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Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354] Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:12   Independent & Freelance   Balashikha   4 views
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Although he had never been to the Taixuan Palace and knew something about the task there, the five hundred merit points were definitely a very generous reward. Such a generous reward, and there is no danger, such a good task has not appeared for a long time, many elders who know a little about the way of flying sword have gone to sign up, brother Li will not be interested? Qi Liang asked with a smile. Now that brother Qi has come to invite him in person, there is no reason for Li not to agree. Han Li changed his mind and nodded his head immediately. Although he now has a lot of things to do, there is no mood to do the task, but Qi Liang personally invited, two people have a good relationship, the total is not good to refute his face, and five hundred merit points are really attractive, he really has some heart. Two people quickly out of the cave house, Han Li ordered Mengyun to take good care of Cabernet Peak, immediately and Qi Liang into two escape light, a flash disappeared in the distant sky. Looked at two people roaring heaven and earth escape light, dream cloud return eyes emerge deep envy. Taixuan Hall is located on a mountain named Jingyun Peak. Jingyun Peak, as its name implies, is straight and towering. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, very few trees and vegetation can be seen. Moreover, the mountain wall is so brilliant that even monkeys can hardly climb it. It is really very dangerous. A large sea of colorful clouds was condensed in the air on the top of the peak, emitting colorful auspicious light, which was clearly visible for thousands of miles around. Taixuan Hall is located on the colorful sea of clouds,gold heap leaching, more than ten feet high, the whole body is black, no matter the walls, or bricks and tiles, the materials are very solid, very thick, giving a heavy feeling like a mountain, people can not help worrying about whether the colorful sea of clouds below can withstand. In front of the main hall is a bluestone square with a large area. More than a dozen thick stone pillars stand on the edge of the square, the whole body is green,manganese beneficiation plant, and there are reliefs of dragons, phoenixes, white tigers, basalts and other strange animals on the pillars, which are lifelike. Looking from the square, the field of vision is very wide, without any shelter, and the blue sky is like a mirror, which makes people feel proud. Taixuan Hall is one of the busiest places in the Candle Dragon Road. There is a Linchuan Pavilion in the square, and people come in and out from time to time. There was also a flash of light flying from all directions and falling on the square. Although in principle, there is no restriction on the identity of the person who receives the task, even if the outer disciples have enough strength, they can also come here to receive the task, but the vast majority of people who come here are wearing the inner disciples'clothes. At this time, two escape light whistled from the distant sky, escape light fell on the square, tin beneficiation plant ,portable gold wash plant, showing the figure of Han Li and Qi Liang. When the disciples nearby saw the two of them dressed in the clothes of the elders of the Inner Gate, they looked respectful and went around to both sides. Han Li looked around, the heart can not help but have a reassessment of the details and strength of the Candle Dragon Road. At first glance, the people who come in and out of here have different levels of cultivation. Most of them are above the yuan Ying period, and they can even see the figures of monks in the integration period or even in the Mahayana period. It can be said that the monks in the Taixuan Hall at this moment, if placed in the former spirit world, are even more powerful than the strength of a large clan, do not know how many times. Qi Liang was obviously used to this scene, and immediately stepped toward the Taixuan Hall in front of him. Han Li raised his eyebrows, followed him, and soon came to the front of the hall and stepped in. Stepping into the hall, Han Lidun felt that his vision was bright, and the space in the hall in front of him seemed to have expanded tenfold, which was quite mysterious. The hall does not look very big from the outside, but at the moment it seems that it is not much smaller than the square outside. Could it be that the hall has imposed such mysterious prohibitions as the law of space? Han Li heart can not help but secretly guess. After stepping into the hall, Qi Liang only made a slight pause and walked straight into the hall. Inside the hall, the most conspicuous is the three huge stone walls standing in the central position, all twenty or thirty feet high, more than ten feet wide, one white, one green, one dark gold. The three stone walls are arranged in the order of white, blue and gold. The white stone wall is located in the outermost part of the hall, while the green stone wall is in the center of the hall, and the dark gold stone wall is in the deepest part of the hall. The colors of the three stone walls are different, but the surface shows a line of clear text, flashing, is a task. In terms of numbers, there are more tasks on the white stone wall, thousands of them, fewer on the blue stone wall, and fewer on the innermost dark gold stone wall. The tasks on these three stone walls correspond to different difficulties. The task on the white stone wall is the easiest, which is generally suitable for monks below the deification period. The task on the blue stone wall is more difficult, which is generally paid attention to by monks above the refining period. The dark gold stone wall at the innermost is designed for real fairyland monks like us. Qi Liang said, going straight to the dark golden stone wall inside. There were more people in the hall, and it was a little crowded, especially near the white and green stone walls. But the innermost dark golden stone wall, surrounded by a few real fairyland elders, those inner disciples seem to dare not come over. Although Han Li has known some of the elders of the inner door over the years, these people do not know. Qi Liang obviously made more friends than Han Liguang, and these people are quite familiar with the appearance, very familiar with them to say hello, these elders are also smiling. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you that this is Li Feiyu and Li Daoyou, who was newly promoted a few years ago, and now lives in Cabernet Peak. As for these are. Qi Liang introduced each other. Han Li greeted several elders with a smile, but after a few pleasantries, he did not talk deeply and looked at the dark golden stone wall. Qi Liang and a few people are talking and laughing there, but quite a bit of smooth appearance. The number of tasks above the dark gold stone wall is not small, one by one is not simple, the reward of merit points is not much, almost dozens of points,sodium cyanide price, hundreds of merit points reward is not much. Han Li saw the details of the Zongmen mission for the first time, and his heart sank slightly. Earning merit points seems to be much more difficult than he expected. Nine thousand merit points are needed for the second method of the True Word Wheel Sutra, and I don't know how many tasks I have to do to get them together. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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