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Mourning Hall Classroom Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 05:25   Security & Safety   Saransk   52 views
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The seven-star Longquan Sword immediately released a white light. With a flash of cold light in Xiaoqing's eyes, he raised his hand and pushed it gently. A strong blue gas immediately blocked the white light of the seven-star Longquan Sword. Zhang Jianfeng felt that the sword was getting heavier and heavier, and almost got rid of it. At the same time, his chest was suffocating, and his footsteps began to be unstable. Abominable, the original evil spirit with the help of non-ghost non-human special conditions of the entity of the demon power is so much greater than imagined, even the seven-star Longquan sword can not resist. White light is getting weaker and weaker, see green gas is about to invade Zhang Jianfeng chest, "die, also want to eliminate this scourge!" Zhang Jianfeng is ready to bite the tip of his tongue and integrate his own spirit into the Seven-Star Longquan Sword, displaying the highest realm of the Seven-Star Longquan Sword. At this time, Qingqi suddenly stopped attacking. Zhang Jianfeng steadied his figure and saw that Xiao Qing was still holding his hand open, staring at Zhang Jianfeng in a daze, with tears flashing in his eyes and an indescribable complicated look on his face. It's a good opportunity! Zhang Jianfeng immediately raised the seven-star Longquan Sword high and shouted, "Hehe Yin and Yang, sunrise in the east.". Chi received this amulet, sweep away the ominous! The White Dragon is out of the pass! A white dragon gas carved with seven stars shot out from the tip of Longquan Sword, roaring and rushing to Xiaoqing with a thunderous momentum. At the same time, the extinction amulet broke away from the body of the sword by relying on the power of the bronze seal, and then followed. I told you not to kill each other! Xiao Lan suddenly staggered to her feet and stood in front of Xiao Qing. Xiao Lan! Zhang Jianfeng turned the tip of his sword and said, "Hui Fu!" But the Extinction Charm has refused to obey the control of the Longquan Sword and still flies straight ahead. "Ah!" A scream echoed in the sky,facial recognization camera, sounding even more mournful and unfair. Zhang Jianfeng was stunned. At the critical moment, Xiaoqing suddenly pushed Xiaolan down. He was killed by the sword and the amulet. His body rebounded and flew out of the island. A big mouthful of blood was still striking on the ground. Fortunately, it was cloudy and there was no sunshine. Xiaoqing's injury was not too serious. Xiao Qing gasped and said to Zhang Jianfeng, "If I hadn't stopped, Zhang Jianfeng, you would never have beaten me." This was indeed true, and Zhang Jianfeng could not understand why she stopped,outdoor digital signage displays, so he asked, "Then why did you stop?" "Why?"? Why did I stop? "So you don't know why I stopped, because whether I'm a ghost or a monster, I'm a woman!" Xiao Qing murmured! And no matter how strong a woman is, there will always be something to overcome her. That thing is called love. Even monsters yearn for love and all good things. Tears slowly trickled down Xiao Qing's cheeks: "Fate has always played tricks on me, not only let my sister die, but also let me fall in love with my enemy.". I, Liang Cui, achieved all my goals, but ended up in the hands of love, just like Princess Lanruo. Is this a coincidence of fate? This sudden love confession scared Zhang Jianfeng at a loss, has been, since the identity of Xiaoqing doubts, Zhang Jianfeng has been biased against Xiaoqing, just as an enemy to see her, smart whiteboard price ,touch screen digital signage, everywhere to guard against her, but never thought about this problem. Smart and beautiful Xiaoqing has almost all the advantages of girls. She has her most appreciated character. If she is not Liang Cui, maybe she will really fall in love with her? Xiao Qing smiled faintly, but tears still flowed: "I always think that I am not as good as others, which is a misunderstanding of thought.". Is it not a misunderstanding of thought that we can not correctly evaluate others because of prejudice? "Love is never wrong, only fate is wrong." Xiaolan's words flashed by, "bang", Zhang Jianfeng's hand loosened, and Longquan Sword fell to the ground. Xiao Qing raised his head and looked at Zhang Jianfeng and said, "Before I die, I want to ask you a question. If, I mean, if I don't have an accident and I'm not Liang Cui, will you like me?" Zhang Jianfeng stood there, a blank in his mind, this assumption is pale for love, simply unreliable, and how can he assume? Looking at Xiaoqing's haggard face, Zhang Jianfeng moved his mouth and prepared to say the word "will". Xiaoqing shook his head gently: "I never like people to lie to me. I don't like people to lie to me until I die. Tell the truth, will you? Zhang Jianfeng's lips trembled for a long time. After a while, he lowered his head and said, "I don't know." The look of disappointment suddenly rippled from Xiao Qing's face, and her eyes were filled with the same loneliness as Princess Lanruo. After a while, she smiled softly and said, "So that's it. You're so straightforward. Won't you lie to me until you die?"? But I just like your character. Looking at the dying Xiaolan, Xiaoqing said to Zhang Jianfeng, "Can you allow me to say a few words to Xiaolan?" Zhang Jianfeng gazed at her for a long time and finally nodded. Xiao Qing climbed to Xiao Lan with difficulty. Holding Xiao Lan's hand, she said, "Xiao Lan, can you hear me?"? Listen to me, I am not your good sister, I am a monster, I do not deserve to be your good sister. Xiaolan had collapsed on the ground and cried, "Don't say that. No matter what you become, you are my best sister.". Xiaoqing, you must hold on. I'm going to beg Zhang Jianfeng to let you go. I'm going to beg his master to save you. I'm asking the magic world not to hunt you down. Don't you like Zhang Jianfeng? As long as you hold on, you can be with him. Promise me, Xiao Qing, don't die! "How nice!" With tears in her eyes, Xiao Qing said with a smile, "To have a good sister like you, God has always loved me very much. It's a pity that I didn't realize it until today.". Useless, I am no longer a person, I am the last corpse poison carrier left in the world, in order not to leave another nightmare for future generations, I must end it myself,digital whiteboard price, even if Zhang Jianfeng does not start. But there's one thing I have to do before I end it myself. Said Xiao Qing stretched out his hand and held it against Xiao Lan's heart. Xiaolan looked at her in puzzlement. "What are you doing?" The black in Xiaolan's blood is slowly fading, while Xiaoqing's whole body is slowly turning black, only to suddenly realize that Xiaoqing is sucking away the corpse poison from her body with her own skill. hsdtouch.com

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