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New urban farmers Full-time Job

Dec 1st, 2022 at 07:38   Independent & Freelance   Sarov   192 views
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But did not wait for the security guard to come forward to stop, only to see the fat man next to Bentley far away open his arms to embrace the people who came down from the electric tricycle, and all the people shouted with their mouths open! Back? "Grass, I'm not on my back!" Zhang Guodong was hugged by the fat man and immediately pushed again and scolded. Day! Fatty a middle finger, looked around, a shiver, that pair of stunned eyes, very scary, hurriedly pulled Zhang Guodong toward the hotel. If this is regarded as a back, jumping into the Yellow River can not be washed. A fat guy who drives a multimillion-dollar Bentley, a guy who rides an electric tricycle and dresses in ordinary clothes, two people actually get together? Arriving at the luxurious private room, the fat man breathed a sigh of relief. He glared at Zhang Guodong and said, "Oh, my God, you killed me. Let my sister know that I actually hugged a man in full view of the public today. I'm dead!" "Ha ha!" Zhang Guodong laughed. Seeing the fat man has not changed except that he is a little fat, especially this friendship, which is extremely rare. Afraid of hair, this is not your home, your sister is not so powerful, right? What do you know! This hotel is really my sister's property! Said the fat man with a wry smile. It's just that I don't usually come here, and no one knows me except the hotel manager! Zhang Guodong raised his thumb. This guy is really rich. A five-star hotel can't be built without 100 million yuan. Knocked outside, but it was a waitress. May I help you, gentlemen? Said the waitress crisply. A pair of wonderful eyes looking at two people, this service attitude is good. Two fruit bowls, two dozen beers! Call some little sisters to come over! The fat man waved his hand neatly, and the waitress was stunned for a tenth of a second and then returned to normal with a smiling face: "OK, please wait a moment!" The people who come to this hotel to consume are all rich people. Generally, expensive red wine sells the fastest. On the contrary, beer is incidental. The rent of a luxury private room itself is much higher than this consumption. It costs one thousand yuan for three hours. Zhang Guodong looked at the fat man's arrangement and saw that the fat man seemed to be very skillful. To be honest, he really hasn't consumed five-star hotels, but he has heard of them. Soon, the door of the private room rang again. The fruit bowl and beer came, and there were four other girls standing. Is to accompany the wine, beautiful, wearing light clothes, sparkling autumn water sweeping the guests. The fat man smiled at Zhang Guodong and said, "Guodong, pick one!" Zhang Guodong was a little nervous, and each of the four younger sisters won the autumn field, so he pointed to a more plump, concave and convex younger sister with long hair, while the fat man hugged a younger sister who looked more comely. Tut, don't you see, Guodong, do you like mature women? The fat man laughed. The plump mature woman sat on Zhang Guodong's lap, encircling Zhang Guodong's neck, and the meat on her chest unscrupulously rubbed against Zhang Guordong's chest. Zhang Guodongwas blushed by the fat man, and her hands did not know where to put them. The key was that Erdong had a feeling. The mature woman's face turned red, apparently feeling it, Jumping castle with slide , but then she smiled charmingly and looked at him, an ordinary face. And the height is not high, the dress is ordinary, how can not be linked with the boss. The two younger sisters were old hands in teasing and persuading people to drink. After a while, Zhang Guodong relaxed and became bold. Under the stimulation of alcohol, Wang Kang talked about the dribs and drabs after Zhang Guodong left. PS: Tiandao is in the third watch today. Ten thousand words have been written. If you have a recommendation ticket, please give it quickly. Encourage and encourage, and don't forget to collect it. The collection is growing, but it's not a miracle in general, quack. Text Recommendation Ticket and Collection Call Ice Novel Updated: May 14, 2010 10:06:32 Words in this chapter: 184 Tomorrow, January 10, 2010, the last day of this week, Tiandao also calls for one! There will be one hundred total recommendation tickets tomorrow, or the collection will go up by fifty, and there will be one more chapter in the way of heaven. This is not a high requirement, is it? Also has the recommendation ticket or has not collected "the city new farmer" greatly people, please while reading this book, conveniently throws two tickets or collects, lets the heaven way be more confident! Add full horsepower to update! Finally, I wish you all a good dream! The tenth chapter of the main text, one hundred thousand is a small number. Ice Novel Updated: May 14, 2010 10:06:32 Words in this chapter: 4196 "Niang, after graduation, my elder sister wanted me to go to her company to help, but my parents did not agree, Leng is to put me into the district government as a secretary, is now a small deputy section chief, grass!" Wang Kang poured out his grievances. [Drunk] [Dew] [Net] He is suffering, but he is not so carefree when he becomes a civil servant. Although he is only at the deputy section level at present, he has to pay attention to his image for fear of discrediting his family. Zhang Guodong never thought that the fat man who longed for freedom had become a civil servant? Zhang Guodong didn't have the nerve to ask what level his parents were, and it seemed that the situation was not low. Cattle, unexpectedly become an official, we have to take care of these farmers in the future! Zhang Guodong laughed. It's hard to imagine that fat people are big and free, but now they represent a serious image of civil servants. Oh, don't mention it, my life is over! The fat man took a sip of beer and said in distress. What about you? What are you doing now? That group of classmates of us are now not good, go to the south, open a company, politics have, Niang of! Zhang Guodong smiled bitterly. Me, ah, is a farmer, a small business, selling vegetables! Zhang Guodong said. Peasants are good. There are no other people without peasants. They will starve to death earlier. But to tell you the truth, they are so young that they have to find a stable thing to do. Or you can go to my sister's company. With your ability, it's no problem to be a small leader! Said the fat man with a straight face. Without the slightest contempt on his face, Zhang Guodong was very moved. Then the fat man said, "If you work for my sister, it will be convenient for me to find you later." A good feeling in Zhang Guodong's heart suddenly disappeared. Pointing his middle finger to the fat tree, he said, "I knew you didn't have a good heart. I'd better be my farmer. Urban vegetable farmers are at least free!" The fat man couldn't figure it out,Inflatable outdoor park, but he believed Zhang Guodong's words. When he came, Zhang Guodong pedaled the electric tricycle. Come to think of it is to do small business, small business can have a few money. joyshineinflatables.com

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