutenant Colonel Shang got out of the car dejectedly and replaced a soldier to drive. Approaching Huo Wei dance downstairs, Gu Ting's cell phone rang. He looked at Gu's caller ID and hesitated for a moment before answering it. Ting, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable floating water park, listen to your mother, you are going to get married, ah, which girl, why not tell Grandpa, let Grandpa also see. Gu said happily. Gu Ting looked at Huo Weiwu, "three days later, I will bring her to see you." "Why do you have to wait three days? I happened to be outside today. You called her out to show me. Grandpa didn't eat her again." Gu said with a smile. I'll give you an answer later. Gu Ting hung up the phone and asked Huo Weiwu, "My grandfather wants to see you now. Will you see him or not?" 226. No Didn't Chapter 226 say that the noodles I made tasted bad? "No." Huo Weiwu answered without even thinking about it. The old man wanted to catch her to vent his anger on his granddaughter. When she went to see him, wasn't she looking for abuse? "All right, no." Gu Ting said briskly. Huo Weiwu looked at him in surprise and looked at his deep eyes. There is a strange feeling flowing in my heart. She felt that Gu Ting seemed a little different from before. He gave her an extra layer of accommodation. Or is she overthinking it again? When her house arrived, Huo Weiwu pushed open the door and got off. She saw Gu Ting follow her down. I'm home. Huo Weiwu said. What she means is that he can send it here. Well, I'm hungry. Cook me a bowl of noodles. Gu Ting said naturally. He walked in front of her with one hand in his pocket. Didn't you say the noodles I made tasted bad? Huo Wei Wu impeached. When you are hungry, you don't feel bad when you eat anything. Can you cook anything else besides noodles? Gu Ting squinted at her. Without looking at Gu Ting, Huo Weiwu pressed the elevator and said with drooping eyes, "There are many restaurants outside, including Western-style, Chinese-style, French, Japanese, Korean and Thai. There is always one that suits you.". ” When the elevator opened, she stepped into the elevator and pressed the key. Before the elevator was closed, Gu Ting also went in and said, "I want to eat the noodles you made now." "What if I don't?" Huo Weiwu provoked. Then I'll eat you. Gu Ting said seriously, as if stating a fact that was about to happen. His danger, self-evident, makes people dare not make mistakes easily. Huo Weiwu turned his face away and stopped talking. There were only two of them in the elevator, and the atmosphere suddenly congealed. There is a kind of ambiguous factor rippling in space. Protrusive Gu Ting turned around and put one hand on her brain, looking down at her with deep eyes, breathing on her face. In his eyes, it was undisguised aggression. The handsome face moved closer to her. Huo Weiwu's back stiffened, his eyelashes trembled, and his hand rested on his chest, rising and falling with his breathing. She could feel his heart beating and his fingertips trembling. Gu Ting is really a very dangerous man. His bewitching also makes people unprepared and easy to get lost. There's surveillance in the elevator. Huo Weiwu reminded. So? Gu Ting looked at her without a care and asked. Huo Weiwu looked up at him,inflatable water slide, "Do you want a live broadcast? People who eat melons don't pay for it. Maybe they will record it and put it on a net to earn clicks. If your skills are not good, you will comment on it and attack it with a few waistcoats." Gu Ting took out his cell phone, dialed the phone and ordered in a deep voice: "Turn off the elevator surveillance video." Huo Weiwu: "… …" joyshineinflatables.com

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Became a heartthrob after dressing up as a cannon fodder