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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:15   Real Estate   Balashikha   8 views
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Just listen to the sound of Zi, when the branches pass by, they seem to be plated with a layer of red light, and then fall to the ground blackened. Nannan was so surprised that she stepped back and stared at the blue eyes in disbelief. Mo Nanjue's thin lips pursed coldly. Tong Ran opened his eyes wide in surprise, "this is." High voltage infrared wall?! Tong Ran has studied in the special theory class of secret agents, as long as something touches, it will be immediately blackened by high-voltage electricity. This is an excellent way to prevent escaping over the wall. Tong Ran waved his hand hurriedly, "Nannan, come to the back quickly, don't run around." Nannan obediently ran behind Mo Nanjue and did not rush again. Mo Nanjue hugged Tong Ran tightly and looked at the rear, and the wall continued to the back. This is the highest place, even if the infrared wall does not exist, it is difficult to climb out. The man turned around and walked back along the wall, trying to find a wall that he could climb out of, and then think of another way. Tong Ran did not make a sound, while listening to the sound of danger, while his hands around him. After walking for less than five minutes, the wall beside him was much shorter than before. This is designed according to the height of the terrain, which is also in line with the aesthetic and structure. Monanjue continued to walk forward, and by the end of the line, the wall was high enough to turn out. The man's legs stood still and his eyes fell back on the infrared rays. Mo Nanjue frowned, he did not have time to think so much,Amber Dropper Bottles, just need to send the children safely out first. Just as he was thinking about it, suddenly there was a rustling sound in the grass beside him. Mo Nanjue was suddenly alert. He put Tong Ran down to protect him behind his back, broke a long branch and held it in his hand. His whole body was full of murderous look. Then the grass was pushed aside and a figure came out. Qiao Qian raised his hands and hurriedly said, "Jue Shao, Miss Tong, it's me!" …… Tong Ran was stunned and his eyes fell on her. This is not.. The woman Mu Bailiang gave to Mo Nanjue, Qiao Qian? She also impersonated her. Chapter 4064 I hope you can remember me. Mo Nanjue raised a branch in midair and looked coldly at Qiao. "Why are you here?" I.. Has been waiting for you here, "Qiao said,30ml Dropper Bottle, looking at him blushing," I believe you go to save Miss Tong, and then will be able to find here. Mo Nanjue narrowed his eyes. "Are you waiting here?" "Yes, this is the only place to get out," Qiao pointed to the wall full of ivy. "This wall is covered with high-voltage infrared rays 24 hours a day. If you touch it, you will be electrocuted." Tong Ran nodded when he heard this. "We've just tried this." "But there is a loophole, a servant told me," said Qiao Qian, turning around and pointing to the bottom of the corner. "There is an electric switch on the wall. As long as someone pulls down the handle of the switch, the high-voltage infrared ray on the wall will fail for about fifteen seconds, and then it will recover." Mo Nanjue raised his eyebrows and pulled the switch? Certainly not so simple, if just ordinary pull the switch, that is not who can turn out?! Tong Ran was about to ask, but Qiao Qian suddenly looked up, "Jue Shao, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, I like you very much." “……” Tong Ran was stunned. Mo Nanjue handsome face suddenly cold, not waiting for him to open his mouth, Qiao shallow then said, "In fact, I think there is no difference between such love and love, but if I say love." Maybe it's a little frivolous. Maybe the word "like" is more suitable for unrequited love. Qiao smiled and suddenly looked at Tong Ran again. She said with some envy, "Miss Tong, for so many days, Jue Shao has never touched me, nor has he looked at me more. I can see that he only has you in his eyes. In fact, I feel very sad.." She changed the subject, "but at the same time, you are very lucky to have a man who is willing to love you with his life." You are the happiest woman in the world, and I want to be loved by the person I love in my next life. I hope you can be happy all the time and grow old together. Tong Ran frowned, "you." "Help me tell my sister-in-law," Qiaoqian interrupted her, "tell her, don't be blinded by hatred, there is always something more worthy of her to pay, I have found, I hope she can find. ” "Your sister-in-law." "Is Huo Xinjie," Qiao shallow look to Mo Nanjue, "Jue less, her surname is you." …… Last name is You?! Monanjue's black eyes suddenly narrowed, the eldest daughter of the missing fourth family?! Tong Ran raised his face, "Miss Qiao, what you said." Boom! The voice did not fall, a gunshot mixed with the voice of his men came. "Search for me!" Mo Nanjue's eyes sank and he took Tong Ran into his arms. Qiao Qian smiled. "You must go out safely." She looked up. "Mo Nanjue, I can't do anything for you, but this is the only thing I can do. I hope you can remember me. My name is Qiao Qian." The words fall, Qiao shallow suddenly turned around, Tong ran too late to pull her, Qiao shallow quickly rushed to the corner, crouched down toward the switch handle a hard pull. "Go!"! Don't let me die in vain! With a bang, a huge electric current jumped up from the handle! Qiao shallow whole body is passed by electricity, in an instant electricity to death, Tong Ran suddenly opened his eyes, surprised to cry out, "No." "Search over there!"! Hurry up The voice of his men came again. The infrared ray disappears for only fifteen seconds, which is short and urgent. Mo Nanjue black eyes contracted violently, no time to stay, he hugged Tong Ran in his arms, clasped the bricks on both sides of the wall and turned outside! Chapter 4065 there should be no gas poisoning. This part of the wall is not too high, perhaps because of the high-voltage infrared, so there is no other obstacle placed on the top of the wall, it is not difficult to simply turn out. Nannan followed closely behind, it quickly climbed up the side of the tree, and then jumped out of the wall. Outside the wall is a patch of weeds, which connects a large area of mountains behind the manor and stretches to no end. When Mo Nanjue turned out,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, he rolled several times on the ground. He held Tong Ran's waist in his hands and lifted her up to prevent her from being scratched by branches. The voice of his men has been close, "they climbed over the wall and went out, immediately sent someone to the back hill to search!"! 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