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Mother dressed as a villain dumpling Full-time Job

Mar 14th, 2023 at 05:17   IT & Telecoms   Balakovo   8 views
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It's about my innocence, and I can't even calm down. There are a lot of things that belong to men in the house that has been repacked. Jin Xicheng's things can be seen everywhere in the bedroom, cloakroom and bathroom. Hey! Qi Nuan sighed heavily and grimaced. It's noon now, and there are still seven or eight hours in the evening. When it gets dark, how can she face that thing. Why don't you find an excuse to run away? But where could she escape to. Qi Nuan lay on his desk, so anxious that he couldn't even draw the manuscript. Hanbao woke up from his sleep and found that he had an extra blanket on his body. Mother must have covered him for fear of catching cold. When Hanbao woke up, he neither quarreled nor cried. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Qi Nuan behind the desk. Mother sighed all the time, as if she was very unhappy. The little fellow ran over and pulled Qi Nuan's clothes. Qi Nuan came to his senses and sat on his lap with Han Bao in his arms. "Wake up?" Hanbao nodded, "Mom, aren't you happy?" What does the little guy know about adults? He doesn't even have someone to talk to. Nothing Qi Nuan denied. Hanbao looked up at her, "but mom, you never smile." Qi Nuan rubbed his head, "because mom is worried about her work." Small dumpling even more do not understand, obediently accompany Qi Nuan. Qi Nuan was really not in the mood to paint, and when he thought of what he had to face at night, he was in a panic. You can't go on like this! In order to save her own life, she didn't want to get involved in those messy things. She originally wanted to wait until the woman was recognized by the Qi family,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and then mention the divorce with Jin Xicheng, but now it seems that she has to advance. Han Bao went out to play by himself first, and his mother was going to work! Hanbao nodded and cleverly got down from Qi Nuan's lap and ran outside to play. Divorce papers. How'd you get them? Hanbao went outside and happened to meet Jin Xicheng. Hanbao saw a suitcase beside Jin Xicheng, almost as tall as himself. He looked up and asked, "Dad, are you going on a business trip again?" "Well, you're going on a business trip for a week,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and you stay at home and listen to your mother." "Good!" Hanbao nodded earnestly, he was very obedient to his mother. You. Where's mom? ” "Mom is working hard." Jin Xicheng remembered that the last time he caught Qi Nuan drawing yellow, he had a black line. She's working hard, isn't she drawing that again? "I'll go with you.". Mom, say something. ” Jin Xicheng walked to Qi Nuan's studio with a calm face. Knocked on the door, inside came the sound of Qi Nuan. Qi Nuan thought that Han Bao missed her, looked up and found that it was Jin Xicheng. A stomp in the heart, immediately just printed the divorce agreement to hide behind, flustered eyes dodge, "husband, how did you come in?" What kind of person Jin Xicheng had never seen before, glanced at her, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and knew that she had something fishy. A few steps toward her. "What's in your hand?" "Nothing!" She answered quickly without thinking. Qi Nuan was so nervous that her palms were covered with sweat. She laughed, "Husband, what are you looking for me for?" "I heard Hanbao say you were working and I came to have a look." Qi Nuan laughed and said, "Yes, I'm working very hard!" "Is it?" Jin Xicheng walked towards her computer. "What did you draw today?" "No." Awful! She just printed the divorce papers, and the files are still open. If this is to be seen by Jin Xicheng, that's all right! Qi Nuan darted past and stood in front of Jin Xicheng. "No, you can't look!" Chapter 39 No, she can't let Jin Xicheng see that for the time being. Qi Nuan stopped Jin Xicheng with a guilty conscience and resolutely refused to let him get close to his computer. However, Jin Xicheng misunderstood, thinking that she was making yellow again, and her voice was slightly heavy. "So, what shameful things did you draw?" Qi Nuan Ai, then reacted to what Jin Xicheng said. "I didn't draw anything shameful!" Jin Xicheng pushed aside her body, "then get out of the way!" "I don't!" Qi Nuan hugged Jin Xicheng's body and pushed him outside, saying angrily, "This is my business secret, and outsiders can't see it!" "Trade secrets?" Jin Xicheng has a black face. Qi Nuan is not straightforward, "yes, you can't see it anyway!" Jin Xicheng pursed his lips, "I think you forgot the last review, and this time you want to make up for it." She swore that she really didn't do yellow. I'm not. Get out of here! "What are you guilty of?" Jin Xicheng believed that she had secretly drawn yellow and dared not show it to herself. This matter, one or two sentences really can not explain clearly. Who cares? It's better to be misunderstood than to see the divorce agreement. Qi Nuan used the strength of the eldest brother, but also did not push the man half a minute. Jin Xicheng stood motionless in place, grabbed Qi Nuan's wrist, and wanted to pull Qi Nuan to confront her in front of the computer. Hanbao stood outside the door, heard the voices of his parents, and walked over curiously. Seeing Mom and Dad entangled together, "Mom, are you reluctant to part with Dad?" Small dumpling's voice interrupted two people, Qi Nuan and Jin Xicheng looked at Hanbao at the door one after another. Qi Nuan was confused. "What?" Why should she be reluctant to part with Jin Xicheng? Hanbao explained, "Because Dad is going on a business trip, Mom, you have been holding Dad, is it because you don't want Dad to go on a business trip?" Uh? It's not! Qi Nuan blushed and hurriedly loosened Jin Xicheng's waist, denying, "I didn't!" However, one of her hands was still grasped in the palm of Jin Xicheng's hand. Jin Xicheng turned his head sideways and looked at his son, talking nonsense with a straight face. "Well,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, you..". Mom can't bear to part with dad ” "Han Bao, you..". Mom is very shy You go out for a while, or you.. Mom is embarrassed to hold dad. ” Who is shy?. pioneer-biotech.com

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