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Motor for Rolling Shutter Door Temporary Job

Mar 3rd, 2023 at 05:32   Financial Services   Saratov   122 views
Job Details

Motor for Rolling Shutter Door AC SERIES ELECTRIC ROLLING DOOR MOTOR PRODUCTS FEATURES *Lighting silent, powerful, precise positioning opening and closing safety *Internal motor disposed overheating protection, with overheating protection *Conveyor reasonable design, advanced technology, easy to wear gear, low failure. vibration small, long life *Stable, safe, reliable, low noise, modern building physical want products *Electricity storage device can be equippedit is easy to operated by manual when the power off. Main parameters and specifications ModleAC200AC300AC400AC500 Rated voltage220V50HZ220V50HZ220V50HZ220V50HZ Rated corrent1.6A1.7A2.2A2.3A Rated power200W230W250W300W Output torque200N.M220N.M260N.M280N.M Output speed5.2r/min5.2r/min5.5r/min5.4r/min Standard reel6鈥?/p>6鈥?/p>6鈥?/p>6鈥?/p> Lifting height4m/6m4m/6m6m6m Thermal protection device recovery time2m 35s2m 42s2m 9s2m 49s Thermal protectiontime in idling鈮?min鈮?4min鈮?min鈮?1min Three Phase AC Roller Shutter Motor If for some reasons the 3 phase connection is reversed, the motor will go in reverse and cause the door to fall down .But our motor can judge the phase inversion problem to make the door work properly and avoid any malfunction. If you cut one of the three phases, the motor still works ,but it will burn up because it heats up fast, then the motor will sound the alarm and stop running to avoid burning the motor out . Technical Specifications (380V 50Hz) ModelRated powerRated currentOutput speedOutput torqueElevationRolling tube diameterMax elevation distanceShort-time rating MT-600-3p250W1.1A5.3r/min412N.m600Kg5鈥?/p>6m锛?0min MT-800-3p320W2.0A4.0r/min647N.m800Kg6鈥?/p>9m锛?0min MT-1000-3p370W2.3A4.0r/min809N.m1000Kg65鈥?/p>9m锛?0min MT-1500-3p800W2.0A4.5r/min1617N.m1500Kg8鈥?/p>9m锛?0min MT-2000-3p1500W4.5A3.6r/min2450N.m2000Kg8鈥?/p>16m锛?5minMotor for Rolling Shutter Door website:http://www.hzmetel.com/roll-up-door-accessories/motor-for-rolling-shutter-door/

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